• Another Year on the Final Frontier

    Will we find an Earth twin in 2013?

  • The Year in Gifs

    We could have summarized the year's stories using words—you know, those collections of symbols that represent ideas—but since it's almost 2013, we should really be communicating only in moving images.

  • The Real End Times

    How's this for a doomsday scenario: Can time just stop? A group of doom nerds project that there's a 50 percent chance that time will end within the next 3.7 billion years. The problem is that we don't know how it will happen and, likely, we are just plain unable to know how it w…

  • A Home at the End of Time

    Robert Vicino built an underground city where you can ride out the apocalypse. And he wants it to be clear he’s not a religious man. He is, like a lot of Southern Californians I’ve met, what he calls “highly spiritual.” So when he talks about the apocalyptic “message” he received…

  • Watching Internet Porn Will Kill Your Memory

    While masturbating before you're scheduled to give that presentation to your boss might sound like a great way to take the edge off before stepping into the boardroom, don't do it. As you're mopping up, the porn you just watched is wiping your memory.

  • Theft from Above

    A very brief history of birds snatching small humans.

  • E.T. Phone Drone

    Using small-fry drones to simulate landing robots on the Moon.

  • Instagram Hates You

    Look, the image service's new Terms of Service agreement is a middle finger to users. So give the middle finger right back.

  • Motherboard

    Open Source Outer Space

    Anyone with enough brains and balls can build their own rocket and fly it to space. Or at least that’s what the nonprofit, open-source space-project Copenhagen Suborbitals wants the world to realize. They're determined to create the first homemade, manned spacecraft to go into su…

  • America's Gun Lust Is Only Just Beginning

    Between 3D-printing, rising production and still-lax regulations, Americans will have more access to guns than ever.

  • Newtown, Mental Health, and the Dangers of Oversimplifying Gun Control

    Let's be careful what we say, okay?

  • Mad Backrubs at the Hotey

    Inside one man's heady Craigslist quest to score a date with MDMA, a jam scene pixie, and the bro-crunch stylings of Sound Tribe Sector 9.

  • Smart Drugs and Cybernetics Are Creating a Superhuman Workforce

    Imagine becoming superhuman. Or, at the very least, becoming superhumanly good at your job. Imagine a drug that would give you total focus, total composure, genius-level clarity of thought, and the ability to stay up and in the zone for two days straight.

  • Video Games Killed the Radio Star

    Ten years is basically a billion years in video games. In 1992, when Mortal Kombat came out on arcades, crowds would gather in the belief that they were seeing a duel from some far-flung nation—like China—where the natives were born with four arms and pixelated. Ten years later a…