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Where Are We Headed?

A documentary series about what's going down with young Americans today, directed by Lance Bangs.

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  • Where Are We Headed?

    In the last installment of this season of 'Young Americans,' we ask young people to talk about the scariest/most exciting thing there is—the future.

  • Cultural Stereotypes

    We speak to folks from all over to tell us about what preconceived notions they might hold against other people.

  • Socializing

    Barhopping, house parties, concerts, Facebook—how do you like to meet people?

  • LGBT

    We ask young people about the gender pronouns, labels, and identities they use to define themselves.

  • Body Image

    Food, beauty, health—we delve into these topics and get a glimpse into the expectations young people place on themselves today.

  • Media Representations

    From movies, TV shows, commercials, to the internet, does today's media realistically portray our generation?

  • The Asian American Experience

    Next up, we discover what outdated stereotypes and everyday experiences Asian Americans have to deal with today.

  • Coming to America

    In the first episode of season two of 'Young Americans,' director Lance Bangs and his crew meet up with young people from coast to coast to discuss their multi-cultural roots.

  • Season Two Trailer

    In season two, ethnicity is the overarching lens through which Lance and his team focused in on some targeted topics such as body image, socializing, and media representations. The end result was a documented survey of people from a wide array of ethnic communities hailing from a…

  • Part 8: Is the American Dream Still Possible?

    For the final installment of the series, we put up for debate whether or not the age-old notion of "The American Dream" is still alive in 2012.

  • Part 7: Immigration

    Living in the land of the free and the home of the brave, how much of an impact does the nation's immigration system have in our lives?

  • Part 6: Are We Too Divided About Politics?

    In this latest installment, we discover how our blue-states-versus-red-states approach to politics affects American nationalism.

  • Part 5: Social Networking

    In part 5 of the series, we ask how young adults these days approach the generation-defining platform of social media.

  • Part 4: The Economy

    Real estate, jobs, college debt -- the U.S. economy in 2012 had a major impact in just about everybody's lives this year.

  • Part 3: Does It Matter Who the President Is?

    Filmed during the leading months up to this year's presidential election, we take to the streets and the sidewalks to ask people if and how the Commander-in-Chief actually affects our lives.

  • Part 2: 24 Hours at Short Stop Deli

    Next stop, we head to Ithaca, New York to learn more about the college town and the realities of the people who live there.

  • Part 1: What Is Your Life Like?

    In part one of this eight-part documentary series, we met over a handful of young adults from across the country this past summer, finding out what they're doing with their lives these days and what their plans for the summer were.