• Brogue Bros

    There is a famous fable from the UK northern-soul scene, from around the time the skinhead look first became popular in about 1969 or 1970.

  • Global Trend Report 2009 - London & Berlin

    As a reaction to the self-imposed squalor of the punky kids and the shameless fun hunting of the indie-weirdo gang, the “slightly too smart for their age” bunch are really upping their formal dressing skills.

  • Wear Dare

    The challenge: Go to the thrift store and pick out five of the most hideous, ridiculous outfits you can scare up for 50 bucks. Make your friend wear them all day, every day, for a week no matter what—no changing plans, no wussing out, and don't explain what you're doing eith…

  • Global Trend Report 2009 - Melbourne & New Zealand

    Attention to detail has become important, and things like buttons, plaid, lace, animal prints, and leather accessories can make or break you.

  • The Bitter Tears of Amy Wesson

    Photos by Stacey Mark, Styling by Jaclyn Hodes.

  • Koos Van Den Akker

    Eye-bogglingly complex sweaters are the first things that come to mind when someone comes up in our face and whispers, "Bill Cosby." Not Pudding Pops, not that "Dad is great, give us chocolate cake" song he sang, and certainly not Fat Albert.

  • Global Trend Report 2009 - Milan & Barcelona

    Spain recently overtook Milan and Nantes as being the place with the most screamy amphetamine gays per square meter in the world.

  • PrÊt-À-mutilate

    Imagine if, when you were a kid, your parents used elaborate and painful methods to force your head or feet into bizarre and permanent shapes. Or imagine if the surest way to get a decent job was to stand perfectly still while your friend hacked the side of your face with a cutla…

  • Global Trend Report 2009 - Paris & Amsterdam

    Les girls are eschewing skirts in favor of no skirts at all and are giving up on not wearing hats in favor of wearing enormous fur hats that make absolutely no sense.

  • Bernhard Willhelm

    German designer Bernhard Willhelm is the king of crazy fashion—last year he dressed men up like cartoon Prince Charmings and sent female models down the runway with necklaces made of hot dogs.

  • Global Trend Report 2009 - Antwerp & Tokyo

    Belgian boys are out of control. They're mixing and matching like they're on a game show called Mix and Match! and the winner gets a dream date with Walter Van Beirendonck.

  • Vice Fashion - The Real Ramonas

    Photos by Maggie Lee
    Styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos

  • Global Trend Report 2009 - Copenhagen & Helsinki

    The days of moronic sneaker dudes with colorful shoelaces are long gone. Guys won't be caught dead in anything other than muted, somber colors.

  • Global Trend Report 2009 - Vienna & Stockholm

    Boys are just boys in Vienna. They all look like young, watered-down versions of what comes to mind when you think of a sensitive yet seductive older man.