• This Guy Thinks All Pro Sports Are Rigged

    What do Super Bowl III, the 2012 Olympic badminton tournament, the 2011 Cricket World Cup semifinals, and the 2012 Manny Pacquiao–Timothy Bradley fight have in common? According to Brian Tuohy, they were all fixed.

  • Boxing in a Strip Club Parking Lot

    The crowd was a mixture of families with babies and kids, strippers in bikini tops and leather chaps selling beer, and drunk guys trying to feel on the strippers.

  • Fringes

    Underground Fighters of Japan

    A Japanese movie producer wasn't satisfied with the professional fighting tournaments out there, so he made his own—one that has as few rules as possible in an attempt to replicate street fighting.

  • The Sport of Kings Is Full of Scum

    Cheating is deeply woven into the fabric of horse racing. The sport is such a magnet for shady characters and below-the-table dealings that the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act was introduced in Congress this past May, with the intention of curbing rampant dope abuse and “ens…

  • Zulu Boy

    Born into poverty, South African Nkazimulo "Zulu Boy" Zulu has become one of Africa's greatest mixed martial artists.

  • Epicly Later'd

    Sean Malto - Part 1

    In part one of the Sean Malto episode, we take a look at Sean’s beginnings as a skateboard wunderkind in Kansas City, trying to get sponsored, and ultimately landing a coveted spot on Girl.

  • You’re Not Smart Enough To Make A Living Off Fantasy Sports

    Did you know you can make thousands of dollars a week by watching sport?

  • Meet the Two English Guys Who Started a Mongolian Soccer Team

    Earlier this year I spoke to a couple of English guys who'd moved to the tiny Micronesian island of Pohnpei to coach a soccer team. No one thought it would work, but Paul and Matt

  • Lenny Cooke Failed and Then Found Himself

    As a high school student in the early 2000s, Lenny Cooke was ranked higher than LeBron James. But due to a string of poor decisions, Lenny never made it to the NBA. I talked with the playground legend about failure, redemption, the current state of the NBA, and the new documentar…

  • Rob Ford Doesn't Know Anything About Football

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, performance art genius and Canada’s greatest embarrassment, knows a lot of things. He knows how to eat pussy, please people, and smoke crack. But I'll tell you one thing: Rob Ford does not know shit about football.

  • Epicly Later'd

    Geoff Rowley - Bonus

    Pro skater Geoff Rowley took us on a tour of his biking/camping journey across America. In this bonus episode, he discusses his philosophies on nature and how to balance his psycho skate regimen with finding his chill zone.

  • Florida State Football Fans Love Their Accused Rapist Quarterback

    Rape destroys lives. But let's not forget those who hurt most of all: sports fans. Oh, to see a season ruined due to a player committing a heinous crime. Florida State quarterback Jameis "Jay-Boo" Winston was accused of rape in January, and fans are giving him a ton of support.

  • Mike Tyson Is a Living Greek Tragedy

    Regardless of what you think about Mike Tyson as a person, it's impossible to deny that he has an incredible story to tell. Earlier this week I called him to discuss that story, which includes a new memoir, the pet pigeons that transformed him into a fighter, and his struggles wi…

  • We Are Not Men

    Joe Frazier Is Dead; Long Live Joe Frazier

    Frazier believed in a cold pursuit of something; his objective was not to proselytize but to give himself over to the sport. Not to transcend it or to reshape it but to be consumed by it, to thrive within its merciless structure. To beat Ali, he said, he was willing to die.