• Incredibly Humanlike New Species of Blond Monkey Discovered in Congo

    A new species of monkey has been described in the still-mysterious rainforests in the central of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Researchers said that it’s only the second new monkey species discovered in 28 years.

  • We Are Now One Year Away From Global Riots

    People riot for many reasons--poverty, oppression, disenfranchisement--but the big one is more primal than any of those. It's hunger, plain and simple.

  • Space Garbage May Trap Us on Earth Forever

    Humanity has managed to clog up the land, sea, and air with our disgusting waste, so one might think we’d be mindful of letting our junk turd up outer space. But nope—turns out the void that surrounds our planet is rapidly filling up with garbage.

  • Movie Madness

    An amateurish film produced by a 52-year old Israeli-American overtly ridicules Mohammad, depicts him as a woman-hating, overzealous pedophile, a fraud, a womanizer and a madman, and shows him having sex and calling for massacres.

  • Long Way Down

    The most famous 9/11 photograph, the Falling Man, was unidentified. Yet he encapsulated the day’s horror - and even without a name, he personalized it too.

  • Global Food Riots Nigh, Says Science

    So long as climate change continues to advance and we maintain a global food system perennially subject to volatile price spikes and exploitation from speculators, without reform, our world will be an increasingly restive one. Hunger is coming, and so are the riots.

  • Good Morning, Sinners... with Warren Ellis

    Print Your Own Penis

    Somewhere, in some gilded bunker of the 1 percent, a very old, very rich man is laying plans to print himself a new cock. Perhaps one with cameras in it. And maybe a gun.

  • "i" Is for Interns

    A report in the Shanghai Daily says that hundreds of students in the city of Huai’an were recently forced to help fulfill iPhone 5 orders.

  • Xenu's Touch

    There are an untold number of people still suffering from dioxin, a carcinogenic ingredient in Agent Orange that can produce absolutely horrifying birth defects, and the Vietnamese government has turned to an odd source for health: the Church of Scientology.

  • Track Students With RFID Chips, Get Rich

    This isn't just a way to keep kids from smoking pot under the bleachers or sneaking off to 7 Eleven for taquitos and Big Gulps. It’s actually a pretty clever way to secure more funding from the state.

  • Shooting the Shit

    War reeks. If smells can sometimes act as forceful memory triggers, it’s no surprise that militaries found a way to robotize the stink and use it as a tool of deception, dispersion, or fear.

  • Sorry, Not On the Guest List

    You'll hear a lot about bin Laden, but here are six names you won't hear mentioned at the DNC.

  • Motherboard

    The Guy Who Hunts Space Bears in Rural Virginia

    Mike Shaw is a quiet, unassuming man who's in love with the wilderness, and he knows more about tardigrades than almost anyone. These microscopic creatures, whose name comes from the German for “slow walker,” and who are sometimes called “water bears” because of their bear-like g…

  • The Infinite Map

    Some guy spent two years charting all of David Foster Wallace's sprawling tome, Infinite Jest.