• Kelly's Krush Korner - Lizzy Caplan

    I don't know if you've noticed or not, but a lot of people seem to be getting columns on this thing. I decided to pitch a few column ideas on topics that everyone would be sure to enjoy and yet still make very certain that it would basically be all about me.

  • An Interview with Jason Fulford

    Jason Fulford is the guy who shot "Gypsy Eyes" for this year's Photo Issue. Saying his images are hypnotic would be an understatement.

  • In Bloom in Toronto

    The Ardorous, the all girl photography collective whose pictures graced our Photo Issue last month, have their first group show tonight in Toronto.

  • Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #27

    Hey Comic Book Likers,
    How has your week been so far? Mine's going fine.

  • The Mercy Rule

    Gambling Is Not a Sport

    The question of what is or isn't a sport is always kind of awful, something best debated by terrible guys in terrible bars over the soggy din of the Steve Miller Band and the room-temp dregs of a pitcher of ass-seltzery macro-brew.

  • Drug-Related Photoshop Art - My Rejected "The New Yorker" Cover Submission

    On May 28 I received an email from Françoise Mouly--art editor since 1993 of The New Yorker--ostensibly expressing admiration for my "2,000,000mg Xanax," published earlier that week on the internet. Mouly complimented my toy poodle imagery and "careful application…

  • Meet the Nieratkos - GSD: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

    Garry Scott Davis invented the boneless before you were born. He was a writer before there were computers, and he had a blog before the internet existed (back when they were called “zines”).

  • The Brutality Report - Chexsystems

    Although ChexSystems is a real business, its identity--like fellow X-word corporations Kleenex and Xerox--has suffered the long slide into genericization. Since the company's founding in 1985, its name has devolved into shorthand for a general type of humiliation that verges clos…

  • Duhhhhrrrr...The Ultimate Dumbass Competition

    How many flavors of “dumb” are there? Off the top of my head, let’s see, there’s straightforward dunce, subconsciously compulsive self-hurter, completely self-aware stunt idiot, emotional cripple, literally mute, and complete faker fool putting on airs all the time. And then ther…

  • The Vice Movie Club - Bad Ronald

    For the latest VICE Movie Club, I invited a new gaggle of artists, directors, and cine-pals to submit their thoughts on Bad Ronald, an oddball thriller that smartly answers the question, "What if a delusional art dude secretly painted and lived inside the walls of your chi…

  • VICE Meets

    Miranda July

    In the future, Miranda July, who is a filmmaker, performance artist, musician, and writer, would like to be better at _not_ making things.

  • Literary

    Unless this is the first time you have picked up the magazine, and you have never watched VBS.TV before, you should be aware of The Cute Show and its papery equivalent, the Cute Show Page.

  • Olympia Sucks, and if You Live There, You Probably Suck Too

    Traveling and living in different places is fun. I've lived in a bunch of different spots, so I have a pretty good idea of what goes into the making of a crap town versus an awesome town, and guess what? Olympia, Washington is a portal to hell itself.

  • Advice to a Young Man from an Old Man Twice Married

    There’s a fire pit the men sit by at night in the Red Iguana, a restaurant on the edge of town in Copán, Honduras. They roast meat, smoke their cigars, and drink beer and Nicaraguan rum while the stars intensify and their wives put the children to bed.