• See The Possiblilty Not The Disability

    The UV Race are a pack of mutants. Skinny, fat, daggy, female and male mutants. They play songs that conjure up the corpses of Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks to shit all over the floors of hundred capacity venues, spastic homes and Hungry Jacks. At the forefront of this reject…

  • Records

    The Proper Sex

    Fact: Lizzi and Sadie are single-handedly keeping the legacy of weirdo NYC

  • VICE Meets

    Wayne Coyne

    An interview with the Flaming Lips frontman about Mars, in Mars.

  • Too Loud

    In school I was never afraid of the jocks or the pretty kids because I knew that they'd never amount to anything. I was always scared of the drama kids and nerds, because they weren't afraid of anything. Every nerd kid I knew then is now either a politician or a rich web designer…

  • Electric Independence

    Regular readers may have noticed the absence of this column in Vice for most of last year. For those who cared, I can only mumble a sheepish apology and promise to write it more regularly. What amazing new music have you missed out on? Quite a lot, I suspect, very little of which…

  • Records

    You'll Never Play This Town Again

    This isn't just the best noise band of the 1990s, it is the best noise band of the history of ever. Drummer/singer Adris Hoyos was, is, and will forever sound completely

  • The Troublemaker

    On a Wednesday afternoon in February 2007, I shared a booth with a man named 26 inside the Travelers Club International Restaurant & Tuba Museum in Okemos, Michigan. We'd picked a spot far enough from the door to give us some respite from the winter blast, and dozens of African m…

  • So Lonely

    Nathan Williams is 22 and makes music on his own in a lo-fi project he calls Wavves. He used to be in a band called Fantastic Magic, which actually managed to out-lo-fi Wavves. Once you hear Wavves you'll find that hard to believe. Each Wavves track that gushes never-endingly fro…

  • Music World

    True Norwegian Black Metal

    An introduction to the Black Metal scene of Bergen, Norway.

  • Music World


    Buchaman is Uganda’s most popular crippled dancehall musician and shadow VP.”

  • Grudge Match

    Leeds, for me, is a horrible place. Cold, grey and grim. Both my parents worked all day every day during the week so when I was a kid I got carted off to my auntie Jane’s place near Chapeltown in Leeds for large chunks of the summer holidays.

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    I could not tell you what the fuck is going on with this thing. It's like electric klezmer music from Baltimore, but every so often there's a weird noise interlude that sounds like

  • Introduction

    There are so many bands these days releasing MP3s and even a few CDs that it's hard to keep up. So we've prepared this handy beacon to help you circumnavigate the world of music ensembles without even repositioning yourself in your beanbag chair. From wedding bands to jug bands,

  • Wedding Band

    Being a wedding singer isn't nearly as turbulent as Adam Sandler would have you think. You get to pick the order of the songs you play, you generally perform "Rapper's Delight" yourself, and only rarely do you need to threaten to strangle a guest with a microphone cord.