• Do It!

    Hi “friends”. The best grime story we heard this month was from one of our photographer pals. He stumbled across Skepta at Stansted airport on the way to Israel, who was having the contents of his baggage emptied by security. He spotted a bowler hat, a My Pet Monster toy, strawbe…

  • Oh My Fucking God

    When I’m sitting all alone in my room and I’ve got bored of beating off I dream of this perfect band that mixes the rawness of The Germs and The Wipers, the couldn’t-give-a-shit anger of Black Flag and Reagan Youth but sort of with the dancey bits of Liquid Liquid or ESG. Like pu…

  • Records

    Da Drought 3

    Well, it's official. 2007 is the worst year for rap music in recent memory. What are we supposed to talk about here? Mike Jones's new album? Lil Flip?

  • Thirty's Company

    Initially a Neil Young cover band, Dark Meat/Vomit eventually morphed into the scruffy, psychedelic carnival of hooray that you see before you.

  • Cog Against The Machine

    Pissed Jeans do a lot of things that, on their own, could be deemed a bit much: yelping about silly stuff, a smidge of wankery, oppressive feedback everywhere. Fortunately, when these things are combined with aplomb and companioned with some prime-rib riffs, you get what are affe…

  • Music World

    Vice Kills Jamaica - Assassin's Video Shoot

    VBS correspondent Jamie Hodgson visits Assassin on the set of his new wild-western-Jamaican-gansters-themed video and attempts to blend in with the extras.

  • Music World

    Dance Hall Queens

    Dance Hall Queens

  • Practice Space


    Refined pop and unabashed voyeurism from Philly’s Fishtown.

  • Practice Space


    The most honest band in Philadelphia shits all over their contemporaries.

  • VICE Meets

    Malcolm McLaren

    An interview with the impresario of British punk, pirate-punk, and white rap on the decline of pop culture.

  • Practice Space

    Amps 4 Christ

    Henry Barnes shows off his clever noisemakers and equally astute political convictions.

  • Practice Space

    Grizzly Bear

    Quashing the City of Lost Children-soundtrack myth.

  • Practice Space


    Eating oreos with New York’s best teenage girl group.

  • Practice Space

    The Walkmen

    On the humor of getting wrongfully arrested at SXSW for losing a room key.