• Doomsday Disco

    Of all twenty first century musical wackos I can think of, Londoner Nathan J Whitey is the one I'm most impressed with right now.

  • Holy Chalice!

    All I know is I own a fucking chalice. Do you own a fucking chalice? No, you do not.

  • Dead Musicians

    It is typical of music fans' immaturity and blind self-absorption that they mourn the deaths of their idols.

  • Dear Diary

    CDs were still a new and exciting invention and "Ghetto Bastard" got us really pumped.

  • Godhateseye

    Following Hurricane Katrina, Eyehategod singer Michael Williams was missing, feared dead.

  • Bloc Party Hate VICE

    "I'm not comfortable doing this because it doesn't matter what I say. If it's in VICE people will just think I'm being ironic."

  • Booze Monday

    Barney Sumner used to drink far too fucking much.

  • Aw, Poor Pete

    Vice and Peter Doherty haven't exactly had the most harmonious of relationships. The singer first appeared in our pages in the DON'Ts section of the Nature Issue, where we described him as "a junkie dad who's so desperate for drugs he holds sock-footed concerts at his apar…

  • Locked-up Vs. Out-and-about

    What's it like to be an independent artist and have the music industry's top-seller systematically cock-block your every move? Just ask Domination, a young Queens lyricist that 50 Cent really doesn't want you to hear about.

  • Say Whaaat?

    Deaf people feel music. They can feel vibrations from the beats and the bass. But for deaf kids to want to get up and dance, it has to be LOUD.

  • Bad Friends Are Good Friends

    Las Malas Amistades is a loosey-goosey collective of Colombian artists who get together every couple of years and make music. It's all very four-tracky and simple, earnest and poppy. It's kind of like if the Young Marble Giants sang in Spanish and didn't fully know how to play. I…

  • Music Is Boring

    Screeching Weasel is pretty much the best band ever. Before the "pop punk" label become an insult, it simply meant punk rock written by a slightly more advanced species of miscreant, one with an ear for melody and some vague semblance of songwriting ability. The Weasel were exact…

  • Crunk What?

    For the record, we think that Eightball and MJG are one of the greatest things that ever happened to rap music, period.

  • Out There

    Cassette culture was a cornerstone of the indie and punk rock undergrounds of the 80s.