• Anti-Life Sciences

    I met with Professor Malcolm Dando from the University of Bradford, a biologist turned international security guru, to discuss how the chemicals sloshing around in your brain can be manipulated by law enforcement agencies for diabolical ends.

  • These People Put the "i" in Line

    We checked out the line for the new iPhone 5, and all we found were a bunch of urban campers, pro-line waiters, and of course, Occupiers.

  • Uh-oh, the Rise of the Machines Is for Realsies

    Rich Terrile, the NASA scientist who told us we were all Sims in a video game, fucked our brain folds again by explaining how human beings are outdated and will soon merge with machines to become a robotic race.

  • Motherboard's Droneworld Is Tonight

    Drones are coming to the States. They're actually already here. Check out this teaser for Motherboard's upcoming documentary, 'Drone On,' and then come hang out with us at Droneworld, an evening we're curating as part of the Et Cetera ideas festival.

  • How Big Pharma Created a Generation of Oxyconteens in the US

    Now that Purdue Pharma, the creator of OxyContin, is set to begin testing the effects of OC on children—an effort to procure a six-month patent extension for their drug—I wanted to look back on Big Pharma hooking a generation of Americans on legal smack.

  • The Death Aquatic

    Louie Psihoyos’ ambitions have escalated, his subject has opened up, and he’s taking consultation left and right from greeny showbiz vets. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked to get on the line with the creator of 'The Cove' and chat about his upcoming film.

  • Here's Looking at You, Terrorist

    Sorry, you can't run from these brainwave-powered binoculars.

  • Good Morning, Sinners... with Warren Ellis

    Bringing the Future Back from the Dead

    It’s easy to believe science fiction’s dead. But it turns out it’s alive, and being made in the offices of people who actually build the near future for a living. Which, like the best science fiction, is something you wouldn’t necessarily have predicted.

  • Incredibly Humanlike New Species of Blond Monkey Discovered in Congo

    A new species of monkey has been described in the still-mysterious rainforests in the central of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Researchers said that it’s only the second new monkey species discovered in 28 years.

  • We Are Now One Year Away From Global Riots

    People riot for many reasons--poverty, oppression, disenfranchisement--but the big one is more primal than any of those. It's hunger, plain and simple.

  • Space Garbage May Trap Us on Earth Forever

    Humanity has managed to clog up the land, sea, and air with our disgusting waste, so one might think we’d be mindful of letting our junk turd up outer space. But nope—turns out the void that surrounds our planet is rapidly filling up with garbage.

  • Movie Madness

    An amateurish film produced by a 52-year old Israeli-American overtly ridicules Mohammad, depicts him as a woman-hating, overzealous pedophile, a fraud, a womanizer and a madman, and shows him having sex and calling for massacres.

  • Long Way Down

    The most famous 9/11 photograph, the Falling Man, was unidentified. Yet he encapsulated the day’s horror - and even without a name, he personalized it too.

  • Global Food Riots Nigh, Says Science

    So long as climate change continues to advance and we maintain a global food system perennially subject to volatile price spikes and exploitation from speculators, without reform, our world will be an increasingly restive one. Hunger is coming, and so are the riots.