• How To Assemble Your Own Jug Band

    STEP ONE: Obtain a jug. If you plan to take your grandfather's moonshine bottle...

  • Pressed From Time

    Many magazines offer pictures of musicians before they were stars. We prefer to remember them when they were stars. While not as embarrassing as Gary Busey's mug shot, here is a collection of press photos from the '80s and '90s not on the Smoking Gun.

  • Band Book Presented By Rockband 2

    Practice Space - Spirtualized - Checking levels with J. Spaceman and co.

  • Soft Focus

    Calvin Johnson

    Ian talks with Calvin Johnson about E.F.Schumacher, Charlie Brown, and where he got all those sweaters.

  • Practice Space


    Atlantan punks mix their death-metal metaphors.

  • VICE Music Specials

    Japanese Motors @ Detroit Bar

    The Japanese Motors are a band of Southern Californians fronted by professional surfer Alex Knost.

  • A Gay, Orthodox Jewish R&B Singer

    I've known Ari Gold since we were ten. We went to an Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva together. He was my first big crush because he sang jingles for TV commercials and we both loved Madonna, which, in the Orthodox community, automatically made us freaks.

  • Nifelheim

    Until recently, twin brothers Hellbutcher and Tyrant of Nifelheim have been famous mainly for their extreme taste in studs, their Iron Maiden obsession, and living in a castle. But then they released their latest album, Envoy of Lucifer.

  • Bobby Steele

    Bobby Steele has been dicked over so royally throughout his life, he might as well change his name to Dick Royale.

  • Records


  • My Big Sister, Who Sang For A Hardcore Band...

    New Jersey-based hardcore band Fast Times was around during the mid-90s and my sister Alison was the singer.

  • Charles Maggio From Rorschach

    We thought it might be interesting to talk to Charles Maggio, head yeller of seminal hardcore punks Rorschach, since, you know, their brutal melding of hardcore and metal pretty much altered the trajectory of punk music in America and all that jazz.

  • Eric Wood From Man Is The Bastard

    It's hard to imagine how a band making songs played at either hyper or glacial speeds (never midtempo) with two basses and song titles like "Screwdriver in the Urethra of Thomas Lenz," ever failed to be anything other than huge in the early 1990s.

  • A Swedish Jazz-improv Singer Who Sings All Crazy

    Our new favorite singer is Lindha Kallerdahl, a Swedish chanteuse who combines pretty, quiet singing with these improvisational vocal stylings that, honestly, we're having a hard time describing. It's like a little bit of every kind of sound that a person can make.