• Keep Your Reputation Tight with Reconstructive Hymen Surgery (or, if You're Poor, Chinese Hymens)

    Whores, do I have some good news for you: Reverting your vagina to its pre-popped state is possible. (Not in the medical sense, of course, but in the by-the-standards-of-the-poorly-educated-and-ultrareligious sense.) In fact, many women around the world are doing it at this very

  • How the Moon Was Born

    New research says a giant collision between Earth and a Mars-sized planet formed the moon.

  • A Pirate Bay in the Cloud

    It’s a great sounding plan for the Swedish file-sharing stalwart. It really is, but will it work? In theory, the answer is yes. It’s actually more like, “Sure why not!,” since this kind of thing is basically unprecedented.

  • The Future Is Almost Here

    Soon you'll be running your dishwasher with your iPhone - if you can afford it.

  • Braaaaains

    A dispatch from the world's largest neuroscience convention.

  • Lowriders in the Post-War Era: A Chat with Ben Chappell

    Not only do the cars speak volumes about class and ethnicity, but they challenge and redefine the way we interpret contemporary urban space. Professor Ben Chappell has propelled himself directly into lowrider culture, talking to those directly involved, and reaching conclusions t…

  • Advertisers Are Living in Your Brain

    A group of researchers used brain-computer interface devices to extract PINs from people’s minds and published their findings. One of the paper’s authors, told us not to worry about being mindfucked. Instead, this technology will mostly be used for advertising... Great, we feel a…

  • You Don't Know Jack

    If you weren’t on the tweets during the vice presidential debate last night, here are some highlights from my night of giffing the event.

  • Interview With A Loner

    I had the chance to catch up with Kevin Parker, the neo-psyche wunderkind behind Tame Impala. He sounded off on solitude, how to appropriately go about naming individual pieces of gear, and of course patience, or the lack thereof.

  • Nobel, No Prize

    The Nobel Prize is a sham. Here are some winners who rejected the prize.

  • Some Idiots Think They're Being Brainwashed by CAPTCHAs

    The Civil Rights Defenders' CAPTCHAs ask users a civil rights-related question—like how do you feel about the Albanian Vice Minister of Defense thinking gays should be beaten with a stick?—and provides three opinion-based answers. Some people, however, want more options when it c…

  • The Kremlin Wants to Keep Kids Off Wi-Fi

    Just who would be responsible for keeping young people off Wi-Fi – the service providers or owners of businesses – is unclear, especially in cities like Moscow, where the government has already begun a plan that would seem utterly at odds with this proposal: installing free Wi-Fi…

  • Ya Got Any Gum?

    Here are three tips to make your breath smell all nice and pretty in the future.

  • Whoa, Dude, We're Not Inside a Computer Right Now!

    We recently published an interview with a NASA scientist about how likely it is that we're all Sims. You guys loved it for three reasons: 1) It's simple; 2) You smoke waaay too much weed; 3) You don't want to die. But, in reality, comprehending life is a bit trickier than relying…