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    Blobby Boys - Part 4

    In part 4 of Alex Schubert's Blobby Boys, the Boys give a keyboard player with a bad haircut a shot at being in the band.

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    X-Men: Simulation City (Graphic Novel)

    Comic book superstar Ed Piskor has illustrated American Splenor comics and designed characters for Adult Swim's Mongo Wrestling Alliance. He's pretty much the shit, so when he told us about a comic book he drew when he was a kid, we were like, Holy shit! We want

  • Band for Life - Part 4

    The members of Guntit finally wrote their first song. It's called "Scented Tampon in Satan's Twat," and it's going to be the song of the summer.

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    Blobby Boys - Part 3

    In the third installment of Blobby Boys, the Boys learn that freegans are total dicks.

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    Family Matters

    Howdy, Carl! Whatcha up to?

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    Francis and the Bicycle

    Do you miss being a kid and spending every night cuddling a Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animal? Well, have no fear! Francis Bear is here, and he's exactly like Pooh Bear, if Pooh Bear loved beer instead of an androgynous pig named Piglet.

  • Band For Life - Part 3

    Will Guntit be able to write their first song in time for their gig at Club Scrotum? Find out in this episode of Anya Davidson's Band for Life.

  • Blobby Boys - Part 2

    In the second installment of Alex Schubert's weekly comic, Blobby Boys, the Boys look for a new keyboard player for the band but find some jackass with a bad haircut.

  • Band for Life - Part 2

    Remember how we said last week that we were going to run an installment of Anya Davidson's Band for Life each Friday? We were not bullshitting you. Click here if you missed part 1; otherwise dive right in.

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    Blobby Boys - Part 1

    About a month ago we promoted Nick Gazin from resident mouthbreather to art editor, and one of his first orders of business has been to ratchet up the number of serialized comics on VICE.com. Today we are happy to premiere the first of Alex Schubert's new series, Blobby Boys…

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    Bitch of a Bitch

    You know when you're having a relaxing Sunday afternoon, and then out of nowhere everything goes to shit? Well, this week's Sunday comic is about that.

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    Band for Life

    Have you heard the good news? It is the dawn of a new golden age in VICE comics. We have enlisted a few of our favorite cartoonists, comickers, and artists to create original series for us. The first one, 'Band for Life,' is by Anya Davis, and we are proud to present the first in…

  • The Fashion Police

    Looks like you're in violation of fashion code 0382: wearing a Kermit the Frog collar after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

  • Comics

    Fashion Cat in: 'Pizza'

    Comic by Alex Schubert.