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    Fashion Cat

    I used to be homeless but now I'm the most famous cat in New York City. I just got $200,000 to model in this fashion show. I haven't spoken to my father since I left home at 16.

  • Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-in #85

    Dear Comic Book Aficionados, the yearly MoCCA Fest was held again. Out of a sense of tradition, I attended it. I was not disappointed in my expectations of how much I would be disappointed. Here's a little photo diary of the things I saw that I liked. As always, I reviewed anythi…

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    Spring Break!

    On my breaks I like to strap on these springs and bounce around the woods.

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    Peanut Butter

    Who bought natural peanut butter?!? Awww and no one opened it yet?! Two hours later...

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    Business Man

    "Are you painting my building?" Business Man gets more than he bargained for from a peaceable graffiti writer. Ka-Thunk!

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    Toxoplasmosis - Part 3

    Cats have held a powerful sway over man for millennia. I'm sure you've wondered about it. Known something was wrong. And yet... Never been able to put your finger on it. Allow me to explain.

  • Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #84

    Dear Comic Booklings: How's it going? Oh, really? OK, don't actually care. Here are the things of import happening right now in the world of drawings, paintings, inkings, and drawings with words in them.

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    A lone Eskimo finds something mysterious while cruising on an ice floe. Can he get it back to his igloo?

  • Lou Coney Island Baby

    Now you wait here.

  • Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #83

    How are you? I am fine. Each week or so I share some images, news, and reviews related to comics, illustration, art, and nerd interest in this column. This week, I have review of the great new book "Star Trek: The Next Generation 365" and an awesome cartoon by Moebius.

  • Gary Good Guy in Awesome Tapes from Armenia

    "I'm gunna go down like a lead turd..."

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    What Not to Wear

    Take a look in this mirror and describe your "look" to us... "I dunno, I guess it's sort of a laid-back rock 'n' roll party stud kinda thing..." Johnny Ryan's comic from the Fashion Issue.

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    BB Teeth #2

    Are you jealous of your sister? She's making good money! Give me a cookie. My sister put her breast milk in these cookies!! Oh! My! God!

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    Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #82

    Dear Discriminating Reader, how are you? I am fine. This is my mostly weekly column for VICE in which I review comics and share images, news, and reviews related to comics, illustration, fine art, and nerd stuff.