• Behold Your New Giant Mirrored Bean God

    Here's an exclusive look at photographer Zak Arctander's new series, 'Flesh Made Steel,' which explores how goofy people look when visiting 'Cloud Gate,' the Anish Kapoor sculpture in Chicago's Millenium Park.

  • Gettin' Weird in Greenpoint

    There's a new gallery show at Booklyn in Greenpoint that spotlights some of the really weird shit that goes on in the world. They're also looking for submissions, so if you're weird too, let them know!

  • Things I Saw at the New York Art Book Fair

    Last weekend's New York Art Book Fair was awesome and weird and huge and exhausting and, by the looks of Instagram, everybody and their brother was there.

  • Taji's Mahal - Occupied Roll

    For this week's Mahal, I bring to you my Occupied Roll. On September 17th, Occupy Wall Street had its first birthday and all of my favorite lurkers came out to play. Now as a toddler, the movement continues to shit, sleep and scream.

  • There Is a Party for Richard Kern Tonight and You're All Invited

    Tonight in New York there will be a party for Richard Kern's book, '10:41.' We wouldn't necessarily call it a 'launch' party, as it was released last year. Richard tells us it will be more of a regular old party—or at least as much of a regular old party as a Kern party can be…

  • Sameet Sharma Helps Us Remember Our Puke-Covered Roots

    Sameet Sharma takes pictures of his friends partying, puking, having sex, writing things on walls, peeing in public, getting into fights, and lighting things on fire. We like them, but they make us feel old.

  • Sean Vegezzi Photographs Secret New York

    Sean Vegezzi is a young photographer from New York who enjoys hanging out in elevator shafts and getting cops to chase him through graveyards. His first photo-book, 'I Don’t Warna Grow Up,' is about not warnting to grow up.

  • Manson Family Values

    Artist and Designer Justin Blyth seems to have taken one too many acid tabs and is now lost on some sort of motorcycle tour lead by Timothy Leary of the weirdest parts of 1970s Los Angeles. And we are all better for it. Check out a sneak peek of his new book.

  • What I Found at Work in June, July, and August

    For the last little while, our pal Cynthia has been photographing the weirdest shit she's found at her job sorting donations at a charity shop in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, Cynthia is moving to Texas soon, so this will be the last installment of "What I Found at Work."

  • Meadowlands

    Gergely Szatmari shows us lesser seen images of that place on the other side of the Hudson River you hear about sometimes. Check out what you can't see from the bus to the Newark airport.

  • Hanging Out in Hotels, Naked

    Jesse Pollock has spent a lot of time getting naked in hotels recently. His new book about it came out in April and we only recently discovered it, because we are stupid.

  • Troy Stains Is Haunting His Own Body

    Troy Stains is an artist and freelance photographer from Atlanta, Georgia, who takes strange, wonderful pictures which act as "graphic representation of the modern malaise," he says.

  • Blue Moon Burlesque

    When you’re in the woods for a few weeks you feel your instincts guiding your actions more and more, especially when the reason you’re there—among the bugs and the trees—is to build a dome for a site-specific art installation.

  • We Went To the Last Tiki Disco of 2012

    The first person I saw in the lot behind Roberta’s, the Bushwick restaurant that hosts Tiki Disco, was a girl in a ripped up Buckethead T-shirt eating dried fruit from a plastic bag. I scanned the crowd and felt comfortable, because I only saw two fedoras, one pair of creepers, a…