• Doomsday Metal

    10 years ago the band Vinterkrig, consisting of five 15-18-year-olds from Stockholm and one girl from Berlin, recorded five tracks in a legendary studio, played one last live show and then broke up forever. The songs were never released, and the members went on to, variously, joi…

  • Sound And Vision

    KTL isn't the sort of music you play to children. It's music for nightmares. The German phrase it abbreviates-Kindertotenlieder-translates as 'songs of the death of children', so you see where this thing could lead. As an exploration of the space between light and dark, it's high…

  • Dream Catcher Earrings

    Pocahaunted make creepy music that eats away at your ears like a plague-ridden tapeworm. It's all low-level drones and voices from beyond the pale that clunk along in a shambolic, rootsified manner that Devendra and his band of catamite followers could only dream of. They sound l…

  • Practice Space


    Freestyling in a refugee camp with an 18-year-old Palestinian rapper.

  • VICE Meets

    Big Daddy Kane

    Big Daddy Kane takes us back to the rap world’s respectable days.

  • Practice Space

    Oath to Vanquish

    Oath to Vanquish are to Israel what suburban metal bands are to America.

  • Soft Focus

    Mark E. Smith

    Mark E. Smith apologizes for English TV. In this special Mancunian edition of Soft Focus Ian sits down with Mark E. Smith, singer and only continuous member of the Fall, to talk about his role in foreseeing Manchester’s biggest brush with terrorism to date and his wan…

  • Sam Champion

    Practice Space Host Ryan Duffy On School Buds Sam Champion

  • Spike Spends Saturday with...

    Kanye West

    VBS’s creative director Spike Jonze hangs out in the editing suite with Kanye West.

  • Music World

    Raving in the Black Sea

    VICE visits the Republic of Kazantip, an annual month-long rave/orgy on the southern coast of the Ukraine.

  • Practice Space

    Demon's Claws

    Rootsy rock ’n’ roll from a bunch of Montreal “liars and scumbags.”

  • Doomsday Metal

    Let's be honest-the Frenchies in the Black Legions never actually released anything worth listening to, quality wise-but they are more than equipped when it comes to super rotten demos recorded in cabins or in the basements of their middle-class parents' homes. Even though music

  • Music For The Honeys

    Surely, the worst thing a band faces upon completion of an album, is the inevitable onslaught of retarded questions from interviewers everywhere. It may be a necessary part of the process but in the end, having to explain why your album sounds the way it does or why you decided

  • Stoned Free

    Heard many free jazz albums lately that, I don't know, were recorded after, like, 1965? No? Well, me neither. Call me crazy but it's kind of nice to listen to some shackles-free music by someone who's not...dead. So aren't we lucky that Australian label Heathen Skulls has had the…