• Epicly Later'd

    Geoff Rowley - Part 1

    For part one of the Geoff Rowley episode we checked out his hometown of Liverpool, England, and also went to London and Southbank to meet with some well known names in British skateboarding.

  • Veterans with PTSD Are Learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    Mixed martial artist and former Marine Chad Robichaux teaches BJJ to veterans who, like him, returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan broken versions of their former selves.

  • Thai Prison Fights - Trailer

    Coming soon: the story of a maximum-security prison in Bangkok where inmates can fight for money, shorter sentences, and the greater glory of Thailand.

  • Epicly Later'd

    Geoff Rowley - Trailer

    Epicly Later'd returns with a new series, long in the works, chronicling Liverpool's Geoff Rowley. We basically kidnapped the pro-skater/outdoorsman/wild man, which resulted in an episode unlike anything the show has ever done.

  • Hi Shredability

    John John Florence

    John John Florence is between homes right now. He gave us a tour of the garden and treehouse at his old place, and then a walk-through of the beautiful North Shore abode he's about to move into.

  • My Walkout Song - Riff Raff

    "My Walkout Song" is where we ask MMA fans who also happen to be famous musicians what makes for great pre-fight music and what song they would choose to accompany their walk to the cage.

  • This Guy Boxed a Tiger Shark

    “Boxing saved my life” is one of the hoariest of sports clichés, but it's hard to take literally until you have to punch the shit out of a 12-foot-long shark.

  • Welcome to the Mat: Jiu-Jitsu with Ottavia Bourdain

    After an infamous YouTube squabble, Ottavia Bourdain offers her friend, and Big Gay Ice Cream co-proprietor, Doug Quint an olive branch in the form of a free jiu-jitsu lesson at the Renzo Gracie Academy in Manhattan.

  • My Dad Got Lost at Sea While Defecting from Cuba

    Growing up in Miami, Jorge Masvidal learned two things: Cuba was a place worth loving, and it was a place worth leaving. Masvidal has yet to visit his family’s homeland. All he knows of Cuba come through the stories. The UFC lightweight shares a few of them.

  • The Boxer, the Murder, and the Hard Fall from Grace

    Evans Quinn was a local legend in rural Bluefields, Nicaragua, an immensely talented heavyweight who fought his way out of poverty. Then he lost some fights, returned home, and got into a feud that turned deadly.

  • Why Didn't We Elect Bill Lee for President?

    Bill Lee says controversial things. The former Boston Red Sox lefty cum New England cult hero once compared the New York Yankees to Nazis and "a bunch of hookers swinging their purses." He has written about his desire to bite the ear off an umpire over a call in the 1975 World Se…

  • Fightland

    In East Harlem They Do MMA the Bruce Lee Way

    Dawadah has never had a gym—just a heavy bag and a wooden training dummy stored in an East Harlem community room closet. For ten dollars a class, he’ll train anyone with an interest in Jeet Kune Do, the hybrid martial arts system developed by Bruce Lee.

  • Three Artists Critique MMA Fashion

    I loathe MMA T-shirts every bit as much as I love the sport they supposedly represent. I’ve never quite understood how fighting, a culture based on discipline and singular focus, came to inspire such aesthetic disorder and random skull/dragon/axe/chain placement. And yet...it thr…

  • Will PBS Deliver the Death Blow to the NFL?

    League of Denial, the new documentary produced by PBS’s Frontline, doesn't reveal much that is totally new about how football damages brains, but it's still shocking to see how much the NFL has concealed about its concussion crisis.