• Sonic Titans From Beyond

    Between them, the four members of Shrinebuilder have served in Sleep, OM, Neurosis, the Melvins, the Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, and the Hidden Hand. Oh, and Saint Vitus. If you're not familiar with these names then you could be reading the wrong magazine.

  • Synthesisers In The Rain

    Every so often, Scandinavia produces a group who seem to exist in a world of their own, but whose music welcomes you in like an old friend. Röyksopp had that quality, so too, rather more sadistically, do The Knife.

  • Articulate Songsters

    The Twerps write lazy, meandering tunes that feel like swinging in a shady hammock while the rest of your party plays backyard cricket-think the Go Betweens if they were informed less by romantic poetry and more by the plots of Pixar animations.

  • The VICE Albums of the Year

    As you grind your way through one end-of-year music supplement banging on about Animal Collective and Girls after another, your eyes go oblong and there's a sense of intense, giddying deja vu. Haven't we seen it all before?

  • Soft Focus

    At ATP - Buzz Osborne

    Buzz Osborne is still in our books as the all-time king of heavy stoner shit.The day he graduated high school he turned to three of his friends and said “Hey, let’s form that band the Melvins.”

  • Soft Focus

    At ATP - Suicide

    Suicide are best known as the old New York punk band that most of the other old New York punk bands hated. Now everyone loves them.

  • Music World

    Heavy Metal Gangs of Wadeye - Part 1

    VBS travels into Australia's outback in search of the aboriginal youth gangs of Wadeye, all of which have taken their name, dress, and overall attitude from the 1980's and 90's golden age of heavy metal.

  • Soft Focus

    At ATP - Jon Spencer

    Jon Spencer was and is one of the greatest musical guys of our time, and if you weren’t into Pussy Galore or Boss Hog or Blues Explosion at some point, you are not a badass. Sorry.

  • Soft Focus

    Graham Coxon

    Former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon on why Brits write off American bands as lazy. In this edition of Soft Focus, Ian speaks with former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon. Graham discusses his mixed feelings about being dragged through the whole Blur vs. Oasis media circus and Ian ma

  • This Noise Festival was Largely Successful

    Brutal, short, violent, aggressive, hypnotic, and grating. In other words, a successful live noise set.

  • Nothing To Do With Roy

    Joy Orbison is a young guy called Pete who has a label, Doldrums, that you should all start getting exited about.

  • Toot! Parp! Ggghhzzznn Mmmsssccck!

    The Eigenharp is the ultimate synth-geek fantasy made real. It resembles what Rick Wakeman might’ve ended up playing if JG Ballard had directed one of his Journey to the Centre of the Earth -era promo videos.

  • Records

    So many echoes. So many goddamn echoes. Was this recorded in a cave? That is actually a good question.

  • Life Interviewed

    The Rapture were in town recently for Parkilfe festival and wary of subjecting them to yet another of what must be hundreds of tiresome interviews, we asked our life-drawing model friend KK to do the questioning while they drew her likeness.