• Practice Space

    Holy Fuck

    Toronto’s mostly analog electronic act show us some of their gear.

  • Doomsday Metal

    Yeah, motherfucking Trulen is back! The Arckanum demo from –94 has just been re-released by Carnal Records, and it’s sounding so good we’re getting cold shivers all over.

  • Norwegian Pigs

    Snuten are three bearded dudes and one hot stud from Norway who sound a bit like the missing link between Barbra Streisand, Crass and DJ Assault. Just what the world's been waiting for, right?

  • Records

    I'm a go on record and say this: T.I. isn't really a dope rapper. I don't know what the big deal is about the guy. I couldn’t even recognize him on a song until like a year ago.

  • Ay Ay Ay!

    Now all the rich trendy white kids have tired of grime, it's time to introduce another exotic new fad for them to obsess over. How about the sound of Brazil's favelas, a smut-obsessed concoction of electro dubs, booty bass and Brazilian "bandit" yelping?

  • Vice Recommends

    Way before the Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand transformed Domino Records into a ruthless multinational, the label used to put out records by people like Smog and The Pastels and they’d all happily live off bread and water.

  • Grimewatch

    Grime is officially dead (according to a thread on the Dissensus message board), so we’ve finally decided to take Matt Mason’s advice and have spent the last few months undercover as a hairdresser called Paul in south London’s funky house scene.

  • Stand And Deliver

    We hate to say we told you so, but if you haven’t seen Man Like Me perform somewhere by the end of the summer then you can’t really call it a summer.

  • Crust Vs Cops

    Annihilation Time hate cops as much as Black Flag Did. This is appropriate because no-one deserves their place in the LA hardcore punk rock “dynasty” as much as AT, as anyone who saw them on their recent UK tour will attest to.

  • Cop Shop Chic

    Justine Electra is a tomboyish 25-year-old Australian who lives in Berlin where she gets up to all the usual stuff: singing on other people’s records, DJing, bar work, remixing, journalism, sleeping late, boozing and partying.

  • Electric Independence

    Diskokaine has got to be one of the worst names ever for a record label. Not only is disco spelt incorrectly, but the illegal drug cocaine is clearly referenced, and it is also spelt incorrectly.

  • Black Ships Ate This Guy

    The bonafide masterpiece of a new record by goth folk hero Current 93 (a.k.a. David Tibet) is about black ships flying in the sky, the return of Christ, and the Antichrist (in the form of Cæsar) battling for control of the universe.

  • Records

    Our natural reserves are running dry, the world is at war and the planet faces an unprecedented environmental catastrophe that we may not survive. How do our musically gifted friends in California see fit to soundtrack such a momentous point in time?

  • Practice Space


    A basement chat with Norway’s Black Metal award winners.