• LES in the Dark

    The city felt so pervasively absent that it seemed to defeat the idea of taking any kind of aim. Maybe a Manhattan without light in a sense already is photography? I tried to cooperate.

  • Nick Gazin's Summer Photo Spectacular

    Every three months I pool the best of my photos from the past season and present them here for you. Look upon my works and feel a mixture of things.

  • The Young Gun Meets the Living Legend

    We had 18-year-old up-and-coming photographer Olivia Bee interview 74-year-old photo master Joel Meyerowitz about his new two-volume retrospective. We think it may be the start of a beautiful friendship.

  • Marni and Nate Are in Your Hood, Photographing Your Tweets

    Collaborative artists Marni Shindelman and Nate Larson's most recent series, "Geolocation," involves the two choosing a tweet which was tagged with location information, photographing the actual spot where the tweet was made, and then pairing the original tweet with their new ima…

  • Looking at Ben Pier's Photos Is Better Than Eating Burritos or Wanking to Pornhub

    I'm working on a new book, which means I have to go out and shoot a ton of stuff. So this set is a look into that process at its earliest stage.

  • It Was Halloween in Chicago Last Night

    With all this hullabaloo about Frankenstorms and such, there's a sense that Halloween has been put on the back burner for those on the East Coast. Zak Arctander showed us what went down in Chicago, where they didn't forget what day it was.

  • Photographing the Towns Communist Romania Forgot

    Ioana Cîrlig and Marin Raica plan to travel around the heavily-industrialized areas left after the Communist period, documenting the lives of the people who ex-Romanian President Nicolae Ceauşescu turned from farmers into miners, then left bankrupt after his misguided, Socialist…

  • Guns, God, and No Democrats at Knob Creek

    Two weekends ago I was at Knob Creek Gun Range, a weaponry Mecca in West Point, Kentucky, that holds a biannual event that is sort of like a comic book convention where everyone is cosplaying as someone from 'Call of Duty.' A person could view, buy, sell, or rent weaponry that’s…

  • The Punks in Olympia Haven't Aged a Bit

    Ben Trogdon's photographs the music scene in Olympia, Washington, which doesn't seem to have changed that much from the days when Kurt Cobain was strolling around, shooting junk, dyeing his hair with Kool-Aid, and writing 'Bleach.'

  • That Was Some Blow Job

    In case you just woke up from a coma in Montana (if so, congrats!) and haven't heard, the Eastern Seaboard of the United States got fucked up real bad last night. Hurricane Sandy, a massive orgy of three separate weather systems, made us wait around, nervously eating half our rat…

  • Something Fishy

    Deep in Southwest Alaska lies an abandoned salmon cannery known as Graveyard Point. Every summer fishermen converge on this area. Great fortunes can be earned or lost here, depending on a man's luck. I’ve fished here for the past four years, taking these photos along the way.

  • Gordon Holden's Rhode Island

    It's a little hard to hype up Gordon Holden's photography. He doesn't take pictures of people on fire in warzones, heavy metal cowboys from Botswana or hulking, dilapidated post-space age architecture. But the pictures he does snare from around his home in Rhode Island are calm,

  • Ola Rindal's Untold Story

    Ola Rindal was born in a small town in the Norwegian countryside. He left to study in Sweden before settling in Paris in 2001, where he has lived ever since. Ola is one of those gems who is more known outside of his own country, a national treasure in the diaspora. His new book,

  • The Furtastic Adventures of the Cabbit and the Folf

    For this series, I photographed Belgian, Dutch, French, and German members of the furry fandom, where adults transform themselves into animals by wearing plush costumes. I have chosen to photograph the characters in their own living rooms, making them appear like actors on a stag…