• Snakes, Metalheads, and Naked People

    Terttu Uibopuu knows some interesting people. Sometimes they get naked and sometimes she takes beautiful pictures of them. Some of those pictures are in a gallery show opening tonight. All of you should go.

  • Bedu

    "Bedu" completes Jim Mangan's trilogy on the subject of rebirth, which includes "Winter's Children," used in the VICE June 2010 issue, and "Color'd," used as the cover and feature in the VICE 2011 Photo Issue.

  • Sliding Glass Door

    Sunlight doesn't always reach the backside of a CVS in the same manner that it touches down upon the Sierra Nevadas. But in these off-centered moments and locations a specific clarity occasionally reveals itself, and in the words of Walker Evans, "It's there, and you can't unfeel…

  • Ayia Napa Is a Paradise

    If you haven't visited Ayia Napa, maybe these photos will help convince you that it's time to get out there and manhandle a stranger's genitals in a swimming pool while a crowd looks on, puking up to Skrillex and throwing condoms at your head.

  • I'm Sick of Pretending: I Don't 'Get' Photography

    Now that everyone with a smartphone and an internet connection is a pro photographer, I've decided it's time to work out a way to separate the good from the bad. That way, we can finally pat ourselves on our backs in a haze of pseudo-cultured self-satisfaction, and slam everyone

  • Self-Portrait as Yoda

    Unless we are all vaporized in the fiery doom of Quetzalcoatl’s return, stay cool till next summer.

  • Combover's Dream

    In honor of the VICE 2012 Photo Issue, this month's edition of 'Combover' features photos of Brett doing some puzzling things like swallowing a black cock and donning some strange bird-type mask in the forest.

  • A Better Place

    This selection of photos features shots of a spiderweb amid a backdrop of trees, a country landscape from an aerial view, and a home with a very active chimney.

  • Angry People in Local Newspapers

    Can you imagine how depressing it must be being the professional photographer whose job it is to get the photos of a woman looking sad because a dog pooed at the end of her driveway or whatever? Eugh.

  • Deflections from a Straight Path

    Photograher Peter Sutherland is a frequent contributor to VICE. This particular selection of photos captures colored light as it refracts, creating different patterns that make us feel at one with the universe.

  • Tough Love

    In this photo selection, Olivia Fougeirol captures what appears to be a rather stylish bum rocking sportswear and utility tape accessories outside of a gated storefront. Through the collage, which appears to be organized sequentially, you can see the hobo sifting through some ser…

  • Picture Perfect

    Christopher Anderson

    In this episode of Picture Perfect, VICE visits Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson at his studio in Brooklyn to talk about some of his past work and the life-changing experience of boarding a handmade boat that sank in the Caribbean. He tells us that his current project of

  • Shooting Proud, Legal Gun Owners (with a Camera)

    Photographer Ben Philippi spent four years working on "God, Guns & Guts," a visually striking celebration of gun-toting patriots exercising their rights. His subjects are welcoming people who shoot magnums in their spare time instead of running model trains, and are largely misun…

  • What We've Got Is Gold

    This selection of photos from Romanian photographer Petra Herbert brings together portraits of strange Ed Hardy-clad dudes who wear tons of bling with inanimate treasures like bars of gold and trophies.