• Why Are Journalists Being Imprisoned in Egypt?

    The interim government is clamping down on its critics, which means imprisoning journalists from Al Jazeera and other media outlets. Increasingly, the only permitted speech is that which praises the authorities.

  • Australia Is Invading Indonesian Waters to Turn Back Asylum Seekers

    Australian government officials are apologizing for entering Indonesian waters in their effort to forcibly remove boats carrying asylum seekers. This has raised the tension levels between Australia and Indonesia, a rising economic power in the region.

  • VICE News

    Pussy Riot Goes Back to Jail

    With just two months of their sentence left, Pussy Riot was freed in a general amnesty by the Russian government. Simon Ostrovsky met up with the band members in Moscow just a couple weeks after they were released to find out what they're doing with their newfound freedom.

  • Police Are Breaking Students' Bones in Kosovo

    A sit-in to protest a bunch of professors allegedly lying about their credentials has turned violent thanks to the cops. The student demonstrators claim that this fight against petty university corruption is a fight against the country's entire rotten system.

  • The VICE Podcast - The Current State of Higher Education in America

    This week on the VICE Podcast, Reihan Salam sits down with Anya Kamenetz, a Schwartz fellow at New America, a journalist, and the author of Generation Debt, DIY U, and the forthcoming The Test.

  • Nope, Still No Such Thing as a Fatal Marijuana Overdose

    By all accounts, 31-year-old mother of three Gemma Moss recently smoked half a joint to help her sleep, and then she never woke up: a tragic passing that quickly yielded giddy tabloid headlines touting her as “the first woman in Britain to be poisoned to death by cannabis." Let's…

  • The ABC Has Pissed Off Tony Abbott And Will Be Destroyed

    The Prime Minister believes that "a lot of people feel at the moment that the ABC instinctively takes everyone's side but Australia's". By Australia, he obviously means himself.

  • The Environmental Martyr of the Sochi Olympics

    Russian activist Evgeny Vitishko faces three years in a labor camp for vandalizing a fence near Sochi. The severe punishment is almost certainly an attempt to silence a vocal critic of the environmental costs of this year's Olympics.

  • Third-Hand Smoke Could Kill You

    An experiment done at UC Riverside concluded that "third-hand" or "passive" smoking can also lead to a higher risk of cancer. This means that the hysterical reaction people have to you lighting up in public is only going to get worse.

  • Goodbye Great Barrier Reef, Hello Dredge Dumping

    Last Friday Australia gave an Indian resources conglomerate the thumbs up to dredge out the world’s largest coal port at Abbot Point, right on the reef; effectively signing the death warrant on one of the country's most prized natural attractions.

  • Syria's Christian Minority Are Fighting Back

    It’s really a neighborhood watch, albeit with arrest powers and automatic weapons. Its members patrol towns and cities where people—mostly Kurds, but also Christians and Sunni Arabs—are locked in a brutal struggle against Islamist militants.

  • Seeking Asylum isn't Illegal but Australia's Border Policy May Be

    By turning back asylum seeker boats to Indonesia, Australia is ignoring legal responsibilities and eroding a system it’s previously relied on and advocated for.

  • The Mafia's Toxic Waste Land

    The Camorra, one of Italy's three major mafia organizations, has made giant profits from disposing of an untold amount of waste, some of it toxic, across a wide swath of southern Italy.

  • Bad Cop Blotter

    Legalize Heroin!

    When people say "end the war on drugs" they usually mean "stop putting people in jail for weed," but we should also be talking about making heroin use safer, legal, and more rare, instead of locking up addicts in cages.