• A Man Named Al Gore Is Running for Mayor of Toronto

    No, not that Al Gore. But anyway, it's an election year in Toronto and Rob Ford is running for mayor again, which means the campaign promises to be like a Rob Ford fart—long, loud, messy, and fueled at least partly by vodka and cheeseburgers.

  • The VICE Podcast - Marijuana-Policy Reform in 2014

    Rebecca Richman Cohen is a lecturer at Harvard Law School and an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker. Her latest film, Code of the West, follows the political process of marijuana-policy reform in Montana, as well as the federal crackdown on medical-marijuana growers acro…

  • Montreal Mob Boss Vito Rizzuto Is Dead

    Vito Rizzuto was the kind of Mafioso that you only saw in the movies: a sober, cool-headed, respected, circumspect kind of criminal who is thought to have controlled much of the illegal narcotics trade in North America. As the (sometimes) undisputed ruler of Montreal’s criminal c…

  • Are Terrorists Intent on Destroying the Sochi Olympics?

    Sochi is heavily guarded ahead of the Olympics, with a security zone stretching about 60 miles along the coast and 25 miles inland. Still, Doku Umarov, the leader of an umbrella Islamist organization known as the Caucasus Emirate, has called on his followers to use “maximum force…

  • I Just Bought Legal Weed

    The honor of making Colorado's first legal recreational marijuana purchase went to Sean Azzariti, a Marine Corp veteran who served two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and now suffers from PTSD. He told me nothing helps his condition as effectively as cannabis. Before our ch…

  • Sex Tapes, Riots, and Corruption: Things Aren't Great in Turkey

    Violent clashes between protesters and police broke out in the heart of Istanbul this weekend, following a series of revelations about corruption within the government, months of demonstrations, and an all-round terrible year for Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

  • Russia Is Installing Video Cameras in School Classrooms

    The Russian government is planning to install video surveillance cameras in classrooms to prevent cheating. They're trying to improve their educational standards, but at the expense of privacy.

  • Neither Big nor Easy

    New Orleans's Year in Murders

    For New Orleans, 2013 was marked by shootings, many of them gang-related, many of them leading to utterly senseless deaths of teenagers, children, and even some people who were trying to help the city.

  • Tomorrow, I'm Going to Buy Legal Weed

    On January 1, America's first retail marijuana stores will open their doors to all adults 21-and-over, no matter where you're from, and without a note from your doctor. So will scoring herb maintain its outlaw appeal now that it's legal?

  • Out of Jail but Without an Identity

    For many people who are released from incarceration, simply acquiring a government photo ID that lets them collect benefits, get a job, and reintegrate into society is nearly impossible, but some groups are working to change this sad situation.

  • All Bad News Considered

    All This Year's Bad News Considered

    We're getting closer to the end of the year, which means it's time to momentarily turn our heads backwards and look back at the five biggest news stories from the past 365 days. In no specific order here are the definitive bad news stories of 2013.

  • This Week in Racism

    If You Think Your Tweet Might be Racist, Chances Are Someone Else Will Too

    Justine Sacco got fired from her lofty position as communications director for a major corporation after tweeting a racist "joke," Steve Martin had to apologize for a joke he tweeted about black names, and an NFL player is in trouble for yet more Twitter racism. What a fun way to…

  • Christmas Violence in the Central African Republic

    Archbishop Dieudonne Nzapalainga delivered his Christmas sermon on Wednesday in the capital city of Bangui, calling for reconciliation and forgiveness, but that did little to quell the ongoing cycle of revenge killings between Christians and Muslims. What had been sectarian strif…

  • Don't Speak Creole in Quebec If You Know What's Good For You

    Quebec’s French language police are up to their old xenophobic tricks again. This time, the victims are two people who were speaking Haitian Creole.