• Hey, Where Did Bridget Cross Go?

    How cool is Bridget Cross? She was the bassist for Unrest, the king of all early-90s indie bands, plus she was in Velocity Girl and Air Miami. If you cared about underground music in the 90s, she's already one of your crushes/heroes.

  • Whsshkkkk! - Part 1

    Some facts about a man named Rat Bastard: Born Frank Falestra and unceremoniously given his current moniker by a shitty punk band he recorded 20 years ago, he lives in Miami, three blocks away from the thong-riddled shores of South Beach.

  • Whsshkkkk! - Part 2

    In the 1980s I was in bands, three or four guys trying to play music together. It wasn’t necessarily good or well practiced, but they were always like, “Hey, let’s try to play that song again. Let’s prove we can actually write this stuff.”

  • Big And Ugly

    It's 1979 and Robert 'Simply Irresistible' Palmer stands at the back of a dingy Melbourne venue in his best pop star finery looking at the stage in mild disgust. Someone from his entourage has dragged him along to a Little Bands night and he doesn't like what he hears. At all.

  • Bloodclot!

    One morning on my way to work, hungover and feeling sorry for myself, I ran into John Joseph, who I knew a little bit through our mutual friends in the hardcore scene in New York.

  • I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore

    I've always had this belief that if you produce something beautiful, and it's packaged beautifully and has had some love and attention invested in it, then somebody will want it.

  • Blood Splashed On A Daisy In The Sunshine

    When Siouxsie Sioux climbed onstage at the 100 Club in September 1976 with a band made up of nonmusician buddies-Marco Pirroni, Steven Severin, and Sid Vicious-she probably wasn't thinking about world tours with roadies, lighting rigs, and costume changes.

  • Practice Space

    These Are Powers

    Drumming without a stool may seem “cool” and “hard” now, but there’s nothing cool about hyperkyphosis.

  • Practice Space

    Mark Sultan

    aka BBQ, aka the best one-man band in Montreal/anywhere.

  • Practice Space

    A Place to Bury Strangers

    Death By Audio’s house band shows us around their studio/pedal workshop/domicile.

  • Next To No Time

    Ya Ho Wa 13 was the music outlet of the Source Family, a communal group that numbered 160 at its height in the early 70s and lived together in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

  • Do It!

    Back in my university days, I luckily had one musical ally in the form of my housemate Jack. I'd spend all day looking out of the window and Jack would often come up, swing open the door, bang on one of his grime 12"s (DJ Eastwood and Oddz's "Champion VIP" was his fave), fart lou…

  • Hunting High And Low

    They Came From The Stars I Saw Them have been around for nine years and have never strictly found fame, which isn't the most promising sell for a band. Weirdly, the London group have managed to retain this odd name-drop status within certain indie circles.

  • Records

    During the 2004 climax of Dipset mania, if someone told me that Cam’ron’s weed carrier would be the only dude in the crew anyone gave a shit about, I would have adjusted my oversize pink New Era to make sure I was hearing them right.