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    The Blobby Boys in Evicted

    The Blobby Boys are green, best friends, and about to get evicted. Kristoff decides to leave his friend and live off the land till he meets a rich kid, who mistakes him for an alien and invites him home. He's not an alien, but he plays along. The kid has money and free weed.

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    A guy was sitting on a chair outside his house drinking a beer and surveying the calm black-and-white woods, when a strange child walked up to him and touched his face. She disappeared; he thought her touch meant nothing. If only he knew what would happen next.

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    Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #93

    Hello Everybody! I have two large milestones that are looming over me right now. One is that I am nearing my 100th comics column for VICE, and the other is that I turn 30 at the end of the month. I need to get rid of all the piles of books in my apartment, and I intend to review

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    Lasingo Part 1

    It's an average day for Lasingo the cyclops until he finds free liquor, drinks a bottle, and then decides to take a stroll through the night. Sounds familiar, right? It's like every Saturday night! Except, you know, it's about a cyclops, the liquor's free, and it ends with a disa…

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    Brolar - Dude of the Atom

    Now in 'Violent Vision': each page now radiates ULTRAVIOLENT color into every neuron of your brain! Mind-melting detail will assault your senses. Never go without gore!

  • Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-in #92

    Hello Collectors, this column is my almost-weekly column in which I, Nick Gazin, share news and reviews and photos and links related to comics, illustration, fine art, and nerd things. I hope everyone has fun at San Diego Comic Con without me. I'll be staying home and feeling dep…

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    The Best Walk

    Should we fault the thief who steals to keep from starving? The soldier who kills one enemy to save five of his countrymen? Morality ought to be concerned with RESULTS, not laws, and the best results are those which maximize well-being and happiness. At least, that's what a dude

  • Come See All the Weird Art Mike Diana Was Ordered to Stop Drawing

    Mike Diana was the first artist to get convicted of obscenity in the United States, so you know his stuff is good. Tonight and tomorrow there'll be a big party celebrating his work at Superchief Gallery in Manhattan, and if you're around, we urge you to come out.

  • Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #91

    Dear Sequential Graphics Enthusiasts, my name is Nicholas and this is my weekly column for VICE, in which I share news, images, and reviews pertaining to comics, books, illustration, fine art, and general nerd interest.

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    Stank Realism 2

    Sketches and drawings from the notebook of artist and animator Devin Flynn.

  • Gary Good Guy Part 3

    Gary invites the peeps 'round for a recording sesh.

  • Gary Good Guy Part 2

    Gary goes to Norway, and burns a corpse.

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    The Collectors

    You know how you go to a barber school for a cheap haircut only to learn you'll be worse off than when you were before and you'll have to go to an expensive salon just to repair the damage? Well, take it from me, watch out for the dental schools.

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    Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #90

    Hey Comic Bookies, frequent VICE contributor Leslie Stein has a new book of comics out from Fantagraphics, and it's a really good one. Eye of the Majestic Creature Volume 2 continues Leslie’s tradition of telling self-contained stories about a thinly veiled stand-in for he…