• The Super Bowl Boulevard Is a Corporate Wonderland

    The football-themed street fair in the middle of Times Square is a bewildering series of screens set up in the freezing cold. It's something out of Batman Forever. It's a near-future dystopia come to life.

  • Shatila's First Girls Basketball Team

    Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are excluded from the social and political sphere. They are prohibited from pursing citizenship, working in high-skilled professions, and owning property in the country. But a team of Palestinian teenage girls have found a voice by playing basketba…

  • Los Angeles Is Miserable

    Gene Simmons and KISS Are Bringing Pro Football Back to Los Angeles, Kinda

    LA, site of the first Super Bowl and a city that is built upon the idea of distraction, doesn't have a professional football team. Enter Gene Simmons of KISS, who wants to fill the void with a cheeseball Arena Football team.

  • Whoops, I Like Pro Football

    This season I realized that what I used to think of as a bunch of meat slabs running around on a field is actually a highly nuanced competition, featuring insane nerds with an arsenal of some of the most athletically ridiculous people on Earth at their disposal.

  • Will the NFL Tolerate Weed?

    This Sunday’s Super Bowl will feature teams from the two US states where marijuana is legal for recreational use. The heady coincidence unwittingly shines a spotlight on our country’s shifting opinions on legalization, a fact that is not lost on marijuana advocates or Seattle's h…

  • The Super Bowl Is a Web of Greed, Lawsuits, and Lies

    The Super Bowl has come to New York and New Jersey, and it's brought with it a lot of extra surveillance, lawsuits, disgustingly lavish parties, grumblings from elected officials, and even sex trafficking.

  • A Long, Bizarre Interview with Alexander Emelianenko

    Ten years into his professional MMA career, Alexander is still one of the most talented MMA fighters out there, but recently his name has been spotted more often in tabloids than on sports pages.

  • Russian MMA Hero Fedor Emelianenko and the Sochi Olympics

    The winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, are approaching under a cloud. The $51 billion production has been plagued by accusations of graft and corruption. And then there’s the threat of terrorism. Well, don't fret; it's not all bad, at least not for MMA fans.

  • How Marijuana Can Save the NFL

    Marijuana could help prevent the early-onset dementia that affects many former pro football players who have taken a lot of blows to the head. It's also a remarkably safe, effective pain reliever. Why does the league ban it again?

  • MMA in the Slums of Japan

    In the slums of Osaka, fighters and promoters are pushing a brand of MMA that's as close to street fighting as you can get without the cops busting in.

  • Meet the Nieratkos

    Sean Hayes: Skate Coach to the Stars

    For many in the industry, the idea of skateboarding as a competitive or team sport has long been a point of contention. And because the word “coach” automatically conjures up images of sweaty old jocks with whistles and exercise drills, it’s sometimes not a very respected profess…

  • Epicly Later'd

    Theotis Beasley - Part 1

    In part one of Theotis Beasley's Epicly Later'd episode, we check out Theo's old stomping grounds in Inglewood, CA and recap his early skating days, from feeling like he had to hide his skills as a kid to a chance meeting with Andrew Reynolds.

  • Bigger Women, Smaller Shot

    The opportunities for women to compete in MMA on a professional level have never been more plentiful. Yet for many women, the newfound popularity of WMMA has only reaffirmed their own exclusion.

  • The Czech Kickboxing Champion Who Trains in a Pub Basement

    Lubos Lesak's neighbors are very appreciative for two reasons: they feel that having a martial arts champion nearby is a guarantee of a safe neighborhood, and after a long time one of their own got famous.