• Pro Juice

    For all the finger-wagging against performance-enhancing drug use, a counter-argument is emerging. Steroids and PEDs, it says, should be legalized. Or at least de-stigmatized. Secretive, even cautious at first, the pro-juice argument is growing in confidence, and in prominence.

  • Censorship Protests Are Erupting in China Because No One Likes to Drink Toxic Chemicals

    Last week, nine tons of aniline, a toxic chemical, poisoned Changzhi's water supply. After citizens took to the web to demand an explanation for why they hadn't been informed of the leak, Beijing started to clamp down on free speech.

  • Tossing and Turning in Space

    If the Mars500 project has taught us anything, it's that the biggest threats to space travel are sleep disorders.

  • Obama's Drone Wars, Round 2

    Nominating Chuck Hagel and John Brennan as defense secretary and CIA chief, respectively, represents a somewhat controversial re-imagining of the US national security team's expanding drone wars.

  • What the Hell Is Eric Schmidt Doing in North Korea?

    It's unclear how he got his plane ticket, or who even let him through customs.

  • 'Zero Dark Thirty': Interrogating Reality

    The "problem" with "Zero Dark Thirty"'s portrayal of torture isn't the portrayal itself, but what it represents. Even though waterboarding is now prohibited, that hasn't diminished its value for some in government. To assume torture is a thing of the past—or to criticize "Zero Da…

  • Good Morning, Sinners... with Warren Ellis

    The Inevitable Crapness of 2013

    The Internet of Things is something that people will be seriously looking at in 2013. On one hand, it's a wonderful idea but it could also create a class of desperate entrepreneurs born of austerity and sociopolitical upheaval.

  • A Moon for the Moon

    NASA's proposals sure are getting more and more science fiction-y.

  • Will a Pink Blob Be the Next Mozart?

    Introducing Iamus, the organic-looking computer that's been taught the basics of music composition.

  • The New Narco-Cash Laundering World Bank

    Holding a tight shot on the unconscionable transgressions of British banking giant HSBC risks blotting out the bigger problem: Systemic interbank money laundering has ruthless drug cartels, notorious despots, and blind-eye banking executives working in a sort of blooden triangle…

  • Drug Lords

    Inside Mexico's narco churches.

  • Another Year on the Streets

    Congratulations. If you're reading this, you just survived the deadliest day of the year for pedestrians.

  • 'Breaking Bad' May As Well Be Set in China

    The more I watch the show, the more I realize that it could easily be transplanted to the People's Republic and largely be the same thing. And possibly, even better.

  • The Kids Are Alright, Getting Less Fat

    Forget the holiday gluttony: Kids across the US are slimming down. An encouraging new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that obesity rates among American children--particularly children from low-income families--have declined in recent years, markin…