• Soft Focus

    Jello Biafra

    The Fred Schneider of punk takes issue with our advertisers.*

  • Soft Focus

    Adam Horovitz

    Ad-Rock has mixed feelings about calling the Beastie Boys the Beatles of Rap.

  • Soft Focus

    Jennifer Herrema

    Ian talks sports with the Royal Trux’s better half and raining queen of 90s trash rock.

  • Soft Focus

    Ted Leo

    New York’s favorite punk turned pop-star turned talk radio fixture is hiding out from America.

  • Records

    Music Reviews by Guest Brazilian Person Luiza Sá of CSS
    Pray IV Reign

    This has a lot of “featuring.” Who’s Starr? Is that Gangstarr?

  • Records

    Your Favorite EP

    Don’t know how to write at all, but since you guys asked me nicely, I’m going to talk about Boss in Drama, one of my closest friends here in Brazil. He’s 22, white, super-skinny

  • Soft Focus

    Stephen Malkmus

    Ian asks Stephen Malkmus the eternal question: Did Pavement shred? Or did they rock? Stephen Malkmus submits to Ian’s tender interrogation in this edition of Soft Focus. Getting started, Ian asks what it’s like to be raised on the faux-Mississippi Delta. After S…

  • VICE Music Specials

    Crom @ Cakeshop, NYC

    Crom brings the West Coast power violence to the East Coast masses.

  • VICE Meets

    Mastodon at Comic Con

    Mastodon attended NY Comic Con to promote their new album and some video game.

  • Tramp Booze And 20p Fx Pedals

    During the course of this interview with Horrors guitarist Joshua Third, we experience the following technological breakdowns.
    1. Gavin Watson loses his camera bag outside a pub

  • Aurally Fixated

    Swedish composer Ralph Lundsten remains one of his generation’s greatest unheralded influences—an intergalactic ambassador who's so accomplished he makes most other mortals look like lazy uninspired slobs. Besides releasing more than 100 records

  • Potato Sounds

    Adi Gelbart is an Israeli-born, Berlin-based musician who builds his own instruments out of vegetables, kitchen utensils, and, well, anything else he finds lying around his studio laboratory. The songs he makes with this assortment of musical crap-paratus sound like epic analogue…

  • Records


    Was grime ever really ready for its own KD Lang? Will it be any more ready now that Sov has started dressing like a Klaxon from 2004? Does Jay-Z actually like her?

  • Music World

    Black Lips in India

    Atlanta’s Black Lips embark on a missionary trip to the psychedelic motherland. But is India ready for flower punk? Or will the subcontinental authorities make them martyrs to the cause?