• The Frente! Backlash

    It wasn’t long ago that Angie Hart was a sixteen year-old regular at our favourite Fitzroy live-music venue, the Punters Club. That was just prior to one of the bar tenders asking her to join his band, Frente!, at which very moment they began making a bunch of memorable pop…

  • Mother Of All Strangers

    I’m going to wager that a widely understood chronological line of demarcation is drawn in the Matador Records catalog, denoting an “After” good-times vibe and a “Before Slanted and Enchanted” soul-sucking vortex of financial terror. It seems s…

  • The Heart & Soul Of A Band Called Pavement

    Now, we all know lots of stuff about that dreamboat Stephen Malkmus. We get it. He’s a lyrical genius, a hugely underrated guitar player, and he’s real cute. We also know enough, for now, about Spiral Stairs, Malkmus’s partner in Pavement leadership. He too can

  • Music Reviews

    Two albums from the Melvins in the same year. What have we done to deserve this blessing? Or is it?

  • This Is Ukhc, Not La

    The British hardcore scene is so exciting at the moment, and weird.

  • The New Noise

    Without a single release to their name and only a handful of shows under their belts, a brand-spanking new trio from Providence, Rhode Island have been creating a crazy frenzy in the North East. Their shows are like anarchist induced guerilla warfare and their blend of sonic punk…

  • Practice Space

    The Almighty Defenders

    VICE catches up with the Black Lips/King Khan/Mark Sultan super-group while they rehearse for a show in Montreal.

  • Records


    French disco warrior Vitalic takes a break from inventing the future to deliver his second long-playing masterpiece this decade, and the results are nothing short of

  • What The Hell Is That Noise?

    As a child I’d watch crap late-night films on British TV and say “wow” a lot at how great all the music and backgrounds were in movies—especially the slightly weirder and often ruder films from Italy or France

  • Die Antwoord

    Nobody really understands Die Antwoord. All we really have to go on is that they’re a ‘next level rap-rave krew’ comprised of a skinny white MC with a box cut and Pollsmoor chappies and a potty-mouthed, bottle-blonde bitchette in gold spandex, often joined on stage by Mitc…

  • Practice Space


    Thomas Morton convenes in the bathroom with Obits, a straight-forward rock supergroup from Brooklyn.

  • VICE Music Specials

    Shy Child @ Live at the Old Blue Last

    Shy Child, a keytar-oriented synth pair, at Live at the Old Blue Last.

  • VICE Music Specials

    Rumblestrips @ Live at the Old Blue Last

    Soulful horn-backed tunes from Rumblestrips at Live at the Old Blue Last.

  • VICE Music Specials


    Jammer at Live at the Old Blue Last.