• Come to the 2012 VICE Photo Show

    If you’re a big ol’ dummy and somehow missed the release of our accompanying Photo Issue, then here’s the perfect way to correct that mistake and see the work of photographers like Roger Ballen, Nick Haymes, and Jaimie Warren up close and personal.

  • Yin yang.svg

    Brooklyn-based photographer Mike de Leon is a frequent contributor to VICE.

  • Mauvais Appétit

    Melchior Tersen is a 23-year-old photographer living in Paris. In his own words, he describes his photographs as "strange or unhealthy." Tersen says he is often inspired by music and "esotericism." He has an impulsive process, saying his work has "no premeditation. Fuck the worl…

  • Budapest Is a Paradise

    When I asked Budapest based photographers, Ív and Candie, for a few words describing their city to accompany these photos, all I got back was this sentence: "Budapest is buda and pest." Which isn't very informative, but I guess at least it does sort of make sense.

  • Pavor Nocturnus

    Olivia Bee's real name is Olivia Bolles. She shoots pretty trippy photographs and she also works in film.

  • Rohan Hutchinson's "Kanazawa Study" is Clean, Cool, Awesome

    When Rohan Hutchinson goes out shooting, he doesn’t do local and he doesn’t pack light.

  • Soho

    Anders Petersen was born in 1944 in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1966, he studied at Christer Strömholm's School of Photography in Stockholm. A year later, he began photographing the Café Lehmitz in Hamburg, which launched his photography career.

  • Purgatory

    Four exclusive photos from Hannah Whitaker's "The Use of Noise" series.

  • Binocular Disparity

    These photos hail from Simone Bergantini's "American Standard Remix" series. Simone created these images after buying a box of negatives from a junk store and overlapping two images of two different people to make a completely new picture.

  • Plastic Flowers

    I visited Mandarin Green Plastics Company to photograph their artificial flower factory in Huidong, China. So many of the goods we purchase today are manufactured in China, but we rarely give thought to how these products are made and who made them. These images are a personal an…

  • Old People Having Fun in the Sun

    Here are a bunch of pictures that make you wish you were a bag of excess skin. The photos feature olds unashamedly strutting their stuff while on vacation in Tenerife.

  • Asylum

    Roger Ballen has been shooting with black and white film for over 50 years and we can't thank him enough for continuing to create and break new ground in that medium. Unlike some photographers who are obsessed with trying to capture what they see with their own two eyes, Ballen s…

  • Desfila

    Parades are a constant occurrence in Jinotega. On Sunday mornings, like clockwork, firecrackers rocket outside. Drums, trumpets, and tubas echo in the distance and elaborate processions fill the streets, winding through the city. The stars are invariably children or teenagers, dr…

  • The Babes of Comic-Con

    At some point in the last ten years or so a mutation occurred in the nerds' sexual pheromones, and instead of ensuring a solid 20-yard buffer between themselves and the opposite sex, babes are now drawn to geeks and their penises like the Millennium Falcon caught in the Death Sta…