• Into the Weird

    The Empire State Building Sued This Photographer for Taking Topless Photos

    On August 9, 2013, Allen Henson took photographs of a topless woman on the 86 story observatory of the Empire State Building. Considering it’s legal for women to go topless in New York, Allen didn’t think the photo would lead to legal problems, but this week, the owners of the Em…

  • Nick Gazin Just Sent Us His Best Of 2013 Photos

    Once every season or year, as the case may be, we put up a batch of "best of" photos from our resident comic dweeb and amateur picture-taker, Nick Gazin. This year, Nick was especially lackadaisical about filing, sending us his pictures a little over two weeks after New Year's Da…

  • Berlin Is a Paradise

    Take some time out from whatever your tedious job is and visit Berlin, where people like to give the finger to innocent dead birds. Seriously, we think it would make for a delightful vacation.

  • London Is a Ghost Town

    Christmas is the only day of the year when London is silent. Everything is closed and there's no public transport. Other than a bunch of tourists gawking around Big Ben, the streets are basically deserted.

  • Seward, Alaska, Is a Paradise

    All the drugs that come into Alaska are brought in through Seward, making the town a little grimy—there are lots of rundown army bunkers, a bunch of coked-up mountain kids, and a load of roughnecks. Everyone smokes pot.

  • Bristol Is a Paradise - Part 2

    We've witnessed the paradisiacal splendor of Bristol before, but nobody's put a number on the amount of times you can look at photos of people covered in their own sick and blood, have they?

  • Harry Griffin's Unconventional Conventions

    We spoke to the Brooklyn-based photographer about "Strange Amusements," the photo portfolio from the current issue of VICE. We couldn't fit all the great pictures into the magazine, so here are some…

  • Strange Amusements

    Photos from the 2013 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Convention.

  • Coondoggin' with Tammy Mercure

    Nashville-based photographer Tammy Mercure shoots the loudest events in the South. Today, she takes us to Orangeburg, South Carolina, for the 49th Annual Grand American Coon Hunt and Treeing Contest.

  • Mark Allen Johnson Photographs Everything that's Wrong

    Befriending his way into shitty, illicit situations, and getting his SD cards home without being sued or murdered may be hard. But as he explained over the phone, break-ups are way tougher than war zones.

  • Breakdancing Against Violence in Haiti

    For nearly ten years, in a roofless abandoned house in Haiti's most notorious slum, Cyborg Dance has offered young boys an opportunity to escape the violence and negative influences that plague their neighborhood through breakdancing.

  • Arnold Frolics Takes Haunting Photographs Using Nudes and Skewed Perspective

    Arnold Frolics is a Toronto-based photographer who uses nudes, skewed perspectives, floods of light in darkness, and subjects who often appear withdrawn and almost defeated to create lonely, yet magical and dizzying, environments.

  • The Mexican Doctor Who Leads a Militia Against the Cartels

    The western Mexico state of Michoacan is in the midst of war. Groups of armed civilians have banded together to fight the drug cartels, and they're led by a local doctor named Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde.

  • Friday Night at a Dog Track in Florida

    Christmas in Orange Park, Florida, is as sad as you'd imagine. It's even sadder when you spend the night at the Kennel Club, a dog racing track teeming with the sort of hard luck cases that make the Sunshine State the Bummer Capital of the World.