• 'The House Video' Is the Best Skate Video of the Year (So Far)

    Skateboarders, generally speaking, are poor dirtbags, and so cramming seven or eight dudes into a three-bedroom apartment is a common arrangement in the skate world—one that isn't even typically a source of shame. Every once in a while, when the stars align and the residents of t…

  • The Good News About Boston's Horrible Week in Sports

    If you are a die-hard Boston sports fan, chances are you're relieved this week is over. The heartbreak started on Sunday with the announcement that Doc Rivers, head coach for the Boston Celtics, was leaving for the Los Angeles Clippers. It only got worse as reports surfaced that

  • Fightland

    Anthony Bourdain and Others Throw on Gis

    For two years now, Ottavia Bourdain's friends and family have been witnessing her descent down the jiu-jitsu rabbit hole. So, she figured, why not show them what it's all about and treat them to an introductory lesson?

  • The Mercy Rule

    The Least Important Important Thing

    I would not and should not be writing about sports if I didn't think they were a way to better understand and enjoy a complicated moment-to-moment existence—not to mention a pretty righteous excuse to tell that existence to fuck off for a couple hours, because you are watching th…

  • The Miami Heat Reader

    Chris Bosh is considerate and thoughtful, interested in discussing the physics of a sentence, the use of dreams in creating plot, and irregular meter. For several years he kept a reading diary on LiveJournal under the username BigUpsBoshMane, which he later deleted, finding as he…

  • The Mercy Rule

    The Joyless Joy of Bad Baseball

    Watch a lousy team on a losing streak, though, and you'll eventually see what baseball skeptics see whenever they watch: a game that’s aimless and dull and stilted and long, and which isn't even quick about it. But for months we settle in, drink down the bitter, warm draft of bad…

  • Fightland Show

    Pakistan - Part 3

    Bashir Ahmad takes us behind the scenes of Pak Fight Club 3, the latest in a series of big MMA nights he's orchestrated in Lahore.

  • Eddie McGuire's Ape Escape

    A 13-year-old girl who calls a black football player an 'ape' is reported as having hurled a racial slur, whereas if you're the president of a football club and your name happens to be, say, Eddie McGuire, suggesting same is merely a 'gaffe'.

  • Running Wild in Russia

    There's something so intense about the UFC Octagon. The problem is that legitimate UFC chain-link cages are difficult to come by. You either have to rent one, build one, or you can be a fight promoter in Russia and skip it entirely. These days, Russian MMA is showing up in the mo…

  • Meet the Nieratkos

    Jeff Grosso Has a Beautiful Mind

    Is Jeff Grosso the last vestige of free speech in skateboarding? We don’t know, but we like the way he talks about drugs.

  • MMA's Greatest Moment (and Ben Henderson's Worst) Makes Its Way into the Mainstream

    As long as he lives, Ben Henderson—who is the UFC lightweight champion of the world—will never be free of Anthony Pettis’ mind-scrambling, sport-redefining, iconic leaping-off-the-cage head kick that capped off their championship fight, especially since it has been immortalized i…

  • Fightland Show

    Pakistan - Part 2

    Pakistani MMA got its start in an apartment above a real estate office. It's come a long way since. Fightland traveled to Lahore to meet Bashir Ahmad, a professional fighter and founder of the country's first-ever mixed martial arts team, PAK MMA. In part two of the series, Bashi…

  • Taji's Mahal

    Shredding with Galen DeKemper

    Galen DeKemper has been shredding New York City for the last decade. For this week's Taji's Mahal, I got to talk to him about his latest skateboarding video, 'MMM,' how Houston Bump and Gay Ledge are his favorite skate spots in the city, and the future of the New York skateboardi…

  • The Mercy Rule

    Hearing the Spurs

    As I age, my ear is retuning itself; I can finally hear something other than “ugh” watching the San Antonio Spurs play, which is cool, except how it parallels suddenly finding a 'Rod Stewart Sings the Standards' record soulful and great.