• Terrific Teenagers

    You know those bands that are so amazing that the only thing you can do is turn into a fanatic young girl, undress and write "I Love The Teenagers" with pink fluo pens all over your body? No? Obviously, you haven't heard The Teenagers yet, because that's what the rest of the worl…

  • Doomsday Metal

    Style is an important part of music. This is especially true when it comes to metal. It's not about profit or playing charades, it's about making music for the sake of music and being yourself. Fuck the posers, so to speak.
    Marduk is one of Sweden’s greatest black metal bands…

  • Nice Shoegazing

    Oslo based Lionheart Brothers play the psychedelic, slightly unfashionable indiepop of bands like Ride, Ultra Vivid Scene and Galaxie 500. Ironically, exactly the kind of band that Sofia Coppola would pay one of her French buddies to discover for her movies.

  • Norse Goddess Of Destruction

    Anyone backwards enough to still claim that girl vocals have no place in metal never heard Runnhild Gammelsæter. Way back in 1995, at the tender age of 16, she provided ruinous voice to groups like Thorr's Hammer, of which Sunn0)))'s Greg Anderson was a member.

  • Go With The Flow

    Right now, New York bands come in two flavours. There's the Brooklyn groups that all have Neanderthal beards, plaid shirts and want to sound like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Then there's the angel-faced Manhattan pixies that want to sound like The Virgins; the bitch and the butch,

  • I Was A Teenage Superstar

    Robyn Carlsson wrote her first songs aged 11 about her parents' divorce and being a girl and liking boys and stuff llke that. By the time she was 16 she was a Swedish pop sensation. Her 1997 smash hit "Show Me Love", produced by Max Martin, the songwriting

  • Grimewatch

    Girls and grime don't mix so well. So to adequately prepare for this month's column I decided it was necessary to do a little research in the form of a date.

  • No Girls Allowed

    After being rap's number-one media darlings for about three years and releasing two impeccable mixtapes, Clipse put out Hell Hath No Fury, arguably the best album of 2006. So why does it seem like you need a penis to enjoy what they do? Back in high school, I remember girls liste…

  • Huggy Snake

    Are you into girls who play bass with butcher knives, deep-throat microphones, scream their brains out, and name their albums Make Like a Fetus and Abort? Me too! That's why I'm psyched about 16 Bitch Pile Up. When they started out about four years ago

  • Why Girls Go To The Bathroom Together

    Mapei moved to Sweden when she was about 10 and ended up getting a total culture shock. Now she's stuck halfway between being a serious adult and a happy-go-lucky Sesame Street kid. The result has turned her into a rapping rainbow with a sound like a New Yorker doing Miami bass,

  • Mystery Blonde

    Sometimes you just can't do without shimmery synths, plastic drums and easy melodies that snuggle up in your ear and just won't let go. That's right, the world needs Italo, and everything that comes with it, ie. neon dancefloors, dry ice, puffy sleeves, red nails and big spiky ha…

  • Doomsday Metal

    Sigh, the japanese black metal band, wrote, "We are not girls!" on the back of their second album. The band was the first ever non-Scandinavian signing to Euronymous's Deathlike Silence Productions, and allegedly they got bugged by heaps and heaps of love starved men after the re…

  • Reading With Polythene Sheets

    These New Puritans are four gaunt, well-spoken 19-year-olds who've been clumped into the imaginary "Southend Scene" (one club night is not a scene) with bands like The Horrors.

  • Music Forever

    With their boring name, neat graphics, tasteful website (thestudio.se) and less-than-scintillating answers to our piercing questions (see below), it looks as if Gothenburg duo Studio are trying their hardest to send us off to Snoozeville in the world’s most comfortable bed.