• Comics

    Band for Life - Part 10

    In this week's episode of Band for Life, Animal tells the story of how she learned to play the drums while locked up for assault.

  • Blobby Boys - Part 8

    This week on Blobby Boys, the boys land a spot on a local TV show, but tensions run high when Adrian threatens to cut off their drummer's hands.

  • Comics

    Alien Autopsy

    It's a bird! It's a plane! No, dumb ass! It's an alien coming down to kill you because you're sitting in your car stoned as hell.

  • Band for Life - Part 9

    It's the night of Guntit's first big show but the band can't find Animal. Will she make it to the gig on time?

  • Blobby Boys - Part 7

    Nothing like spending a day eating pills with your bandmates in the park.

  • Comics

    Batman Comics

    Print is dying. People are creating zines. Nobody will reblog my Tumblr post. Light the Bat-Signal, Commissioner Gordon! We need Batman!

  • Band for Life - Part 8

    In this week's installment of Band for Life, the day of Guntit's first show has arrived, but Animal, the band's drummer, is fighting to keep it together.

  • Comics

    Fashion Cat - "Herbs de Provence"

    This week's installment of Blobby Boys has been hijacked by Fashion Cat.

  • Little Nowhere

    Have you ever walked past a screaming kid in a stroller and thought, I wish someone would steal that kid, force him to shut the hell up, and then punish his parents? This is the story of a scary monster who does just that.

  • Band for Life - Part 7

    In this week's episode of Band for Life, Guntit learns how to steal fry grease for their new van.

  • Comics

    Blobby Boys - Part 6

    In this week's episode of Alex Schubert's Blobby Boys, the Boys sharpen their knives as they're pressed for their origin story.

  • Comics

    Fancy Sneakers

    Our Sunday comics are like the weekly funny pages, except they're by rising artists and about weird shit, like talking sneakers, instead of single men who live with orange cats.

  • Comics

    Band for Life - Part 6

    In this week's Band for Life, the band tries to sell gramp's motorcycle and struggles to balance their career with family life.

  • Comics

    Blobby Boys - Part 5

    In this week's episode of Alex Schubert's Blobby Boys a detective with a strange past tries to track the Boys down by any means necessary.