• R. Stevie Moore

    Deep in the belly of a castle in suburban New Jersey, R. Stevie Moore has been recording and publishing more records than just about anybody you can think of, all by his lonesome.

  • Practice Space

    Sian Alice Group

    Sian Alice Group is one of the few British bands in recent memory whose music doesn’t make us want to walk into the woods and let nature take its course

  • Carly Ptak

    Circuit-bender, photographer, spiritual mentalist, professional hypnotherapist, experimental vocalist, and all-around seeker, Carly Ptak would probably never attribute these descriptions to herself.

  • Practice Space


    VBS meets up with Jason Pierce ahead of Spirtualized’s eerily brilliant live show.

  • VICE Meets

    Young Jeezy

    Baby Balls vs. the Snow Man.

  • Soviet Heritage

    Remember when Little Girl Lost came out and everyone was shocked that Drew Barrymore did coke when she was 12? That shit is small potatoes as far as busted childhoods go.

  • The Odd Couple

    The first time I did DMT I was listening to Growing. I left my body and went blissfully floating through a heavenly realm of gothic cathedrals and blue shiny caves under a pink sky made of billowing curtains.

  • The Second Coming

    Hands up who's always wished that somebody could make a record that was partly inspired by things like the traumatic stories of genocide from We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families: Stories From Rwanda by Philip Gourevitch?

  • Records

    Young Jeezy may not have the metaphors of Jay-Z or the output of Lil Wayne, but what he does have is the best voice in rap coupled with the charisma of a Southern preacher running a used-car lot.

  • The Greatest Drug Of All

    The Big Pink are two friends called Milo and Robbie who make noisy shoegazey music with an ever-revolving band of musicians.

  • VICE Meets

    Cui Jian

    VBS chats with Cui Jian, the grandfather of Chinese rock.

  • Music World

    Rock Under the Red Flag - Part 1

    VBS recently tagged along with Brooklyn’s Birthday Boyz on an unprecedented tour into the hinterlands of China’s underground rock scene

  • VICE Music Specials

    The Beijing Underground

    China’s punk scene is easily the best thing they’ve bootlegged from the West.

  • Practice Space

    Blood on the Wall

    Blood on the Wall give us a night to remember.