• Hell’s Warm Welcome

    Hell is a quaint little village in Norway that’s the resting place of 1,600 souls. There are red-roofed houses, a post office, a grocery store, and even a church.

  • Somaliland's Circus Performers Are Acrobats with a Social Mission

    The performers draw people in with the novelty of the circus and then hit them with didactic plays on the major social ails of the country, like khat abuse, human trafficking, unemployment, and female genital mutilation.

  • An Occupied Cinema in Rome

    The Cinema America in Rome has been taken over by squatters, and they have been showing great films. When I visited recently, there were screenings of the hip-hop classic Beat Street and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • Fringes

    The Warrior Women of Asgarda

    The ladies of Asgarda are self-proclaimed descendants of the legendary Amazon warrior women who, according to myth, once roamed parts of what is now Ukraine. We traveled to the Carpathian Mountains in Western Ukraine to attend one of Asgarda’s recruitment camps, where the ladies…

  • I Got Kicked Out of America for Having a Guitar

    US officials interrogated me for hours, strip-searched me, and eventually put me on a plane back to Europe, all because they suspected me of secretly being a professional musician.

  • This Guy Is Walking from Norway to Morocco for Fun

    He's been on the road since June, lives in a sleeping bag, and got an infection in his Achilles' tendon near the beginning of his trip. But he's having a great time.

  • Getting to the Gateway to the Underworld and Inners of Alexander Binder

    Binder spent three years making these photos, with endless trips down south to Sicily and the Aeolian Islands. Initially inspired by Iceland’s volcanoes, he spent days and nights lurking through Italy’s volcanic wasteland, watching the elemental forces at work and capturing uniqu…

  • I Almost Died Traveling from Somalia to Lampedusa

    "The cannibalism didn't start until our second boat journey, from Libya to Lampedusa. We had already been traveling for ten days; people were dying and there was no food. I actually saw one guy cutting a piece of flesh from another man's body. "

  • Fringes

    Welcome to Hell... in Norway

    Hell is a quaint little village in Norway. There are red-roofed houses, a post office, a grocery store, even a church. It literally freezes over during the winter. There's also the Blues in Hell Festival, which this year brought a host of legendary blues singers to Hell, includin…

  • My Two Glorious Weeks at Baghdad's Hotel California During the Iraq War

    In October 2003, my squad got assigned to one of the best gigs in the country. We were supposed to be an emergency "Quick Reaction Force," but in reality we spent most of our time playing Halo.

  • Oktoberfest in Iraq Was Super Fun

    Erbil, in Iraq's Kurdish north, has got a long way to go before being considered a nightlife spot, but there is one event that looms large over the drinking scene, the annual celebration of Oktoberfest in a small compound located in a dusty residential area.

  • Scotland Loves Buckfast, the UK's Version of Four Loko

    Politicians and activists say the monk-brewed beverage should be banned because teens get hammered and use the glass bottles as weapons. Teens reply, “It’s cheap and gets you off your face!”

  • Stepping Lightly in Afghanistan’s Soviet Tank Graveyard

    Afghanistan's Kabul Military Training Center, where the country's finest military cadets learn to disarm IEDs and handle machine guns, is also home to a massive jumble of wrecked military hardware rusting in the sun.

  • Scrap or Die

    One sweltering afternoon in July, I found myself breaking and entering into a derelict warehouse on the east side of Cleveland. I was in the middle of a crash course in metal theft from a man named Jay Jackson.