• Prolate Spheroid Preview

    Is It OK to Watch Young Men Get Paralyzed on Live TV?

    I’m not going to stop watching football, but how do you excuse watching something as obviously evil as the NFL? Is it like eating processed meat or buying shoes made with slave labor—do you just not think about it? I guess that’s what you do. Shit.

  • Instant Offence - Choosing Sides Is Hard

    Welcome to the special Grand Final edition of our Aussie sports column. Don't have a team to root for this weekend? James and Alex have your back.

  • Fightland

    Being Forgettable Is the Deadliest Sin of All

    There’s no fate in this world worse for the enterprising and ambitious MMA fighter than allowing a fight to go to a decision. “Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges” is basically a commandment. No one wants to lose, or to be ignored.

  • The Mercy Rule

    Picking at Scabs

    The scab refs look, in short, like scabs—unqualified people hired to do a job they don't really know how to do at the behest of a management group which doesn't especially value that job, or at least less so than they value the chump change saved by not paying those who actually…

  • Jay-Z Barely Owns the Nets and That Barely Matters

    Despite owning the most hilariously small sliver of the Nets’ pizza pie, Jay-Z basically facilitated the Nets’ migration across from Jersey to Brooklyn. He's the team's mascot, its public face, and he's laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Wide World of Balls


    Replacement referees continue lousing everything up, a baseball dude recuses himself from the batting title, no NHL, and Detlef Schrempf likes country music.

  • Prolate Spheroid Preview

    The Best Teams Are Always Changing

    The bad teams constantly turning over personnel, trying to find a few dozen guys to peak and stay in one piece at the same time. The good ones stay the same over seasons, and the great ones are in a state of constant flux, to the point where the Patriots are always making deep ru…

  • Tom Sims Was One of the Good Ones

    As you've probably heard by now, legendary surfer, skateboarder, and snowboarder Tom Sims passed away at his Santa Barbara ranch on Wednesday from a heart attack. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Tom a couple of years ago while filming his episode of 'Powder & Rails.' A…

  • Wide World of Balls

    Sorry Ma, Forgot to Trash the Replacement Refs

    The NFL's replacement refs are worse than ever, a bunch of hockey players are joining a children's hockey league, Jeremy Lin hates spending money, and the Dodgers re-up their GM.

  • Raiders Games Are Like Bad, Unsafe Indie Shows

    This past Monday's game between the Chargers and Raiders was like going to a Lightning Bolt show in 2003 or trying to find a death-crust gig in East Bed-Stuy. Gnarly and awesome, and the indie-sports nexus.

  • Baseball: America’s Racist Pastime

    Brandon Phillips got really pissed earlier this week when Pittsburgh Pirate Jared Hughes plunked him. Baseball players get “unintentionally” hit all the time, but Brandon got extra heated and alleged that Jared called him “boy” during the altercation.

  • Sonics Fans Are Politely Pumped for Their New Arena

    The crowd included Mayor Mike McGinn, gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee, and a guy who told me a long story about his friend Binky who he used to sell drugs to.

  • Prolate Spheroid Preview

    Let’s Just Turn the Refs into Lasers

    By 2030, I want the games to be officiated by motion sensors and nanobots. And the cheerleaders should be replaced by 3-D holographic .gifs that summarize the most important news stories of the day. And the players will mostly be lizards. Anyway, on to picking games.

  • Fightland

    A Bad Ass in Twilight

    Trumped-up anger and staged indignation can be found anytime by anyone with a remote control these days, but true self-awareness after years of self-delusion is rare on television, but that's exactly what Phil Baroni, washed-up MMA dude, displays on Fight Factory.