• Popping the Marks

    Remembering the Ultimate Warrior

    The spirit of his passion and intensity will live on forever, in and outside of the wrestling ring.

  • Fightland

    MMA Worldwide - Afghanistan

    Fightland travels to Kabul, Afghanistan, to meet Rohullah Mohammadi, a five-time kickboxing gold medalist who's devoted his life to teaching the kids of his war-torn country the art of MMA.

  • MMA Worldwide - Cuba

    Go behind the scenes with coach Evelio Padron, a former Olympic Taekwondo champion who dreams of turning his country into an MMA powerhouse and his team into legends on par with Cuba's boxers.

  • The Ring Girls of Montreal

    Ring girls are used in boxing, MMA, kickboxing, and other combat sports to enter the ring between rounds to display a card that shows the upcoming round number. These photos are from an event in Montreal at the Bell Center.

  • Thai Prison Fights

    In Klong Prem high-security prison in Bangkok, inmates box outsiders for money, reduced sentences, and the greater glory of Thailand.

  • MMA on a Mohawk Reservation

    In Canada's Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, MMA fighters are keeping a nation's warrior spirit alive.

  • Will Unions Save College 'Student Athletes' from Poverty?

    The National Labor Relations Board says that college athletes are technically employees and therefore should be allowed to unionize. Great—now how long before they can get paid?

  • Mascots and Child Molesters: My Summer Interning for a Minor League Baseball Team

    In the summer of 2010, I moved to Tennessee to intern for a Minor League Baseball team. I thought I’d crunch numbers and horse around with Billy Beane, like Jonah Hill did in Moneyball, but instead I lived with an alleged child molester and worked with a drunk little perso…

  • Is Yoga a Viable MMA Regimen?

    MMA fighter Jonathan Brookins lets us inside his personal journey to India and shows us how the practice of yoga has elevated his fighting ability.

  • Joining a Long Line of Dagestani Mountain Fighters

    “We come from a culture of fighting,” explained Jalil Alizhanov, in a hotel room in Shanghai. “It’s impossible to grow up in Dagestan as a boy and not fight. When I was about 6 years old my older brother grabbed me and said, ‘OK, are you ready to fight?’ and then he looked for an…

  • The Insane Rage of College Basketball Coaches

    March Madness has a way of bringing out every coach’s most virulent "I am not fucking around" tics. The result is a rainbow of dad rage, from Tom Crean's anguished ham to Roy Williams's pooping squat.

  • Joel Tudor on the Art of Surfing, Fighting, and Style

    Joel Tudor is one of the most accomplished Longboarders of his time. Today, he's extended his role of surf icon, and has added mixed martial artist to the list of mediums he dedicates himself to.

  • The Wide World of Bookies

    Betting on sports is only legal in four states: Delaware, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon. The rest of the country has to make its bets illegally, through bookies. As with any enterprise that holds the promise of easy money, there’s never a shortage of hungry gamblers looking to make…

  • I Discovered Mixed Martial Arts Because of 'Street Fighter II'

    I suspect there were other kids who saw the same things in the game that I did—yes, the hope that someday I could fly off to exotic locales and beat the shit out of willing participants, but also the feeling that martial arts were something special and worth further exploration…