• The Ass Menagerie

    My boyfriend and I have called it quits. The breaking-up part is done, but I am still living daily with an unshakeable sadness, which is only increased by the knowledge that there are practical things I need to do to disassemble our seven years together—buy cardboard boxes, empty…

  • What Gives?

    Photos by Jamie Martínez and styling by Ella Cepeda.

  • The Chauffeur

    Photos by Logan White and styling by Krissie Torgerson.

  • Things Get Weird at NYFW

    Maybe we just don't get fashion? But what if we did? That's pretty trippy if you ask us. So naturally, when we had all this B-roll eye candy left over from our fashion week coverage, we got stoned and made this video.

  • Empty Your Piggy Banks, There's a Patrik Ervell Sample Sale Going On

    It's hard to have a passion for fashion when you can't even afford to eat the holes out of donuts. This weekend, however, your broke-ass is in luck, because Patrik Ervell is having a sample sale in New York City.

  • Photos from the Trenches of New York Fashion Week

    VICE's own Miyako Belizzi covered New York Fashion Week so hard she (almost) ended up in the emergency room again. Here's what it looked like.

  • Old at Fashion Week

    This fashion week, we brought our good friend Dottie along. Dottie just turned 70, so she's not too cool to ask obviously important but regularly ignored questions like "Why are the models so thin?" And "Why does that snuggie cost more than a Fabergé egg?"

  • Marie Antoinette Was the First Fashion Martyr

    A history professor argues that the much-maligned queen of France attempted to win influence at the royal court through her transcendent sense of style only to be decapitated as a result.

  • Dapper Dan Thinks Kanye West Is Doing It Wrong

    One of the most compelling aspects of the talk I had with Dapper Dan was what he had to say about Kanye. The conversation put on display how different their respective generations' approaches are to realizing their creative dreams.

  • VICE Does New York Fashion Week

    Fashion Week is like a cosplay convention for the kids who fetishized copies of i-D instead of anime books about tentacle porn. During the runway presentations, we chatted it up with a bunch of the lovable weirdos who frequent the shows.

  • Some Cat from Japan

    Many of Bowie's most eye-popping outfits—avant-garde kimonos and billowing structural pantsuits—were made by Kansai Yamamoto, a Tokyo-based designer who had no idea that his creations would become such important visual markers in the history of rock ’n’ roll.

  • Pink Arab

    Photos by Day Hagai and styling by Daphi Elbee.

  • Fashion Comes to the Outback

    In April, the first-ever Australian Indigenous Fashion Week will be held in Sydney. It's the brainchild Krystal Perkins, a marketing executive who hopes to bring Aboriginal art to a wider audience and teach indigenous women and girls to become models

  • NYFW Reviews: Lisa Franks’s Vomit After a Late-Night Coke Bender

    Last year, Betsey Johnson filed for bankruptcy. This surprised many of her fans—the Betsey Johnson brand is Versace for mallrats who love scrunchies and polka dots—but I thought the news was fitting. After all, the only event more over-the-top than a bankruptcy filing is a Betsey…