Guide to Dubai

The Guide to Dubai - Part 5

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  • Big Haboobies: A Short History of Sandstorms

    How often do you think about sandstorms? Not as often as you should, is the answer. Sandstorms have been fucking with people since the dawn of time and even if you are currently reading this while in a sandstorm, there’s still a lot you should know about them.

  • Ghost Lake: The Aral Sea Disaster

    Uzbekistan’s former Aral Sea region is a toxically charged sand pit that once housed one of the world’s largest lakes. Once covering 26,300 square miles, the giant lake is now split into four pitiful puddles of what it used to be, having dramatically shrunk causing a cataclysmic…

  • How To Build a Bunker

    My Dad lives on his own 40-acre planet out the middle of redneck no-where where he does whatever strange and amazing things he wants. So it wasn’t really much of a surprise when he casually mentioned that he was thinking about building a fully loaded bunker.

  • Guide to Surviving a Natural Disaster

    Surviving a natural disaster is all about preparation. Beyond the immediate physical things, like for example, collecting massive quantities of preserved food or sharpening your longbow skills, you’re also going to need to prepare your mind and its capacity to be totally resilien…

  • Lost Wreckage

    A catalogue of the weirdest wreckage that’s been found after natural disasters. From severed human feet found in Canada from the tsunami of 2004, washed up Harley Davidsons in Oregon from Fukushima, to ghost ships in Alaska, we look at where they were found and where they were fr…

  • Yellowstone Caldera Is America’s Favourite Supervolcano

    Since 2004 scientists have noticed a giant pulsating bulge at the floor of Yellowstone Lake, which sits right on top of an unpredictable lava reservoir known as a supervolcano. It doesn't take a geologist to figure out that this cannot be good.

  • The Guide to Dubai

    It has the world's biggest shopping mall, tallest building, and most expensive hotel. And still cars here get stuck in the sand all the time because it's a massive city built in the middle of the desert. Welcome to Dubai, where everything is brand new except for the customs.