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    Flowertown, USA - Part 6

    Flowertown, USA, is a utopia that we'd all like to visit someday. It's like Lake Wobegon except all the women are zaftig, all the men are oddballs, and all the children are nonexistent. In this episode Detective Phil O'Dendron can tell that something is amiss and gets to sleuthin…

  • Megg, Mogg, & Owl - Part 5

    In this episode, Megg, Mogg, and Owl FINALLY leave the house and go somewhere! They take a trip to the local laser tag hut with Werewolf Jones and Booger in tow. Hilarity ensues!

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    Bad Trip

    Tripping is fun—until you experience a bad trip and ride a bike down a hill and mistake your friend for an alien and nearly DIE.

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    Band for Life - Part 15

    Band for Life is a candy-colored comic about a rock band of ne'er-do-wells called Guntit and their attempts to keep it together. In this episode, Guntit's performance turns unsurprisingly violent, and Linda has to whomp some people.

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    Megg, Mogg, & Owl - Part 4

    It's the anniversary of Megg, the witch, and her cat boyfriend, Mogg. The nauseating way they celebrate makes their roommate want to vomit.

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    Blobby Boys in "Adrian's Zine"

    The Blobby Boys are three slimy guys who are in a band but act more like a gang. In this comic one of them has made a zine about chains and rocks, but are chains and rocks still cool?

  • Comics

    Flowertown, USA - Part 5

    Flowertown, USA, is a suburban utopia filled with the biggest pervs the human mind can conceive. When we left off last week a panty thief had called a bomb scare into a Laundromat and then got shot by the police while trying to surrender. What's going on? Captain Conifer and Serg…

  • Comics

    Noah's Ark

    We know every Sunday you tell your mom you're at church when you're really drunk off your ass at brunch, so for this week's Sunday comic, we had our pal James Harvey create a comic about Noah's ark.

  • Band for Life - Part 14

    Band for Life tells the fantastic tale of the trials and tribulations of a rock band called Guntit. In the last episode the drummer was too drunk to drum. Will she get it together this week? Sort of!

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    Blobby Boys - Part 12

    The Blobby Boys are slimy green guys in a rock band that's really more of a street gang. In this episode they wage a war with the cops that ends with the Blobby Boys possibly dead or missing. Who will survive? What will be left of them?

  • Comics

    Flowertown, USA

    Flowertown, USA is a lost vision of utopia that we all wish we could go to when things are tough. And fortunately, once a week we can! Read this comic and get lost in Flowertown as a panty thief is gunned down in the street by some cops for mysterious reasons!

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    Megg, Mogg, & Owl - Part 3

    Megg is stoner witch, Mogg is her boyfriend cat, and Owl is the nebbish roommate whom they treat like garbage. In this week's installment Megg forces Owl to call up their drug dealer.

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    Francis and the Railway

    Francis Bear is like Winnie-the-Pooh—if Pooh Bear ate fast food instead of honey, loved beer, and regularly caused car crashes.

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    Band for Life - Part 13

    When we left the band last week Animal was off getting hammered with some asshole named Kieth who works down at the marina. Will she be able to sober up in time to play her first show?