• Mystery Blonde

    Sometimes you just can't do without shimmery synths, plastic drums and easy melodies that snuggle up in your ear and just won't let go. That's right, the world needs Italo, and everything that comes with it, ie. neon dancefloors, dry ice, puffy sleeves, red nails and big spiky ha…

  • Doomsday Metal

    Sigh, the japanese black metal band, wrote, "We are not girls!" on the back of their second album. The band was the first ever non-Scandinavian signing to Euronymous's Deathlike Silence Productions, and allegedly they got bugged by heaps and heaps of love starved men after the re…

  • Reading With Polythene Sheets

    These New Puritans are four gaunt, well-spoken 19-year-olds who've been clumped into the imaginary "Southend Scene" (one club night is not a scene) with bands like The Horrors.

  • Music Forever

    With their boring name, neat graphics, tasteful website (thestudio.se) and less-than-scintillating answers to our piercing questions (see below), it looks as if Gothenburg duo Studio are trying their hardest to send us off to Snoozeville in the world’s most comfortable bed.

  • Tomorrow, The World

    Kids do their rites of passage stuff at a much younger age these days. We’re not just talking about things like smoking crack or stabbing strangers for their MP3 player (although that does account for 98 per cent of it).

  • Electric Independence

    In Zanzibar for a few days during September, I wandered with my sister through the narrow streets of the East African island's ancient capital, Stone Town, one sweltering afternoon.

  • Spiritual Gold

    After listening to their album Organic Universe and some long and careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that nothing could prepare you well enough for The New Alchemy.

  • Records

    So the scoop is Jay-Z comes out of his pseudoretirement and makes an album that’s, well, not good. Now not good by Hov standards means you still get stellar lyricism.

  • Grimewatch

    It seems everyone in grime is busy getting ready for the arrival of Father Christmas, so there's not much happening right now.

  • Killing Students

    I first saw Friendly Fires live a few years ago at The Dublin Castle in Camden when the band were still at university and went under the awful name First Day Back.

  • Grimewatch

    For this issue, Grimewatch jumped on the back of a stolen Mini Moto and rode all the way up the motorway without a helmet to the city of Nottingham to see what the local grime scene had to say.

  • Paper Boy Blues

    I started to get into pop music in the early 80s and, to me, Rumble Strips sound like all my favourite groups from that time of industrial disputes, yuppies and riots.

  • Electric Independence

    It is hard to believe that Norway’s Skatebård could ever top the off-kilter brilliance of his debut, Skateboarding was a Crime (in 1989), but somehow he has.

  • Norwegian Krautrock

    120 Days are from Norway which is a very peaceful, prosperous country that's totally removed from the place that the rest of the issue is about.