• Yemen Wants Their Guantanamo Detainees Back

    Of the 166 detainees who remain held without charge in Guantanamo Bay, 91 are Yemeni. It’s not quite as popular an issue as the drone strikes, but Yemenis still bring up Guantanamo on a nearly weekly basis. Many see the legal limbo of their fellow countrymen as a kind of tragicom…

  • Republicans Don't Have a Ton of Empathy for Strangers

    Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) changed his mind about gay marriage when he found out his son is gay. James Brady only came to support gun control after being shot. Are Republicans really incapable of caring about any issue without being directly affected?

  • Forget Gun Control, Let’s Ban the Senate

    The failure of the gun control bill isn’t an example of cowardice on the part of senators who didn’t vote for it, or some fatal flaw on behalf of its sponsors. It’s just another case of the Senate being cripplingly, pathetically gridlocked and unable to do anything for anyone…

  • Reddit Wants the Boston Bomber's Blood

    Only one day after the Boston bombings, a subreddit was formed to collate and analyze photos of the crime scene, expanding to more than 3,000 users in less than half a day. We spoke to Rather_Confused, one of the subreddit's mods, to get a feel for this new breed of internet warr…

  • Should We Panic About the Strain of Deadly Meningitis Hitting the Gay Community?

    This year, four men have come down with meningitis in New York City, bringing the number of infections to 22 and the death toll to seven since 2010, and similar cases have appeared in West Hollywood, California. How worried should we be?

  • Bomb Threats and Bagpipes on a Day of False Reports in Boston

    Rising above the murmur of a parking lot filled with media vans, reporters, and gawking passersby, a noise familiar to many Bostonians broke out—the bleating of bagpipes. A man identified as longshoreman Mike Murphy played the elegiac melody “Amazing Grace” in the parking lot of…

  • The Fugitive Reporter Exposing Mexico's Drug Cartels

    Blog del Narco is a Mexican website that fills people in on the (often bloody) activities of the murderous local drug cartels where the nation's mainstream media has failed. Now Feral House is releasing a book containing the most relevant posts and pictures. Choosing to remain an…

  • Dancing Idiots, Rubber Bullets, and Candy Floss at This Year's Passover in Hebron

    The city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank is a pretty bizarre place at the best of times. But the recent Passover festival held by Jewish settlers living on the Palestinian land was easily among the most surreal things I've seen in a region that seems to thrive on weird shit.

  • We Went to a Men's Rights Lecture in Toronto

    What began as a somewhat open-minded look at men's rights ended with the realization that their ideas are very, very dumb.

  • VICE News

    Protesting Thatcher's Funeral

    On the morning of Wednesday April 17, 2013, the Iron Lady was laid to rest. Anti-Thatcher protesters planned on congregating at Ludgate Circus so they could turn their backs on the coffin as it went past. We went along to count the vicious socialists who booed. They weren't that

  • The Boston Bomber Is Not Eric Twardzik

    Two days ago, radio show host Jay Thomas inaccurately said that “Eric Twardzik” had been arrested by Boston Police in connection with the Boston bombings. Eric, however, is the student who took the viral photo of an alleged "suspect" of the bombing that many outlets mistakenly cl…

  • The Secret History of the Vietnam War

    If you thought you knew all there was to know about the Vietnam War, you were wrong. For example: ever heard of the "Mere Gook Rule," a code of conduct the US military came up with in order for soldiers to murder Vietnamese civilians without feeling too bad about it? ("It's only

  • Where Were You When the Bombs Went Off?

    To get a sense of how the city was dealing with Monday’s terrorist attack, I walked Boston’s streets the day after the Marathon bombing and talked to people about where they were when the attack went down and whether or not they feel safe in their city.

  • Women Are Being Prosecuted for Losing Their Babies

    The abortion argument has rumbled on noisily for over a century in this country. These cases of women getting prosecuted for losing their babies isn't unrelated to that debate, but it is more of a sideshow, in which laws made to punish people who attack pregnant women have been u…