• This Is Ukhc, Not La

    The British hardcore scene is so exciting at the moment, and weird.

  • The New Noise

    Without a single release to their name and only a handful of shows under their belts, a brand-spanking new trio from Providence, Rhode Island have been creating a crazy frenzy in the North East. Their shows are like anarchist induced guerilla warfare and their blend of sonic punk…

  • Practice Space

    The Almighty Defenders

    VICE catches up with the Black Lips/King Khan/Mark Sultan super-group while they rehearse for a show in Montreal.

  • Records


    French disco warrior Vitalic takes a break from inventing the future to deliver his second long-playing masterpiece this decade, and the results are nothing short of

  • What The Hell Is That Noise?

    As a child I’d watch crap late-night films on British TV and say “wow” a lot at how great all the music and backgrounds were in movies—especially the slightly weirder and often ruder films from Italy or France

  • Die Antwoord

    Nobody really understands Die Antwoord. All we really have to go on is that they’re a ‘next level rap-rave krew’ comprised of a skinny white MC with a box cut and Pollsmoor chappies and a potty-mouthed, bottle-blonde bitchette in gold spandex, often joined on stage by Mitc…

  • Practice Space


    Thomas Morton convenes in the bathroom with Obits, a straight-forward rock supergroup from Brooklyn.

  • VICE Music Specials

    Shy Child @ Live at the Old Blue Last

    Shy Child, a keytar-oriented synth pair, at Live at the Old Blue Last.

  • VICE Music Specials

    Rumblestrips @ Live at the Old Blue Last

    Soulful horn-backed tunes from Rumblestrips at Live at the Old Blue Last.

  • VICE Music Specials


    Jammer at Live at the Old Blue Last.

  • Records

    A Brand You Can Trust

    Uhh, so these guys really like selling coke. Or at least they like talking about it. While listening to this, I couldn’t help but constantly picture these guys as stereotypical

  • Vice Fashion - Smash Hits!

    Photos by Jamie Taete
    Styling by Mischa Notcutt

    Whatever happened to bands looking cute and fun and actually like

  • Maggotted

    No Ordinary Life

    Kevin Debroux is from a small town in northern Wisconsin where he grew up on a brew of self-doubt and hardcore. His old band was called Hatefuck but the album he released in 2007 as Pink Reason, Cleaning the Mirror, is a bum-down classic, which basically gave the Internet

  • Rock N Roll Camp Leaders

    Those Darlins are three ladies from Tennessee who make free, rollicking country inspired tunes, which sit very comfortably alongside the music of bands like The Black Lips, Heavy Trash and King Khan and the Shrines. The full band is Kelley Darlin, Jessi Darlin and Nikki Darlin an…