• Somaliland Is a Real Country, According to Somaliland

    At the back corner of the top floor of a little office building in London’s East End, around the corner from the Tesco down Mile End Road from the Whitechapel subway stop, sits the one-room Somaliland Mission in the UK. Yes, Somaliland, not Somalia.

  • Wild Things

    The $wiftest Pigeon - Part 1

    China's spoiled young princelings aren't content with buying horses, sports cars, and insanely tacky watches alone. In tribute to the intrepid bootleggers who've propped up their country's market economy, China's rich have taken arguably the worst bird of all time, the pigeon, an…

  • The Mating Rituals of the Renaissance Pleasure Fair

    In many ways the fair is an elaborate mating ritual complete with pregaming, peacocking, and corsets. Inhibitions dissipate, marriages open up, and mistakes are made. But don’t worry, what happens at the faire is between you and your god, and as the cosplaying Puritans like to sa…

  • Wild Things

    The $wiftest Pigeon - Trailer

    What is the sound of 1 million yuan flapping? China's spoiled young princelings have taken arguably the worst bird of all time, the pigeon, and slapped a Louis Vuitton logo on it. Racing pigeons are the new thoroughbreds here, with birds auctioning for hundreds of thousands of do…

  • Welcome to Christmas, Florida

    Christmas, Florida, sits between Orlando and Cape Canaveral. The yuletide name of the community comes from the Second Seminole War. On December 25th, 1837, more than 2,000 US soldiers built a supply fort for the war. They never saw a day of battle. The place today seems like an o…

  • Anime North Is Canada's Nerd Utopia

    Anime North is the largest convention of its kind in Canada and its attendees think of it as the perfect social atmosphere to get weird. Attendees of the convention are united by the same embarrassing hobbies, fostering the kind of environment where nobody is cool and nobody is d…

  • Cries and Whispers in Obamastan

    In Cuba male prostitutes, 'pingueros,' have mixed in with gay people in Havana in growing numbers, numbers that correlate closely with the spread of private enterprise, income inequality, and foreign-made consumer goods.

  • The Perils of Staging a Gay Pride March in Ukraine

    Ukraine was the first post-Soviet country to legalize homosexuality, which is obviously commendable, but difficult to understand given recent history. Last year, Kiev's first-ever gay pride parade was called off half an hour before it was supposed to start. This time around, orga…

  • Spanish Bombs: Granada Unveils Joe Strummer Plaza

    Punk rock was never meant to gain municipal recognition, but with time it often occurs that what was once rebellion becomes part of the establishment. Joe Strummer of the Clash has been no stranger to public acknowledgement, and yesterday the city of Granada, Spain, named a plaza…

  • VICE Australia is 10

    Goth Day at Disneyland!

    I'm sorry your parents dressed you like this. In ten years you will look back on this and swear you'll never speak to your parents again.

  • VICE Australia is 10

    Queens of Beef Week

    Beefy girls compete for the Beef Week Queen crown in Casino, Australia.

  • The Loneliness of the Village at the End of the World

    Last year, director Sarah Gavron and cinematographer David Katznelson visited Niaqornat, a tiny village in Greenland, and made a documentary centered on the collision between the old and the new, and the residents’ struggle with climate change and government policies.

  • I Tested out Three Cambodian Spiritual Practices


In the village where I live and work for a small NGO, folk religion is woven into the way locals experience daily life. People swap tips about the best local fortune-tellers and healers. They chalk skulls and crosses on their door frames to protect their homes from malevolent g…

  • Meet the Malaysian Neo-Nazis Fighting for a Pure Malay Race

    They realize that Nazis generally don't like Asian people, but apparently that doesn't matter. I was told that the most popular Malay power band is an act named Boot Axe, so I got in touch with band member Mr. Slay to find out why exactly a group of Malaysians are going through