• Practice Space

    Grizzly Bear

    Quashing the City of Lost Children-soundtrack myth.

  • Practice Space


    Eating oreos with New York’s best teenage girl group.

  • Practice Space

    The Walkmen

    On the humor of getting wrongfully arrested at SXSW for losing a room key.

  • Necro Overload

    While the rest of Northern Europe churns out frostbitten avatars of doom continuously, the UK fires blanks when it comes to Black Metal bands. The only exception to this rule is Anaal Nathrakh, a Birmingham based duo whose terrifying studio project has recently translated to the

  • Doomsday Metal

    In our Food Issue we recommended the re-release of the 1986 demo Rot in Hell, by Vomit. Copies of the original tape are being sold for hundreds of dollars and it's mandatory listening for anyone craving truly old skool, stunningly unsophisticated, beautiful, evil noise mad…

  • Southern Roulette

    Deerhunter are from Atlanta and are good friends with people like Black Lips. They make really clever, druggy garage rock that stands out from all the gay White Stripes tribute bands that are still knocking around everywhere. Can you believe people still fall for that bullshit? W…

  • Beyond The Call

    Spider Vomit have a great band name, get around in matching tie dye and have a tendency to take too much acid. They’re also one of the strangest, most exciting bands to pop out of Melbourne in recent months. With the approach of their first release we

  • Housemates From Hell

    Mastodon are four guys from Atlanta who play technically impressive, brutal metal that sounds like it comes from the depths of somewhere very, very deep. They were in Australia recently when we discovered that our friend and exceptional jewellery designer, Matt Weston, used to li…

  • Brute Force

    731 are a band of grind enthusiasts from Melbourne who are into giving themselves elaborate names. There’s Grind Fed Bathory Hen on vocals, Extraordinary G on guitar, I Quit on drums and Vegan Straight Edge on bass. They’re not like your average, judgemental grind/crust/hardcore…

  • Fifteen Nuts In Two Days

    Getting off the DLR in the concrete carbuncle that is the Isle of Dogs, it hits you how dull and uninspiring the poorer parts of east London really are. It’s surprising that people can even motivate themselves to stumble out of bed in the mornings. You’d expect the place to be fi…

  • Electric Independence

    Every edition of Electric Independence that appears without a mention of one of Sweden’s leading human beings, Luke Eargoggle, is, some would argue, hardly worth bothering about. As the author, I’m inclined to agree. That’s one reason why the column hasn’t run for a few months. L…

  • Xanax For The Soul

    Whatever you do, don’t call Asobi Seksu “nu-gaze”. They get really funny about it. I mean, they do openly admit to being part of the new wave of shoegaze bands, which is kind of what nu-gaze means. Well, whatever. No one ever wants to be part of a movement with a “nu” prefix. Any…

  • Against All Odds

    Tom Gabel is the singer/guitarist of one of our favoritest bands ever, Against Me! What follows is a diary he kept on tour with his band across the US and Canada a couple months ago

  • Records

    Bass Sessions

    Due to the alarming lack of good rap albums this year, we’re going to start reviewing a few mixtapes again. Never mind Baltimore club, baile, or juke