• Dirty Weed Is Poisoning the Emerald Triangle

    Growing weed is a dirty job. Cultivating cannabis can be a massive drain on electricity, and now more than ever, as legalization spreads, unregulated outdoor weed farms in Northern California are simultaneously fouling up and depleting rivers and watersheds.

  • Where Is the Paper Trail for the FBI's Drone Use?

    With FBI Director Robert Mueller officially putting drone use on record, and with a bit of FOIA prodding, hopefully the FBI will glance through their filing cabinets a second time.

  • Here Be Dragons

    The Weird Science of North Korea

    North Korea's science policies disdain research for research's sake and focus on pragmatic stuff like breeding flowers, cooking and exporting meth, improving welding technology, and holding symposiums on how great Kim Jong Un is.

  • Dmitry Itskov's Immortal Robots Hit the Big Stage, in Name Only

    Itskov wants to bring robotic telepresence to the masses, and eventually allow humans to download digital copies of themselves into android bodies, which he calls avatars. We caught up with the 32-year-old Russian multimillionaire at the recent Global Future 2045 Congress.

  • NYC's Mayoral Candidates Aren't Sure What 3D Printing Is

    Wooing New York's Silicon Alley startup scene during a forum on tech policy in Queens on Monday night, four mayoral hopefuls had the opportunity to weigh in on the city's growing 3D-printing industry. "Makerbot?" Anthony Wiener said. "It sounds like a beer they serve in a William…

  • Cluster Headaches: Inside the US Army's Would-Be Mind-Control Bombs

    How do you covertly dose a mid- to full-size enemy brigade with mania-inducing incapacitants? Cracking open the M43 and M44 cluster bombs, the short-lived weapons technology at the center of America's post-World War II psychowars.

  • It’s Lavish, Bitch: The Internet's Celebrity Bashing Brat King

    Param Sharma is just a normal 17-year-old living in California’s Bay Area. But on the internet, he’s known as Lavish—the disgustingly rich brat who goads celebrities like Rihanna and Soulja Boy into pissing matches with scathing insults. I gave him a call to hear what the little…

  • Nicaragua's $40 Billion Canal Would Fulfill Two Centuries of Ambition

    Nicaragua's 200-year-old plans to build a canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are back on the table. The National Assembly has reportedly given a Hong Kong-based company a 50-year concession to investigate, design, and potentially build the Inter-Ocean Nicaragua Canal. …

  • Why the Biotech Industry Is Rejoicing Over the End of Gene Patents

    Last week’s Supreme Court ruling that human genes can't be patented looked like a huge blow to the biotech industry, which collectively holds thousands of patents on isolated DNA sequences and has a vested commercial interest in protecting these intellectual property rights. But…

  • Why Bottled Water Is Insane

    If you are over 30 years old, you can remember a time before bottled water. While that bottle now goes for $1.79, your tap can spit out water for $.00063 for the same 20 oz. And that is at the upper end of the municipal-water price range. This, folks, is the power of marketing. T…

  • Hiding Your Calls and Texts from Big Brother

    Silent Circle is a company that offers a way for individuals and companies to protect their communications from everyone from the NSA to run-of-the-mill identity thieves. They say they don't store your data and that their system is so secure that even the FBI is a customer.

  • Get Off Your Computer and Come to Our Social Media Day Party on June 29

    For the past four years, Mashable has been celebrating the way social media has changed our lives and our industry with Social Media Day. This year, VICE is partnering up to throw the biggest Social Media Day party yet. It will be a day-long festival showcasing social media's imp…

  • A Eulogy for Skeuomorphism

    With its new OS, Apple is finally killing those leather-bound calendars, wooden bookshelves, and tech's most quietly controversial design element. But skeuomorphism deserves a proper send-off.

  • Unicode Is the New Internet Gold Mine

    When Dutch expat Pim Roes heard about Vietnam's plans to oust Google as the country's primary search engine, he didn't stand aside for Hanoi's captains of industry. Instead, he put himself right in their way, registering the domain name www.cốccốc.com, which, unlike the official…