• James "The Colossus" Thompson Takes on the Banks, the Bookies, and Alistair Overeem

    The giant of English MMA, more game than great, finds himself cornered by the banks and the bookies. Naturally, he accepts a proposal to fight Alistair Overeem—one of the best heavyweights in the MMA, and one of the deadliest strikers in the world.

  • Hi Shredability

    Carissa Moore

    We met Carissa Moore at the ass crack of dawn to go surfing and make some sandwiches, but she forced us to come to her trainer's house and work out before feeding us.

  • Skate World

    Brian Anderson

    Brian Anderson has made some big moves lately. He has joined the "I Quit Girl" club and formed his own company, 3-D. In the past couple of years he has also moved from San Francisco to New York, and he seems to be entering another level in his skateboard career.

  • Meet the Jon Jones Who Keeps Getting Nasty Tweets Meant for the Other Jon Jones

    Last year, Jon Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen, forcing the UFC to cancel a fight for the first time since 2001. Immediately the negative messages started flooding into the @JonJones Twitter account. The problem was that Jon Jones the UFC fighter didn’t own the @JonJones Twit…

  • Nick "The Tooth" Takes on America's Meritocracy Myth

    Nick "The Tooth" talks about Jon Jones, genetics, Occupy Wall Street, the Koch Brothers, private prisons, Floyd Mayweather, Jimmy "The Greek," and food stamps.

  • Proposal for Miss Nancy Kerrigan

    The match will consist of three, "3 minute" rounds of mud wrestling or jello and whip cream between Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. The match will be judged by three independent judges approved by both participants.

  • The 2013 AFL Grand Final – an Appeal to the Resistance

    If you think you're too smart for football, you're probably not.

  • A Mixed Martial Artist Takes on Monsanto

    Dustin Barca doesn’t get along with Corporate America. The former surfer is now a professional MMA fighter, full-time activist, and grassroots organizer hell-bent on ridding Hawaii of biotech firms like Monsanto.

  • JR Smith and America's Out of Control Love Affair with Drug Tests

    Nearly everyone knows the war on drugs is a bad idea at this point, but employers—from the NBA to Walmart—still think smoking marijuana should be a fireable offense. And as usual, it's corporate America's vote that counts.

  • Why We Should Enjoy the Unbeatable Mayweather While We Can

    Mayweather’s exquisite timing and control of distance helped him sprint out to an early lead on Saturday night. He is a sort of fistic Terminator, capable of assessing with freakish mental agility how an opponent can and can’t hurt him—and how they can and can’t be hurt.

  • Louisiana Put a Stop to Fake Breasts in Real Fights

    Just in case you were hoping that the rise of Ronda Rousey and the success of Invicta had wiped out Americans’ paternalistic fears about women’s MMA, the Louisiana State Boxing and Wrestling Commission passed a rule prohibiting women with boob jobs from fighting unless they get a…

  • Inside Schilling

    I Went to a WNBA Basketball Game

    The WNBA barely registers with most Americans, but for a small band of dedicated fans, there's nothing more important. I decided to check out a game to find out what makes the WNBA so vital for certain people, but the butt of jokes for others.

  • Will Pummel for Money: the Business of Floyd Mayweather

    The world's consistently highest paid athletes have always been American boxers, though it does not follow that boxers as a subset are the highest paid athletes. In 2013, one of the fortunate few on the sunny side of the fight game’s shrinking middle class is Floyd Mayweather, Jr…

  • Fightland Talks to: Russia's Homeless MMA Legend

    If the most famous nickname in Russian MMA belongs to Fedor Emelianenko—The Last Emperor—perhaps the most infamous nickname in Russian MMA belongs to a 40-year-old homeless man who goes by Ali Baba, a veteran of the country's underground fight scene who fights to earn enough mon…