• Chinese Teenagers Are Obsessed with Justin Bieber, Too

    Justin Bieber is in the middle of the Asian segment of his Believe world tour. As well as playing some arena shows, he's marked the occasion by making his groupies carry him up the Great Wall of China and skateboarding around Beijing as his own sweating bodyguards followed him.

  • Fringes

    Black Bike Week

    Once a year the traffic in South Carolina comes to a standstill as the streets fill with brightly customized sports bikes, with their riders taking advantage of the state’s "no helmet" law to perform burnouts and stunts up and down the main strip along the seafront.

  • Hyenas in Ethiopia Will Eat Out of Your Mouth

    Anywhere else in the world, feeding a hyena by mouth would be a terrible idea. In Harar, Ethiopia, however, the residents have developed a unique symbiosis with the hyena population, transforming a regional villain first into a carrier of prophecy and then into a cultural institu…

  • Do People Care About Art in Las Vegas?

    Most people go to Las Vegas for gambling, free drinks, cocaine, and those nudie flyers they hand out in the street. Patrick C. Duffy, former president of the Las Vegas Art Museum is trying to change that perception, one tourist at a time.

  • Fringes

    Kingdom of Germany

    Former chef and martial arts trainer Peter Fitzek has founded his own micronation called the Kingdom of Germany. It consists of several properties around the city of Wittenberg, south of Berlin, and has 25 citizens, its own currency, an official state limousine, and passports.

  • Endangered Galapagos Sea Lions Are Threatened by Dog Diseases

    As if these critters didn't have enough to worry about with their habitats being threatened, dogs brought to their beaches by humans can spread fatal illnesses.

  • Celebrating Hasidic Mardi Gras in Crown Heights

    The Orthodox Hasidic Jewish lifestyle seems grim and austere, but for a day during the weeklong harvest festival Sukkot, the streets of Crown Heights run wild with throngs of be-hatted and bearded Hasids drunkenly dancing in the street.

  • Driving with the Female Street Racers of Palestine

    I'm driving around the streets of Ramallah, Palestine, with Noor Dawood, the celebrated Palestinian street racer and the only female drifter in the Middle East. Noor is one of four members of the "Speed Sisters," the first and only female racing team in the Middle East.

  • Rural Mexico Has Been Ravaged by a Tropical Storm and Ignored by the Government

    The area surrounding Ciudad Altamirano was hit hard by Hurricane Manuel, but in the immediate aftermath the federal government did little to help.

  • Inside Schilling

    The Greatest Airport in America

    Airports in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Dallas are spending billions of dollars to upgrade and remodel their airports to meet greater demand for modernized terminals, but the best airport I've been to is a small regional in Tallahassee, Florida.

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    Heroin Holiday

    Every August, while Europe's desk jockeys shut off their phones and head to the beach, the junkies of Prague set up camp in the poppy fields outside the city for a vacation of their own. For one glorious month, there are no cops to run from, no dealers to skirt—just acres of verm…

  • Buying Condoms in Pakistan Is Hard

    In a country where consensual sex outside of marriage is illegal—even if 80 percent of Pakistan's general stores sell condoms and 12 percent of married couples used it as their primary contraception—they aren't necessarily easy to purchase.

  • I Went to California's Post-Apocalyptic Beach Town

    The Salton Sea, California's largest lake by volume, exists by accident. It was created after a rain caused the Colorado River to burst through the banks of an irrigation canal. The sea quickly became something of an ecological nightmare soup, with a shoreline littered with thous…

  • I Went to a Pokémon Musical

    I figured I'd be experiencing off-key voices, patchy dialogue, and terrible dance moves. I was prepared for a room of sweaty nerds resting solely on their references. But this was actually a terrific night of theater magic.