• Thanks, Dad

    LA duo No Age make really fuzzy music, which is my favorite. Everything sounds better under a fuzzy layer of fuzziness, doesn’t it? I feel like it’s something psychological, but I’m not sure what. Something about the far-awayness of people’s voices is soothing to me. Or whatever—…

  • Music World

    New Orleans Bounce

    New Orleans Bounce

  • Practice Space

    Jack Penate

    Britain’s rising pop star is OCD about getting signed.

  • Practice Space


    Delving further down the rabbit hole of Norwegian black metal.

  • Practice Space

    White Rabbits

    The closest band in Brooklyn give us a tour of their loft.

  • Practice Space

    Regina Spektor


  • Practice Space

    Young Love

    Dan Keyes is hated in the city and the country.

  • VICE Music Specials

    Arcade Fire "Wake Up"

    The Arcade Fire descends into the audience for an extremely up close and personal encore of their song “Wake Up.”

  • Blues & Roots

    Buffalo were the quintessential Aussie rock band in the 70s. They busted their balls around the country for years playing school socials, RSLs and their own parties—basically anywhere they could find long haired dudes sticking their heads in the bass bins and a lot of ladies.

  • Double Trouble

    Two weeks after forming the band Fabulous Diamonds Nisa Venerosa and Jarrod Zlatic played their first show. They were 19, barely friends and could barely play their instruments. In these DIY times that’s not an unusual story but the difference between Fabulous Diamonds and every…

  • Beat Boxer

    The worst thing about being an overly cocky cunt in a fight is that you risk looking like a total booby if you can’t back it up. Fortunately Aboriginal Muslim Anthony Mundine has managed to follow up most of his self-righteous bravado with a slew of wins, to the extent that he is…

  • Boys In The Band

    Cut Copy are in New York recording their new album and assure us that the unlikely combination of an 80s boom-box, sleigh bells, a Commodore 64, a glockenspiel and a twelve string guitar is going to kill it. Tim Hoey sent us some pictures and even though

  • Doomsday Metal

    Hey whitey, it's time to get out of Scandinavia! I'm here to bring you all up to speed on the Argentinian black metal scene, with all its bizarre lows and great, dark heights, from the beginning of time up until right now. Long story short, Argentina is a big country with a small…

  • Dawn Of A New Apocalypse

    After ten years of having to suffer difficult-to-listen-to arty screamo bands made up of sensitive guys wearing lampshades on their heads, it seems like hardcore kids are looking back to the straight up power violence/metalcore bands of the early 90s for their inspiration.