• Shipshape And Bristol Fashion

    Bristol today is synonymous with drum and bass and dubstep, but back in the mid-1980s it was the UK's hip-hop heartland. Against a backdrop of Thatcherism and high unemployment, the city's youth developed a taste for US rap and got heavily into the music and fashion of that cultu…

  • Pissing In The Wind

    Once upon a time, English punk meant violence, passion, political engagement and an old-fashioned approach to personal hygiene. It did not mean the guy from the Automatic, his iPhone app tie-in deal and the Krazy Tent Tour sponsored by Monster (or whatever it is this week).

  • Swindie Neverland

    Sarah and her little brother Jake were over 30 years old when they decided to leave London and sunny San Francisco to move to Stockholm and start a band. Contrary to all reason, this bold arrangement proved successful.

  • Void Vision are Cold-Wave Jailbait

    Void Vision is a minimal-synth duo based in binary orbit with semi-latus rectums at Philly and NYC. They just played this week's Wierd party and believe you me, they totally gothed the roof off that sucker.

  • The Lounge Lizard King

    Of all the absurd figures Germany’s pop music scene has ever produced—and there are loads—Christian Anders is without a doubt the most ridiculous.

  • Records

    I cannot believe this is what normal music sounds like. Some French guy who’s friends with a celebrity hermaphrodite singing fake dancehall songs through an Auto-Tune over.

  • Photos From When Music Was Good

    For the past 30 years, Swiss photographer Hannes Schmid has been sitting on what may be the preeminent photo archive of just about every rock musician who mattered from the late 70s to the mid-80s.

  • Goo In Your Hand!

    This just in! Ben Rayner went to the My Bloody Valentine ATP in December and made a zine out of what he saw. He also partied with an obscure Canadian group called Fucked Up.

  • Lock Up Your Mothers!

    Black Wizard are four hard-rocking nippers from the Canadian town of New Westminister. They remind me of the metal version of New Kids On The Block.

  • Sonic Titans From Beyond

    Between them, the four members of Shrinebuilder have served in Sleep, OM, Neurosis, the Melvins, the Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, and the Hidden Hand. Oh, and Saint Vitus. If you're not familiar with these names then you could be reading the wrong magazine.

  • Synthesisers In The Rain

    Every so often, Scandinavia produces a group who seem to exist in a world of their own, but whose music welcomes you in like an old friend. Röyksopp had that quality, so too, rather more sadistically, do The Knife.

  • Articulate Songsters

    The Twerps write lazy, meandering tunes that feel like swinging in a shady hammock while the rest of your party plays backyard cricket-think the Go Betweens if they were informed less by romantic poetry and more by the plots of Pixar animations.

  • The VICE Albums of the Year

    As you grind your way through one end-of-year music supplement banging on about Animal Collective and Girls after another, your eyes go oblong and there's a sense of intense, giddying deja vu. Haven't we seen it all before?

  • Soft Focus

    At ATP - Buzz Osborne

    Buzz Osborne is still in our books as the all-time king of heavy stoner shit.The day he graduated high school he turned to three of his friends and said “Hey, let’s form that band the Melvins.”