• Some New Photographs by Todd Fisher

    We haven't heard from Todd in a long time, but we're glad he's back in our collective lives. He graciously gave us some pictures that make us simultaneously miss the summer and love the winter.

  • Photos from Another Life

    Sometimes pictures can change how we see the world and the people in it. This happened to me a few days ago, when I received a link for an amateur photography blog called Almostmemories. It features pictures of private family moments and vacations from 1960 to 2011.

  • Melchior Tersen's Shiny Happy People

    These pictures from his new series, 'Communauté,' feature portraits of people at concerts doing things that makes them happy, and that makes us happy. So click through the gallery and get happy.

  • Diplo Has a New Photo Zine

    He's teamed up with photographer Shane McCauley to photograph different countries and their music scenes. The first issue, about Jamaican Dancehall, is being released on Wednesday.

  • One in the Oven

    Richard Kern and I drove out to the East Hampton family home of Jemima Kirke, the star of HBO's 'Girls,' to photograph her at eight months pregnant. I also chatted with her about the time we did key bumps together in a bathroom, dating assholes, and being famous.

  • Taji's Mahal - Happiness Is Expensive

    For this week's Mahal, I got to check out New York City skateboarder and photographer Stephen McClintock's show at the Inkwell Gallery in New York. Never without a camera in his back pocket, Stephen shoots every “what the fuck” moment around him.

  • Thomas Barrow Takes an Ice Pick to His Negatives for Art's Sake

    A new retrospective of artist Thomas Barrow's conceptual photographic work is opening at Derek Eller Gallery on Friday and we got a preview of show right here for you.

  • Per Englund Likes Spying on People in Their Cars

    Swedish photographer Per Englund, who's taken photos for VICE more than a few times before, released his latest photobook last week. Since I'm the kind of girl who likes to help a brother out, I thought I'd tell you guys all about it.

  • We Built This City on Drugs and Crusty Hippies

    About a month ago Vito Fun made the pilgrimage to Nevada's Black Rock Desert to photograph all the dusty hooligans and pop-up village enthusiasts who gather there once a year. Vito was the perfect guy for us to send, as he's both a proponent of DIY culture and an established deba…

  • Behold Your New Giant Mirrored Bean God

    Here's an exclusive look at photographer Zak Arctander's new series, 'Flesh Made Steel,' which explores how goofy people look when visiting 'Cloud Gate,' the Anish Kapoor sculpture in Chicago's Millenium Park.

  • Gettin' Weird in Greenpoint

    There's a new gallery show at Booklyn in Greenpoint that spotlights some of the really weird shit that goes on in the world. They're also looking for submissions, so if you're weird too, let them know!

  • Things I Saw at the New York Art Book Fair

    Last weekend's New York Art Book Fair was awesome and weird and huge and exhausting and, by the looks of Instagram, everybody and their brother was there.

  • Taji's Mahal - Occupied Roll

    For this week's Mahal, I bring to you my Occupied Roll. On September 17th, Occupy Wall Street had its first birthday and all of my favorite lurkers came out to play. Now as a toddler, the movement continues to shit, sleep and scream.

  • There Is a Party for Richard Kern Tonight and You're All Invited

    Tonight in New York there will be a party for Richard Kern's book, '10:41.' We wouldn't necessarily call it a 'launch' party, as it was released last year. Richard tells us it will be more of a regular old party—or at least as much of a regular old party as a Kern party can be…