• Jason Nocito Has a Distant Lover

    Our bearded photographer-genius friend's new series, entitled "I Heart Transylvania,"shows how great it is to love someone and how much it sucks when he or she lives far away.

  • Vito Fun's Summer Photo Dump 2012

    The days of snow cones and skinny dipping in the East River are history, people. Winter came in fierce a couple of weeks ago with its bitch mistress Sandy, and from here on out it's going to be all hot toddies and whatever humanity-threatening death-flu happens to pop up this yea…

  • Magaluf Is a Paradise

    Once upon a time, Majorca was just an island. And then people came along and provided human traffic for thousands of nightclubs and bars. And in those nightclubs and bars, they danced and binge drank. That spilled over onto the beaches, and people started puking and pissing on th…

  • Denise Scicluna Photographs Things You Never Notice

    Denise Scicluna is a young photographer from Malta whose work—unlike that of most still life photographers—doesn't make you want to slowly pluck out every single one of your eyelashes out of sheer boredom.

  • Throwing Punches with Theo Ehret

    For almost 20 years, Theo was the staff photographer at the Grand Olympic Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles. During his tenure, Theo documented all of the mayhem of both the boxing matches and the professional wrestling that went on inside the walls of the Olympic.

  • Photographing the Loving Gays of Vietnam

    Photographer Maika Elan spent last year photographing Vietnam's gay couples in their most intimate moments for her series The Pink Choice. The collection had perfect timing considering around the same time she was shooting the collection, rumors were spreading that Vietnam's comm…

  • Jana Romanova Takes Photos of Sleeping Pregnant People

    Jana Romanova snuck into pregnant couples' bedrooms while they were asleep and took pictures of them for a series called 'Waiting.' It's not as creepy as it sounds.

  • LES in the Dark

    The city felt so pervasively absent that it seemed to defeat the idea of taking any kind of aim. Maybe a Manhattan without light in a sense already is photography? I tried to cooperate.

  • Nick Gazin's Summer Photo Spectacular

    Every three months I pool the best of my photos from the past season and present them here for you. Look upon my works and feel a mixture of things.

  • The Young Gun Meets the Living Legend

    We had 18-year-old up-and-coming photographer Olivia Bee interview 74-year-old photo master Joel Meyerowitz about his new two-volume retrospective. We think it may be the start of a beautiful friendship.

  • Marni and Nate Are in Your Hood, Photographing Your Tweets

    Collaborative artists Marni Shindelman and Nate Larson's most recent series, "Geolocation," involves the two choosing a tweet which was tagged with location information, photographing the actual spot where the tweet was made, and then pairing the original tweet with their new ima…

  • Looking at Ben Pier's Photos Is Better Than Eating Burritos or Wanking to Pornhub

    I'm working on a new book, which means I have to go out and shoot a ton of stuff. So this set is a look into that process at its earliest stage.

  • It Was Halloween in Chicago Last Night

    With all this hullabaloo about Frankenstorms and such, there's a sense that Halloween has been put on the back burner for those on the East Coast. Zak Arctander showed us what went down in Chicago, where they didn't forget what day it was.

  • Photographing the Towns Communist Romania Forgot

    Ioana Cîrlig and Marin Raica plan to travel around the heavily-industrialized areas left after the Communist period, documenting the lives of the people who ex-Romanian President Nicolae Ceauşescu turned from farmers into miners, then left bankrupt after his misguided, Socialist…