• Breakdancing Against Violence in Haiti

    For nearly ten years, in a roofless abandoned house in Haiti's most notorious slum, Cyborg Dance has offered young boys an opportunity to escape the violence and negative influences that plague their neighborhood through breakdancing.

  • Arnold Frolics Takes Haunting Photographs Using Nudes and Skewed Perspective

    Arnold Frolics is a Toronto-based photographer who uses nudes, skewed perspectives, floods of light in darkness, and subjects who often appear withdrawn and almost defeated to create lonely, yet magical and dizzying, environments.

  • The Mexican Doctor Who Leads a Militia Against the Cartels

    The western Mexico state of Michoacan is in the midst of war. Groups of armed civilians have banded together to fight the drug cartels, and they're led by a local doctor named Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde.

  • Friday Night at a Dog Track in Florida

    Christmas in Orange Park, Florida, is as sad as you'd imagine. It's even sadder when you spend the night at the Kennel Club, a dog racing track teeming with the sort of hard luck cases that make the Sunshine State the Bummer Capital of the World.

  • Orlando Is a Paradise

    There is an enthusiasm for the counterculture in Orlando, with a strong punk scene and DIY community. These photos capture the faces in the crowds, the rowdy party-going youth of Orlando.

  • Budapest Is a Trendy Loser

    Ív and Candie are two Hungarian photographers. I've never met them but I exchanged emails with them for almost a year, ever since they sent me this amazing set of photos from their hometown. I like their work because it convinces me the world is insane.

  • Happy 20th Birthday, Zapatistas!

    Today marks 20 years since a previously unknown army emerged from the rain forests of the indigenous highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, and declared war on the government. Here are 20 photographs that Marco Antonio Cruz, one of Mexico’s most respected photojournalists, shared with VIC…

  • New York State of Mind

    The Best New York Rap Photos of 2013

    This has been a landmark year for New York hip-hop. The huns who were at the gates last year ran the game in 2013. Through all the insanity, photographer Verena Stefanie Grotto was there with her camera capturing all of the moments that speak to what hip-hop was, is, and will be

  • Chicago Is a Paradise

    Chicago is a misunderstood city. More renowned for its crooked politics, oppressive violent crime, and shitty weather than whatever the local tourist board tells you, the true essence of the place is barely known or appreciated by outsiders.

  • Photographers: Have Your Work Critiqued by Bruce Gilden

    Hey photo people! Would you like one of the world’s most acclaimed photographers to review your pictures? Send us your best work to be considered for VICE’s new photo-critique show, hosted by Bruce Gilden.

  • Meet the Nieratkos

    Brian Gaberman’s Life in Transition

    Toward the tail end of the 90s Brian Gaberman moved to San Francisco to work at the now-defunct, legendary skate mag Slap. His aesthetic fell right in line with what I wanted from a skate photo (wide, warm, grainy black and white shots that showcased our world, not just a

  • Photos of Sad Guys Being Forced to Shop

    During Christmas season, people are basically forced to shop against their will. We've compiled photos of some of the saddest shoppers around from the miserable_men Instagram account to celebrate the unsung heroes of capitalist ennui.

  • New York State of Mind

    Screaming 'Huzzah!' with Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire

    This week Verena spent a day with one of New York's most talented rappers—Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire. She snapped some rare, intimate shots with the Brooklyn-bred MC. Thankfully, given his passion for drunk driving, they took the train during their romp around the city.

  • A Look Inside Illegal Canadian Weed Grow Houses from the 1990s

    Victor John Penner got to go around with the cops in Vancouver, British Columbia, while they were knocking down doors, which gave him a unique view of the war on drugs and the underground grow operations producing BC Bud.