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    Torture Castle Part 2

    Come, kiddies. Take another ride on the Torture Castle. There are beautiful knives, gorgeous fire places, and apes wearing crowns. It's fun, free, and FULL OF DEATH.

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    Pizza Weather

    The True Story of a Pizza

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    Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #94

    Hey, Comic Book Lovers!

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    Alfred, there's a big turd coming out of the bat cave. Send in the toilet paper. Alfred? Are we out of toilet paper? Oh no. I'm going to have to find toilet paper. I'm going to have to... Dana nana nana nana BATMON!

  • Arthur E. Cumings Comics from Bob Guccione's Archives

    The super special September issue of VICE was exclusively culled from the archives of Bob Guccione Sr.—the legendary magazine publisher who built a media empire that started with Penthouse. This portion of the issue features comics by Arthur E. Cumings.

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    E.T. On the Street

    E.T. was roaming the street robbing homies, when he ran into a dealer and asked him for Reece's Pieces. It didn't end well, but you probably already know that, because this is Johnny Ryan's page, not some 1980s Steven Spielberg kids movie.

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    Mall Rap

    "This beat makes me wanna toss a penny in a damn fountain and make a wish!"

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    Flowertown USA: Jury Duty

    Today, we forge ahead in the best tradition of our justice system, jury duty. In our hands, as Flowertown USA, we will serve justice. We will uphold the greatest aspects of the messy business that is sometimes called democracy... not!

  • Comics

    Facebook Funeral

    Your funeral has a Facebook event. We're going to geo-tag the location and read your draft tweets aloud. Your urn is a hot spot, because of a Kickstarter you forgot about, and we built a bot from your web presence. It's almost the same as having you alive.

  • Comics

    Torture Castle

    Step right up, go through the gate, and walk through the Torture Castle. There are no humans in site. There are only caskets, ghosts, and monsters. And even the ghouls are scared.

  • Advertorial

    Ip Man: The Grandmaster of Kung Fu

    To celebrate the release of The Grandmaster, the highly anticipated new film by Wong Kar-wai, VICE teamed up with former Marvel and IDW editor Andy Schmidt for this stunning animated web comic.  Following the movie's plot, the rich media-enabled comic is an epic action fea…

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    No Dongs, Tits or Sex Acts (Sort Of)

    Effeminate cartoon bears annoyed the doctor, so he switched a Sunday morning cartoon's brain with a 1930s wise guy's mind. And that happened before everything got weird.

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    Johnny Ryan's Chick Tracts

    A while back I was looking for a series of things to vandalize and post online for laughs. I started with photos from magazines and wrestling cards, and they were OK, but I wanted something a bit more unique. Then I discovered a few Chick tracts stored away in my drawer. For thos…

  • Comics

    The Blobby Boys in Evicted

    The Blobby Boys are green, best friends, and about to get evicted. Kristoff decides to leave his friend and live off the land till he meets a rich kid, who mistakes him for an alien and invites him home. He's not an alien, but he plays along. The kid has money and free weed.