• The New Roma Ghettos

    In the last two years, as the Eurozone crisis worsens, Slovakia seems to be scapegoating its precarious minority of Roma—the ethnic group better known as Gypsies. Racist violence, evictions, threats, and more subtle forms of discrimination and prejudice have started to reach a cr…

  • Did Enbridge Use Toxic Chemicals to Clean Up Their Oil Spill in Kalamazoo?

    Three and a half years ago, an oil pipeline spilled 843,000 gallons of tar sands bitumen into the Kalamazoo River, the largest spill of its kind in American history. The clean-up effort has cost over a billion dollars, but is it doing more harm than good to the surrounding area?

  • VICE News

    Rojava: Syria's Unknown War

    As Syria’s bloody civil war enters its third year, fighting has reached the country’s Kurdish-dominated northeast. In September of 2013, VICE crossed the border into Syria’s Kurdish region to document the Kurdish Party YPG’s counteroffensive against the jihadists.

  • Don’t Expect the NYPD to Change in 2014

    Around the holidays, stories of heroic cops like Officer Carlos Ramos—who gave his sweatshirt to a freezing homeless man on the street—are trumpeted as examples of the boys in blue displaying goodwill towards men. Whether that yuletide spirit will extend into the first months of…

  • All Bad News Considered

    Shoppers' Credit Cards Were Compromised, and an EPA Official Stole Thousands of Taxpayer Dollars

    This week, thousands of Target shoppers discovered their credit card information had been corrupted, a judge sentenced an EPA official to 32 months in prison for stealing taxpayer money, and the Sister Wives cast's lawsuit invalidated parts of an anti-polygamy law.

  • Chatting with Two Exiled Dissident Bahraini Politicians

    I sat down for coffee with Jalal and Jawad Farooz, brothers who have opposed the Bahraini regime's brutal policies and have had their citizenships revoked as a result. Both are now living in exile in the UK, which is odd given the British government's cozy relationship with their…

  • Is Vancouver the Bitcoin Capital of Canada?

    The city’s patented mix of real estate market speculators, gaming industry nerds, recreational druggies and lefty counterculturists seem to be creating a perfect storm of bitcoin enthusiasm.

  • Is the East Mediterranean the Next Front in the War on Terror?

    According to a lawyer representing an alleged Turkish terrorist, the FBI has been snooping around Greece and interrogating suspected members of DHKP-C, a far-left militia. Is the US about to increase its involvement in the region?

  • Obama Can't Avoid the NSA Report, but He'll Try

    The report won't fix NSA overreach, but it will make it more difficult for the White House to resist the growing call for reforms, raising the burden for Obama and intelligence officials to provide justification for their vast data collection and mass surveillance beyond 9/11 fea…

  • Italy's 'Pitchfork' Movement Marched On Rome

    A crowd of around 3,000 people turned up in the city's Piazza del Popolo yesterday to sing the national anthem, display placards reading, "Italy is rising up" and shout stuff about the coalition government being "parasites," "criminals," and "thieves."

  • What the Hell Is Going on in South Sudan?

    Months of tension within the young nation turned into full-fledged fighting last Sunday night. President Salva Kiir claims that the attack was a failed coup attempt, but anti-government forces say that it was an effort by the president to crush dissent.

  • Two Environmentalists Were Charged with 'Terrorism Hoax' for Too Much Glitter on Their Banner

    Two environmentalists in Oklahoma may be the first protesters prosecuted for a "terrorism hoax" after they unfurled a Hunger Games-inspired banner covered in glitter.

  • Is Montreal's Mayor Serious About a Massage Parlor Crackdown?

    Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre has come out saying he wants to crack down on the city's numerous massage parlors that offer sexual services. The parlors operate under a license system, but that doesn't stop some parlors from providing underage girls or victims of sexual trafficking…

  • Angry Mobs and Revenge Killings in the Central African Republic

    As Christian and Muslim militias continue to clash in the CAR, people of both faiths continue to die thanks to a seemingly endless cycle of revenge killings.