• Raiders Games Are Like Bad, Unsafe Indie Shows

    This past Monday's game between the Chargers and Raiders was like going to a Lightning Bolt show in 2003 or trying to find a death-crust gig in East Bed-Stuy. Gnarly and awesome, and the indie-sports nexus.

  • Baseball: America’s Racist Pastime

    Brandon Phillips got really pissed earlier this week when Pittsburgh Pirate Jared Hughes plunked him. Baseball players get “unintentionally” hit all the time, but Brandon got extra heated and alleged that Jared called him “boy” during the altercation.

  • Sonics Fans Are Politely Pumped for Their New Arena

    The crowd included Mayor Mike McGinn, gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee, and a guy who told me a long story about his friend Binky who he used to sell drugs to.

  • Prolate Spheroid Preview

    Let’s Just Turn the Refs into Lasers

    By 2030, I want the games to be officiated by motion sensors and nanobots. And the cheerleaders should be replaced by 3-D holographic .gifs that summarize the most important news stories of the day. And the players will mostly be lizards. Anyway, on to picking games.

  • Fightland

    A Bad Ass in Twilight

    Trumped-up anger and staged indignation can be found anytime by anyone with a remote control these days, but true self-awareness after years of self-delusion is rare on television, but that's exactly what Phil Baroni, washed-up MMA dude, displays on Fight Factory.

  • Wide World of Balls

    Thank You NFL for Saving Our Sundays

    Football has started, and football football football. Also, Chipper Jones gets a gift, some Duke basketball guy is in court for having too much awesome jewelry, and there might not be hockey this season.

  • I Am Letting the Machines Run My Fantasy Football Team

    I wanted to be active in my fantasy football league this year but I forgot to show up for the draft and the computer picked my guys for me. I'm fine with it—the team's not that bad, and it's just a matter of time before robots run the rest of my life anyway.

  • Jason Dill: This Is Your Life

    Everyone's favorite skate-centric Supreme poster boy, Jason Dill, just returned to the Vans team after two decades.

  • Animal Chin Changed Skateboarding Three Times

    I watched The Search for Animal Chin for the billionth time recently and nothing changed. The dialog was still goofy, the acting awkward, and the “plot” scattered. But that’s OK. We’re not talking about auteur cinema here; it’s a fucking skate video—albeit one of the most legenda…

  • Big Surprise - At WAR with SABR

    Right now the leading candidates for MVP in both the American League and National League make less than one million dollars… combined. Mike Trout is leading all of baseball with a WAR of +9.3 and Andrew McCutchen third at +6. What the fuck is WAR? It stands for Wins Above Replace…

  • Inside New York City's Kung Fu Underground

    A kid named Rinson had the first knockout that Saturday. He sported a hexagonal tattoo on his chest and a looping right hand that floored his foe midway through the first round. It got bloodier from there. There was Ruben, who turned his opponent's eye socket into a swollen mess,…

  • Brandon Jacobs Called My Friend a "Lil Watermelon Head Ass"

    San Francisco 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs is a bipolar socialite when it comes to interacting with fans. One minute he’s parading around a bounce house with a six-year-old and another he's insulting my dimwit friend on Twitter. In other words, he's awesome.

  • I Reported on the Mets and It Killed My Fandom

    For most of my life, I was a Mets fan the way your little sister is a 'Twilight' fan. It was my identity. Then, I reported on the team for a season. And now I see the players I revered are just regular guys with real demanding jobs.

  • Epicly Later'd

    Elissa Steamer - Part 1

    We’re psyched to finally have a female pro skater on the show, and who better than Elissa Steamer, the first female pro skater ever. Two weeks ago we said we wouldn't make a huge deal about her being a lady and all, but it's hard not to. This episode's going to be great.