• Overheard Overhead

    Yemen has a thing for American drones.

  • Situation Is Fluid

    This is what the next water war will look like.

  • Wade Through This Gnarly Shark Tracking Map

    Don't go swimming in South Africa right now.

  • Motherboard

    The Silent Dish

    In 1956, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory was formed in rural Green Bank, West Virginia, and became the hotbed of radio astronomy in the United States. But now, with cell phones, wi-fi, and radio stations emitting massive amounts of radio waves, doing research at the NRAO…

  • iPhone 5 Pain Olympics

    It feels like people deciding to destroy their iPhones despite people tsk-tsking at the wanton excess could at this point emulate a Second Amendment discussion.

  • MySpace Is Starting from Scratch, but Do We Want Our Old Profiles Back?

    I decided to summon up a World Wide Ouija Board and visit the ghost of my teenage self to see what I like about him and what I really don't.

  • Oh Hey, 'Assman85'

    Why isn't Congress stopping your scumbag boss from asking for all your passwords?

  • Researchers Just Revealed This Self-Aware Robot

    Everybody run.

  • Li'l Thinks

    Next Level

    Futurism isn’t what it used to be. In late-1950s and early-60s U. S. of A., the sensibility was entirely optimistic. The reasonable adults who had infested city-adjacent farmland, creating car-contingent lifestyle paradigms, wondered when they’d be flying airplanes to work: this…

  • Pakistan's Other Drones

    The country's new, unmanned extreme-sport cinema helicopters are a striking example of Pakistan bearing both the problems and promises of the coming droneworld.

  • Anti-Life Sciences

    I met with Professor Malcolm Dando from the University of Bradford, a biologist turned international security guru, to discuss how the chemicals sloshing around in your brain can be manipulated by law enforcement agencies for diabolical ends.

  • These People Put the "i" in Line

    We checked out the line for the new iPhone 5, and all we found were a bunch of urban campers, pro-line waiters, and of course, Occupiers.

  • Uh-oh, the Rise of the Machines Is for Realsies

    Rich Terrile, the NASA scientist who told us we were all Sims in a video game, fucked our brain folds again by explaining how human beings are outdated and will soon merge with machines to become a robotic race.

  • Motherboard's Droneworld Is Tonight

    Drones are coming to the States. They're actually already here. Check out this teaser for Motherboard's upcoming documentary, 'Drone On,' and then come hang out with us at Droneworld, an evening we're curating as part of the Et Cetera ideas festival.