• Brooke Candy Dressed Up As That Ponytailed Street Fighter Character for a Video

    Remember when you went through that phase where you pretty much did nothing but masturbate and play fighting video games? Remember how you fantasized about Cammy, the bethonged, ponytailed chick from Street Fighter II? Well, thanks to Brooke Candy, that shameful vision has…

  • House Arrest

    Photos by Paley Fairman, styling by Alexandra Mandelkorn.

  • VICE Premiere

    Mishka's Fall 2013 Collection Video

    Mishka has been a staple streetwear brand for miscreants of all stripes since 2003. So, we're super proud to debut their insane lookbook video for their 2013 fall collection, which features dizzying patterns and a new form of dancing called flexing. Watch that shit 13 times then

  • Queen of Bushwick

    Photos by Anna Bloda modeling by Doret Salome Mintah.

  • Come Into My Head

    Dear Mattel, Here Is How to Make a Goth Doll

    Monster High dolls are currently one of the best-selling dolls in the world. They are like Barbie’s Goth cousin—the one who buys black and white Argyle sweaters at Hot Topic and sits in the cemetery rolling her eyes in disgust at the thought of blonde people smiling. Here's a lis…

  • The Space Barbie Fashion Shoot

    Hey Space Barbie, what's goin' on? You hangin' out with your giant bugs? Cool, cool. What you got there—oh, it's a snake. Alright. Oh, two snakes? OK. Why don't you—yeah, put on your Aztec gear, that's a…

  • Björk's History of Style

    I saw Björk once in a fish market in Reykjavík. She was buying fish. Observing Björk in her natural habitat does not normalize her. It's like the bit in Mars Attacks where the Martian spy disguises himself as a human woman—both are too otherworldly to blend in.

  • Why Does Tim McGraw Look Like a Leather Queen?

    This was a concert featuring Mariah Carey lying in a pile of hay and Cher lip-synching about women's rights while wearing tripp pants she may or may not have bought at Hot Topic in 2004, and Tim McGraw was the gayest thing on the screen that night. But I should have expected this…

  • Devendra Banhart Is Not Hungry

    Musician and visual artist Devendra Banhart agreed to spend a full day in a room at the Chateau Marmont Hotel as part of the clothing line Band of Outsiders’ exhibition for its 2014 Spring/Summer collection. I sat down with Devendra and talked about fashion, being a kid, and his…

  • Live Streaming with Band of Outsiders and Devendra Banhart

    Band of Outsiders and Devendra Banhart have teamed up to present the fashion house's S/S 2014 Men's collection live from Devendra's hotel room at the Chateau Marmont. And by "live," we don't mean he's just going to play a show wearing a bunch of nice clothing. We mean there are h…

  • This Is a Band of Outsiders and VICE Announcement

    You can watch Devendra Banhart roam around the legendary Room 29 of the Chateau Marmont, changing in and out of all the looks from Band of Outsiders' rock-inspired collection right here on VICE.com starting at 9 AM PST on Sunday. Don't miss the chance to see it all go down and in…

  • East End Girls

    Photos by Rick Indeo. Styled by Charlie Indeo.

  • Corporate Shilling - Our Summer 2013 Wish List

    If you’re a vampire wasteoid who prefers to spend all day indoors, inhaling cancer-causing fungal spores from your air conditioner, the fact that it’s almost summer probably means nothing to you. But if you’re part of the rest of society, June is the month you’ve been waiting for…

  • "Last Words": A Statement from VICE

    A statement about our fashion spread "Last Words."