• How Kiyoshi Izumi Built the Psych Ward of the Future by Dropping Acid

    The late Canadian architect was part of a small team of visionaries tasked with overhauling post-war Saskatchewan's mental hospitals to address the affects that clinical environments had on patients. The trick? Get inside the heads of the mentally ill. How? Take a bunch of acid.

  • Even Kids Can Practice Shooting Drug Traffickers at Colombia's Military Air Show

    Welcome to F-AIR, Colombia's bi-annual military air show, a place where Limp Bizkit is still used as pump up music, Canada has the biggest plane, and kids can pretend to shoot grenade launchers at drug traffickers.

  • A Descent into New York's Remarkable Second Avenue Subway

    We were standing on 84th Street, above ground. About six stories below, workers in hard hats milled about a muddy, rocky subterranean expanse. Thousands of years of dust and kleig lights that illuminated hulking machinery gave the space an alien-like atmosphere. Nearby, workers w…

  • 'Terrorist States' Are Still Using American Surveillance Software Despite Embargoes

    While Americans fret over the US government spying on citizens in the name of fighting terrorism, the very terrorist regimes the feds are trying to thwart are using surveillance technology from Silicon Valley to monitor and censor dissidents fighting for human rights.

  • How To Have Safe Sext

    It seems no matter how many experts tell you not to send incriminating texts, emails, and photos, it’s human nature to take a picture of your butt and send it to your loved ones. But don’t worry you pile of pervs, there are things you can do to protect yourself and your disgustin…

  • Before Peter Gabriel Jammed with Monkeys, John C. Lilly Tripped with Dolphins

    As Gabriel said recently, "If aliens do exist…we expect them to treat us as smart creatures that are worth listening to, and I would ask, 'like we have with the other species on this planet?'" It's pretty bleeding-edge (and bleeding-heart), but it owes a huge debt to the often-ig…

  • Motherboard

    This Is What Happens When You Launch a Slice of Pizza into Space

    It's a drone! It's a solar plane! It's... a single slice of classic cheese 'za mounted to a weather balloon that's pumping EDM into the heavens? When we caught wind of what the band Anamanaguchi had cooking for their new video, we had be there to see it take off.

  • Can a Low Dose Go a Long Way?

    Is it possible to tap psychedelic drugs at almost imperceptible levels to heighten normal, day-to-day functioning without all the mind melt? As it turns out, less maybe is more.

  • The TSA's Instagram Feed Is Vintage PR

    People love to hate on the TSA because it's one of the most visible symbols of our terrorized post-9/11 society, and also because they still make us take our shoes off, which is a real pain in the ass. To combat its PR problem, the TSA trumpets its seizures whenever it can…

  • The Biggest Dead Zones in America's Waterways

    We often bemoan the ecological tragedies plaguing the Gulf Coast—oil spills, industrial waste, overfishing—but many of the United States' coastal waterways experience eutrophic (high nutrient) and hypoxic conditions. Here are four of the worst.

  • Gavin Haynes's Sleepless Nights

    The Scent of Freshly Mown Binary

    Not many people have been wondering why the internet doesn’t have a nose. But some have. Among them: Amy Radcliffe, a design student at Central St. Martins in London. She is working on a machine that can harvest a smell by putting a big glass nose over it, analyze it, then reprod…

  • The Motherboard Guide to New Psychoactive Substances

    Designer drugs are being tweaked, multiplied, and injected into the internet's one-stop pharmacies so furiously that authorities are scrambling to rejigger existing global drug laws that just can't keep up with today's synthetic speed. Here's what you should know about the past,

  • Anatomy of a No. 1 Post on Reddit

    In terms of exposure, it is the modern, DIY, 20-35 demographic equivalent of getting a story on the front page of The New York Times. And it had taken me about 20 minutes to write. Which is why, throughout the day, my moods blew through both euphoric gusto and guilt-stained anxie…

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gold

    According to a 2011 US Geological Survey report, only 51,000 tons of gold remain to be extracted from the earth. Total gold production in 2012 was 2,700 tons, which would have a retail value of around $110 billion. To put that into perspective, Google’s total revenues for 2012 we…