• I Tried to Have a Spiritual Experience in the Desert

    I'm not a very spiritual person, and am frequently jealous of those who are, so I decided to head to Arizona to explore some energy vortexes in an attempt to have a spiritual awakening. Lucky for me, there are multiple companies in Sedona willing to take your money in exchange fo…

  • Resist Control: A Guide to Riding Berlin Public Transportation For Free

    Riding without a ticket, or schwarzfahren, is something of a national pastime in Germany, and probably nowhere more so than in Berlin, whose citizenry the reigning mayor, Klaus Wowereit, once famously described as “poor but sexy.”

  • I Left My Family for the Free Syrian Army

    When civil war broke out last March, Loubna Mrie was persuaded by friends to smuggle bullets for the rebels of the Free Syrian Army in Damascus.

  • I Learned How to Make Blow in Colombia

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Colombia is the world’s biggest producer of cocaine, providing around 80 percent of the whole planet’s supply. In true entrepreneurial spirit, mom and pop coke shops, or “kitchens,” pepper the countryside, churning out 345 tons of the white st…

  • The Czechs of Montauk

    I traipsed along the highway, stopping to smell the flowers and admire the scenery. I loved the sand dune mountains and little green lakes and as I walked daydreamed of building a shack near the beach and forming a community, like Gene O’Neil in Provincetown. The whole set-up of…

  • The Whitest Vacation Destination in America

    White people love boats because they’re expensive and elitist. They also allow for an easy escape from a neighborhood, city, state or nation once the minority population has become too large. And they’re great for carrying slaves.

  • Gunrunning with the Free Syrian Army

    Blindfolded, I fidgeted nervously in the back of an unmarked car, squished between a gunrunner and a young Free Syrian Army soldier. It had been at least an hour since we left the border town of Kilis, Turkey, and we were now off-roading across the Syria-Turkey border.

  • Camping in France

    Camping in France is not the same as camping in the US. It does not mean going off into the woods with a tent and s’mores and experiencing nature at its most raw and virginal. No, camping in France is more like what we refer to as losing: sitting around in a trailer park on the e…

  • I Went to Syria to Learn How to Be a Journalist

    Sunil Patel had never been published before he decided to go to Syria in August 2012 to become a war correspondent. It was a foolish idea for sure, and he almost died several times during his trip, but we still think his story was worth the risk.

  • Fringes

    War Gin

    Ugandans are the hardest drinking Africans in the motherland, both in terms of per capita consumption and the hooch they choose to chug. Waragi, or "war gin," is what they call the local moonshine, and it makes the harshest Appalachian rotgut taste like freaking Bailey's.

  • Pompeii in the Caribbean

    The Montserrat volcano lay dormant for centuries, but finally exploded in 1995, decimating the island. Subsequent eruptions have left two-thirds of the country uninhabitable.

  • The VICE Guide to Syria

    We have put together this guide in an attempt to condense the facts gleaned from thousands of pages of reference books, biographies, religious texts, firsthand accounts, reports, and other information that have informed "The Syria Issue." We could’ve included dozens of additional…

  • A Juke Joint in the Mississippi Delta

    I left New Orleans in search of a juke joint and followed the only directions I’d been given: “A cotton field four miles west of Merigold.” Six hours later I stood out front, surrounded by corn on all sides. My mistake — I failed to account for the crop rotation. I’d arrived in r…

  • Bush-League Rebels

    I visited a camp in the city of Goma set up to house rebel combatants who had surrendered. The facility was split along ethnic lines, with only a chain-link fence separating Hutu and Tutsi fighters who have been spilling each other’s blood by the bucket for decades.