• Animal Chin Changed Skateboarding Three Times

    I watched The Search for Animal Chin for the billionth time recently and nothing changed. The dialog was still goofy, the acting awkward, and the “plot” scattered. But that’s OK. We’re not talking about auteur cinema here; it’s a fucking skate video—albeit one of the most legenda…

  • Big Surprise - At WAR with SABR

    Right now the leading candidates for MVP in both the American League and National League make less than one million dollars… combined. Mike Trout is leading all of baseball with a WAR of +9.3 and Andrew McCutchen third at +6. What the fuck is WAR? It stands for Wins Above Replace…

  • Inside New York City's Kung Fu Underground

    A kid named Rinson had the first knockout that Saturday. He sported a hexagonal tattoo on his chest and a looping right hand that floored his foe midway through the first round. It got bloodier from there. There was Ruben, who turned his opponent's eye socket into a swollen mess,…

  • Brandon Jacobs Called My Friend a "Lil Watermelon Head Ass"

    San Francisco 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs is a bipolar socialite when it comes to interacting with fans. One minute he’s parading around a bounce house with a six-year-old and another he's insulting my dimwit friend on Twitter. In other words, he's awesome.

  • I Reported on the Mets and It Killed My Fandom

    For most of my life, I was a Mets fan the way your little sister is a 'Twilight' fan. It was my identity. Then, I reported on the team for a season. And now I see the players I revered are just regular guys with real demanding jobs.

  • Epicly Later'd

    Elissa Steamer - Part 1

    We’re psyched to finally have a female pro skater on the show, and who better than Elissa Steamer, the first female pro skater ever. Two weeks ago we said we wouldn't make a huge deal about her being a lady and all, but it's hard not to. This episode's going to be great.

  • Fightland

    The Write Stuff

    On the whole, sports writers are a sedentary lot. Outside of George Plimpton, few football writers play football. But getting in the ring helps to better understand MMA fighters, and it's also strangely relaxing. My mind is never so quiet as when I’m fighting someone who’s fighti…

  • Wide World of Balls

    Saturday Night, No Cover

    The NFL finally gets underway on Wednesday, college football is back in earnest, the Red Sox have had a rough 162 games, no more hockey, and other ball business.

  • Prolate Spheroid Preview

    The Giant Insane People of the NFL Are Back, Finally

    Professional football is played at speeds too fast for the viewer to follow what is happening. The games are too long and the stop-and-start action is constantly interrupted by homophobic, misogynistic beer ads. The rules are bizarre. And the game destroys the lives of too many p…

  • The Mercy Rule

    Welcome to College Football

    College football is, in many ways, less a sport than a bumpy mass of public discourse and stomach-aches and public spending and almost religion. The talent and competition is not as consistent as the NFL, but there are moments of awesome, or at least of very good.

  • I Talked to Two Red Sox Fans at Fenway Park

    Bostonians care more about their enemies losing than actually accomplishing anything themselves. No one sums up this better than the Fenway Faithful. The only constant remaining is the negativity on Yawkey Way flowing like the spoiled Schilling chardonnay I waded through to inter…

  • I Talked to Manny Santiago About Skateboarding, Swords, Gangs, and Lowell, MA

    Born in Puerto Rico, professional skateboarder Manny Santiago got started on the Lowell streets. Manny is always animated and seldom seen without an ear-to-ear grin, accentuated by his missing front tooth. He took some time to tell us about samurai sword attacks and growing up in…

  • Big Surprise – Wide Receivers Get Arrested a Lot

    It’s no secret that NFL players get arrested a lot, but why? I created an Excel sheet detailing the 75 reported arrests of NFL players since 2011. I broke down each arrest by the following criteria: Date of Arrest, player name, violation, position, and team.

  • I Can't Stop Rooting for Lousy Sports Teams and I Love It

    The way the world works is the Padres lose to the Yankees in the playoffs. San Diego sports teams don’t exactly have a tradition of dominance, or even competitiveness; they’re charmingly, irrelevantly mediocre, except for the rare seasons of overachiement—and even those mostly en…