• Tropic of El Jefe

    We had come to Cuba as lovers and newlyweds to discern the truth of the often repeated and reported claim that Fidel Castro is the world’s greatest lover. How many Cuban cigars did we buy, trying to discover the secrets of Castro’s love life? We quickly lost count.

  • I Got Shanghaied

    I went to Shanghai with the idea that I might casually get laid. My loser low confidence—at bars, parties; any hook-up situation with which pensive celibates are obsessed—would finally be reprieved because I would be among “my people,” or so my racist preoccupation went. In the e…

  • The VICE Reader

    Chuck Palahniuk Is Keeping Portland Strange

    I listened to the author of Fight Club wax poetic on Stumptown, "liminoid events," Occupy Wall Street, and his father's pornography.

  • Life as a Muslim Brotherhood Supporter in Egypt

    Most of the time Faisal forgets he has shotgun pellets lodged in his head. They sometimes throb when he plays soccer and occasionally keep him up at night, but only now, with a new fear of infection setting in, does he worry about his inability to seek professional medical help.

  • Under Fire with the Toughest Men in Afghanistan

    I went to Sangin, Afghanistan, which overlooks the world’s most productive poppy fields, to see what life was like for the US Marines and Afghan forces fighting the Taliban for control of the region.

  • I Went On a Police Ride-Along in San Francisco's Worst Neighborhood

    The Tenderloin is San Francisco's most notorious neighborhood. It's as close as you can get to an open-air drug market in one of America's wealthiest cities. The police there have a friendly, yet parental relationship with the residents.

  • Fish Are Finally Returning to the Shrunken Aral Sea

    Magzhan Tursinbayev, an ecologist, stepped out of the 4x4 and pointed toward the horizon as he lit his cigarette. “Everywhere here was once the sea. Now look what is left: nothing,” he said, as he pointed to the vast expanse of empty space in front of us.

  • I Have a Chinese Banknote That Everyone in China Is Scared Of

    I have a very special Chinese banknote. It’s only worth ten Yuan, but it might be the most precious object I own. What’s special about my banknote is that in China—a country where everything is about money, money, and more money—nobody accepts the damn thing.

  • This British Guy Lived with the Tribe That Worships Prince Philip

    He was constantly asked whether he was related to Prince Philip, learned that when Philip comes to the island all the fines for adultery will be abolished, and ended up influencing their mythology.

  • No God? No Problem

    In 2011, two English standup comedians were driving to Bath when they got to talking about an idea: What if there were a church for people who didn’t believe in God? Over the course of the car ride, they became convinced that the world needed such an institution, and that they sh…

  • Visiting Iran's Party Island

    Kish Island was the Shah of Iran's attempt to create a resort destination for tourists and wealthy foreigners. Today visitors can drink nasty non-alcoholic beverages, look at a shipwreck, and listen to a terrible insult comic. Sounds great, right?

  • White People with No Skill Sets Wanted in China

    If you’re a white English speaker, you can get a job teaching private English classes in China. Many schools will hire you without any prior experience, teaching credentials, or a working visa. Sometimes you don’t even need to apply for the job.

  • I Spent Six Months Inside Lebanon's Most Notorious Prison

    Roumieh is not somewhere you want to find yourself. The facility regularly holds up to 5,500 inmates, including some of the country's most high-profile criminals—among them, former Israeli agents and Salafists linked with insurrections against the state.

  • Riding the Dirty Dog

    Anyone who has ridden Greyhound or is familiar with the bus line’s various subterranean monikers—“The Dirty Dog,” “The Hell Hound”—can guess that it’s often an unpleasant experience. But what if that unpleasant experience transported you around the country for free? It’s hard to…