• Records

    Part Two: The Endless Not

    Back when Throbbing Gristle coined the term "industrial music" it didn't mean stupid mid-American sociopaths squeezing into tight fetish gear

  • Glossin'

    Minus the bamboo earrings, Lil Mama is the around-the-way girl LL always dreamed of. This 16-year-old shorty woke up one morning, skipped class, and wrote a rap about her lip gloss. The result is a massive hit packed with references to high school lockers, L’Oreal brushes, and Ma…

  • Swell O'dells

    I’ve known my little sister Kathy her whole life, and as far I can remember she never expressed any interest in playing music or being in a band. Then suddenly she’s all, “I’m in a noise band called Lambsbread and I’m dropping out of college to tour! We play all these gigs and pe…

  • Practice Space


    Goofing off, eating shrooms, and donating his services to music-industry science.

  • Soft Focus

    Andrew W.K.

    Andrew W.K. on composing his unique brand of non-judgmental music. In this edition of Soft Focus Ian sits down with Andrew WK and they discuss AWK’s transition from twiddling knobs in obscurity to producing the most accessible music ever know…

  • Practice Space

    The Bronx

    Pissing your pants because you forgot to pull them down is just the way these guys roll.

  • Music World

    Ranferi and His Band of Boys

    Mexican telenovela legend Raferi Negrette's boy band sings, dances, cleans, cooks and tends to his every need.

  • Soft Focus

    Chan Marshall

    Cat Power’s Chan Marshall gets loose with Ian.

  • VICE Meets

    Nick Cave

    And Jim Sclavunos on the birth of Grinderman.

  • Soft Focus

    Genesis P. Orridge

    Genesis P. Orridge, the creator of the very idea of industrial music and leader of Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, and COUM Transmissions sits down to talk about consciousness shifts and shopping.

  • The Rapture

    In this episode The Rapture show us some of their favorite Lower East Side locations and then welcome us into their practice space to play us some music and tell us some stories.

  • Soft Focus

    Henry Rollins

    Henry Rollins and Ian Svenonius begin a week’s worth of witty repartee, touching at first on government surveillance and Henry’s appearance on Australia’s terrorism watch list. Henry tells us about his work for the USO and recount…

  • Practice Space


    A trio of Brooklyn dirtbags get tanked before giving it their all.

  • Soft Focus

    Ian Mackaye

    Mythic DC punk rock figures Ian Mackaye and Ian Svenonius in a friendly, funny, compelling debate.