• The Mercy Rule

    Hearing the Spurs

    As I age, my ear is retuning itself; I can finally hear something other than “ugh” watching the San Antonio Spurs play, which is cool, except how it parallels suddenly finding a 'Rod Stewart Sings the Standards' record soulful and great.

  • Photos of the Phenom, Vitor Belfort

    Before his fight this weekend in Brazil, legendary UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort posed for photographer Kenneth Cappello. See shots of the UFC titan with Royce Gracie, his son, and his fists up.

  • Pigeon Racing Is a Dying Sport in Canada

    We hung out with one of Toronto's finest pigeon racers to find out why anyone would want to pigeon race. If the sport's death rattle is anything to go by, it seems like a lot of other people have the same question.

  • Anna Krien Explores the Dark Side of Australian Football Culture

    Anna Krien's book Night Games is primarily about a rape trial of a footballer, and in it somehow Krien manages to pry open a world of tacky nightclubs, gangbangs, and locker-room jokes, by first of all admitting how lost she is in it herself.

  • Fightland Show

    Pakistan - Part 1

    Pakistani MMA got its start in an apartment above a real estate office. Fightland travels to Lahore to meet Bashir Ahmad, professional fighter and founder of the country's first-ever mixed martial arts team, PAK MMA.

  • The Mercy Rule

    Leave Derrick Rose Alone

    Derrick Rose, who won an MVP award in 2011 then wrecked his ACL and has been out for a year, has spent the last week getting kicked around by tough-guy sportswriters outraged that he's not back on the floor in his Chicago Bulls' series against the Miami Heat. He refuses to engage…

  • That Kiss Cam Viral Video: Staged or Real?

    I was conflicted about this video for hours. All day, thoughts of it were consuming me: Staged or real? Staged or real? Staged or real? I couldn't eat. I couldn't think. Nothing made sense to me anymore. I looked outside my window and watched children playing. Staged or real?

  • Children's Go-Kart Racing Is Decadent and Depraved

    The Malibu Grand Prix is where weekend dads take their biological sons to kill just enough time to reassure themselves that they still have a say in their child’s development. However, each dead-eyed soul in that cavern knew no amount of air hockey could replace a nuclear family…

  • Horse Racing: The Sport of America's Lower Class

    Much like the United States itself, horse-racing culture can be divided into the camps of “have” and “have not.” The disparity between the gilded excesses of the Kentucky Derby and the barren wasteland of Hollywood Park is stark.

  • The Kentucky Derby... On Acid!

    We could barely catch a glimpse of the horses as they pounded past on the wet earth. She had this terrifyingly blank look on her face, and she said, “The ground was shaking underneath me... so this little courtyard here suddenly became the ocean, and I was floating in it.”

  • 'Class A - Baseball in the Middle of Everywhere,' an Excerpt

    Lucas Mann had dreams of becoming a big leaguer. Captain of his high school baseball team, Lucas could throw a decent fastball. But instead of going pro, he opted to get a taste of how the boys of summer roll by embedding with the Clinton, Iowa, LumberKings, a single-A, minor lea…

  • Which Horselete Should You Root for in the Kentucky Derby?

    Presumably you don’t have a personal connection with one of the animals, and unless you are a huge fan of orbs or whatever a vyjack is, a name alone won’t determine your rooting interest. Which is why I’ve compiled this handy guide for you that matches up your personality with a…

  • Combat Juggling Is the Sport of Kings

    Jason Garfield entered the juggling industry when he was 11, and went on to revolutionize juggling as we know it by turning it into a brutal combat sport played only by the truest warriors. You are not man enough for combat juggling.

  • Meet the Nieratkos

    Skateboarding's Most Violent Team Manager Has Mellowed Out

    Deluxe Distribution's Mic-e Reyes has never kicked anyone off his team for smoking pot, but he has kicked a lot of ass over the years.