• What A Relief!

    Adelaide’s got a reputation for a few things (good booze, weird murders) but one of them ain’t music. Touring acts can’t be fucked going there and bands from Adelaide move to Melbourne once they’re sick of playing gigs in their grandma’s lounge room. Birth Glow, however, are so b…

  • Boy Toys

    Fuck Buttons isn’t the latest Internet teen-sluts from the American Midwest, but two London based boys who like to make noise and call it music. Using an array of equipment culled from boot sales and kid stores, the duo of Andrew Chung and Benjamin John Power make transcendental…

  • Practice Space

    Despised Icon

    Larynx abuse with Quebec’s thrash-metal proteges.

  • Practice Space

    Brutal Knights

    No-frills, near-perfect hardcore from Toronto’s burgeoning scene.

  • Practice Space


    Black Lips’ Jared Swilley interviews Tel Aviv’s finest metal duo.

  • Records

    50 CENT

    50’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is this generation’s The Chronic—let’s put that out there right now. But the Gorilla Unit boss has been falling off ever since

  • Horror Show

    Southend-On-Sea is a portal to another topsy-turvy dimension where all the kids are these hipper-than-hip, ice cool gothic indie babes, with immaculate style, impeccable taste in music, and intimidatingly refined cultural know-how. It’s said that each new born baby is issue…

  • Drenched In Acid

    Holy Fuck is made up of lots of different people but most of the work is done by a couple called Brian Borcherdt and Graham Walsh. They never practice, hardly ever shave and wear hoodies that smell of wet dogs

  • Do It!

    We couldn’t make it to the MOBOs this year. We didn’t go last year either. In fact, we’ve never been. The MOBOs are shit. They represent a large chunk of what is wrong with the world today. Okay, that’s not true, but they could have at least chucked something to a grime MC to giv…

  • Upset Every Second

    There is only one MC who has ever beaten Wiley in a clash and that is Waltham Forest’s Durrty Goodz. Three or so years ago when the hunt was on to find out if the success of Dizzee Rascal wasn’t just a fluke, he looked like the most likely candidate to hop on the majo…

  • Electric Independence

    This month’s Electric Independence is dedicated to all the stubborn romantics who spend hours and hours in tiny rooms, slaving over arcane hardware and crunching numbers in a tireless bid to create the music that comes to them in their wildest dreams. For those among you who find…

  • Boring Punks Fuck Off

    Punk gigs have got kind of depressing. You either end up at overly serious beatdown shows where goons in flat caps try and clothes-line you before you get in the door or no one turns up at all and the only people that do are there to get tour-only split seven inches in eight diff…

  • Extreme Magic

    Michael Yonkers makes some of the greatest music you will ever hear. Seriously, the guy’s a genius. Since he started playing guitar in 1962, he’s consistently been making some of the strangest and most amazing rock n roll, noise and experimental music ever put to tape…

  • Doomsday Metal

    10 years ago the band Vinterkrig, consisting of five 15-18-year-olds from Stockholm and one girl from Berlin, recorded five tracks in a legendary studio, played one last live show and then broke up forever. The songs were never released, and the members went on to, variously, joi…