• Operation: Anthony Bourdain!

    Can a lazy, clumsy, rapidly aging male with no apparent interest in physical fitness be transformed into a motivated practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

  • The Fighting Pastor - Part 1

    Fightland traveled to Calvary Chapel in Deerfield Beach, Florida, to hang out with Rian Gittman—pastor, part-time trainer, and true believer in the fighting spirit of Jesus—and learn about the intersection of MMA and Christianity.

  • I Pillow Fought Marcia Brady

    So here's the story of the time VH1 flew me down to LA, all expenses paid, to teach Maureen McCormick, better known to the world as Marcia Brady, how to pillow fight for a segment on Celebrity Fit Club.

  • The Nine-Year-Old Romanian Strongman and His Pissed-off Dad

    Giuliano Stroe is probably the strongest nine-year-old on the planet. The Romanian boy started lifting weights when he was two and has set world records for doing push-ups without letting his feet touch the ground, along the way acquiring about 15,000 YouTube subscribers and more…

  • A Mixed Martial Artist Fights for Social Justice

    An interview with former MMA fighter Tyrone Glover about his new life fighting for the accused.

  • Fightland Show

    Watch an MMA Champion Kick the Crap Out of a VICE Staffer

    Josh Schneider is VICE's go-to guy for eating disgusting concoctions at the Burger King Whopper Bar and writing the blurbs under YouTube videos. So we were a little surprised to hear he was doing MMA training with undefeated MMA champion Andy Singh. This video showcases his gruel…

  • Sex Sells (But Is That a Good Thing?)

    It's not news that some female fighters use their sex appeal to their advantage. But some of the MMA audience, still mostly men, tends to see the woman—and the relative willingness to pose in a bikini—before seeing the fighter. Where some see objectification, Felice Herrig, the n…

  • Why MMA Should Be Welcoming Transgendered Fighters

    I was shocked when MMA fighter Fallon Fox came out as transgendered in March. Not by Fox’s announcement, but by some of the high-profile responses to it. I had assumed that the martial arts community had moved beyond that kind of nonsense.

  • Ottavia Bourdain Gets Lost in Tokyo

    Since I was a kid I've always loved everything about Japan. I’m passionate about the food. I've been collecting Japanese toys for years, and I have an affection for cosplay that has led to misunderstanding and mockery.

  • Fightland Show

    MMA Worldwide - Bulgaria - Part 1

    In this episode of Fightland's series Worldwide, we visit the former Eastern bloc nation of Bulgaria, where twin brothers Rumen and Rosen Dimitrov are building an MMA team by transforming tough guys into fighters.

  • Another Boxer Gets His Heart Broken by MMA

    Each boxer who steps into a cage is another example of a human being and a culture raging against the dying of the light. We live in an ever-changing world, and with the rise of MMA and the decline of boxing, the old definitions of toughness and mastery have changed with it.

  • The Fighters of El Chorrillo

    Every day, Elton Brown and his younger brother walk seven blocks from their home in the notorious El Chorrillo barrio in Panama City to train mixed martial arts with two Americans. Panama is plagued by poverty and crime, much of it in El Chorrillo, but that hasn't stopped two Ame…

  • The Death of Emile Griffith and the Life of Liz Carmouche

    Since the UFC booked the first-ever professional MMA fight between two openly gay fighters—Liz Carmouche and Jessica Andrade—much of the pre-match coverage has treated the fighters’ sexual orientations as a selling point that's almost as important as their in-ring achievements…

  • Through the Lens: Blackzilian Babies

    On any given day at the Blackzilians gym in Boca Raton, Florida, you'll see some of the best fighters in the world. Chances are, you'll also see just as many of children running around, watching their fathers practice and getting in some shadowboxing of their own.