• The Confusing Science of Stoned Driving

    With marijuana legalization taking root in two states and set to spread like a grass fire in the near future, the question of how to effectively determine impairment has never been more urgent—or controversial.

  • Silicon Valley's Next Disruption: Floating, Autonomous City-States

    It’s a sunny Tuesday afternoon in Palo Alto, and sea-steading enthusiast Max Marty is trying to persuade me that putting 1,500 immigrant entrepreneurs together on a floating startup city in international waters 12 miles off the coast of San Francisco is a good idea.

  • How Many Trees Does It Take to Fill a Mexican Art Space With Printed Websites?

    Kenneth Goldsmith, the Museum of Modern Art's poet laureate, wants to print out the entire internet and put it on display in Mexico City's LABOR space. How many trees will have to die for this art? By my count, 56,000.

  • Dude Sweat Makes Other Dudes Nicer, Bro

    That headline is the essence of the findings of a new study in the journal 'PLOS ONE.' To be more specific, a suspected male pheromone called androstadienone (a component of male sweat which can be bought in concentrated form for use by pick-up creeps) incites other males to be

  • Do We Really Need a National Chain of Pot Stores?

    For someone who only lit up for the first time ever last year, Jamen Shively, a former Microsoft manager with plans to open up a national chain of pot shops, has mastered the pro-pot talking points. He likens legalization to the crumbling of the Berlin Wall. When you're a busines…

  • Is Ecstasy the Key to Alleviating Autism Anxiety?

    Autism resists both definitions and treatment within the medical community, and the strange historical interpretation of autistic behavior and symptoms has led to novel experimental treatments for the disorder. Case in point: some psychiatrists now think that rolling one's balls

  • Track the CIA's Secret Rendition Flights With a New Interactive Map

    Over the years, the rendition program has encountered stiff resistance, though never enough to stop it. The Rendition Project, based in the UK, hopes to change that. Or, at the very least, keep it in the public eye.

  • This Is Probably Going to Be the First Woolly Mammoth That Gets Cloned

    How are they going to do it, you ask? According to the smart science people, they "intend to carry out somatic cloning by implanting the genetic material of a mammoth that lived several thousand years ago into the egg of a modern female elephant. The egg will then be placed into

  • A Few Impressions

    My Name Is Tom and I’m a Video Game Addict

    I was a Nintendo 'Legend of Zelda' fanatic. The later incarnations of 'Zelda'—I think one was called 'Ocarina of Time'—helped me through difficult times in high school, while also making me feel like a loser because I was spending hours playing a children's game when I could have…

  • Offbeatr, the Kickstarter for Porn, Is a Furry Playground

    Offbeatr wasn't founded to fund video games that let players bang aliens, or weekly comics featuring anthropomorphic animals with huge dicks, or extremely detailed illustrations of My Little Pony characters getting it on. But it turns out that those are the projects that the inte…

  • We Don't Need Someone: A Chat With Mount Kimbie

    The British production duo opens up on wasting time with members of Stereolab, their desire to cover Juicy J, and how Roald Dahl influenced their new LP, 'Cold Spring Fault Less Youth.'

  • Not Everyone Can Copy Technology

    The developed world seems to take technological invention and innovation for granted. By contrast, technologically under-developed countries, known as “least developed countries” (LDCs), are trying to play catch-up and build their technologies and economies from the ground up …

  • Australian Scientists Think We Can Grow Our Limbs Back Like Salamanders

    I am a human, so if my limbs fall off, they stay off. This is unfortunate. Legs and arms are important, which is why Australian scientists are working to enable "salamander-like" limb repair in humans. A new study published in the 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences'…

  • Juggalos Are OK, Cupid

    OkCupid Juggalos is a Tumblr devoted to pointing and laughing at people who get panic attacks, work at McDonald's, run possum adoption agencies, and happen to be Insane Clown Posse fans. Why are people cool with it?