• We Need to Stop Arresting So Many Children

    The law-enforcement system isn’t designed for children—just about the only thing it can do is send people to jail, which in nearly every case is a horrific overreaction when it comes to kids being dumb. The police can be one of the most destructive forces in the lives of young pe…

  • VICE on HBO Extended

    Chinese Cockblock - The Sex Doll Factory

    With 50 million more men than women, the sex industry in China is growing rapidly. For episode five of 'VICE' on HBO, we went to a sex-doll factory in the city of Dalian to see the effects of the uneven dating landscape.

  • Exploring the Interior Designs of Los Angeles Weed Clinics

    If you own a store that looks great and people feel comfortable shopping there, nice work. If you’re operating that store under constant threat of raids and total shutdown, years of stressy politics, infighting, and a host of thug-life problems associated with selling a product t…

  • Big Money's Obama

    Once upon a time, Obama was apparently devoted to reining in the influence of money in politics, but after a couple of elections and some time inside the machine, he doesn’t seem to care about it at all. Instead of fighting against casual corruption, he’s been complicit in it…

  • Chatting About 'Game of Thrones' with Syria's Most Feared Islamic Militants

    “Watch out, we’re terrorists!” his colleague, a lanky Emirati with facial hair reminiscent of Orlando Bloom chimed in, before he started laughing, too. The Emirati then excitedly asked me what part of New York City I was from. “Oh, Brooklyn? Yeah, I know it. I went to school in S…

  • Kangaroo Scrotums Are the New Victims of Global Warming

    Climate change is a huge concern for many reasons. But it’s only recently that climate change has threatened Australia’s hilarious but substantial kangaroo nutsack trade. The hopping marsupials’ scrotums have made John Kreuger hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Dogmageddon

    Jason Collins Shook a Few Bigots Out of the Homophobe Tree

    Jason Collins made his big “I'm gay” announcement last week. Big news like this can't help but be met with a vocal minority of the religious-minded seeing this as a “test” from the man upstairs, and the only way they'll pass is by letting their feelings be known to a national aud…

  • Can Britain Handle the Rapes, Killings, and Clans in Somalia?

    There's a big meeting in London tomorrow to talk about all of Somalia's problems. Officials from the UN, the African Union, the IMF, and 50 countries will be there to impart their wisdom/spout platitudes in a bid to help Somalia rebuild itself after two decades of conflict. Are t…

  • VICE on HBO Extended

    Mormon Lost Boys - Nikita's Story

    During our time in Colorado City, Arizona, we met 16-year-old Nikita Timpson, who spoke with us about her life in the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints and her upbringing in a polygamous family.

  • This Is What Winning Looks Like

    I didn’t plan on spending six years covering the war in Afghanistan. But with each year, casualties and deaths rose as steadily as the local opium crop and I became obsessed with what I witnessed there—how different it was from the conflict’s portrayal in the media and in officia…

  • Workers' Rights in Egypt Stalled Two Years After the Revolution

    Hundreds of workers joined unemployed youth, students, and other groups opposed to President Mohamed Morsi's government and marched to commemorate May Day in Cairo Wednesday, calling for minimum-wage reform and the right to unionize.

  • Tagging the Revolution in Northern Syria

    Graffiti found on the crumbling walls and facades of Azaz’s cityscape—the majority of which are scrawled with a focus on sentiment rather than aesthetics—pay homage to the town’s experience of conflict and to the wider geo-political discourse that surrounds the Syrian conflict…

  • Massacre in Jamaica

    In May 2010, the Jamaican government, at the request of the United States, set out to extradite Christopher “Dudus” Coke from a Jamaican slum called Tivoli Gardens, in West Kingston. He was wanted in the US on charges of racketeering, selling drugs, assault, and murder, but in Ti…

  • VICE on HBO Extended

    Mormon Lost Boys - Lorin's Story

    Lorin Holm was excommunicated from the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints in 2011 following an edict from imprisoned leader Warren Jeffs. He invited us into his home for a first-hand look at the house he once shared with his three wives and 25 children.