2018 elections

2018 elections

Net Neutrality-Opposing, Big Telecom-Backed Marsha Blackburn Wins Senate Seat

Marsha Blackburn successfully made the leap from the House to the Senate, despite the popularity of her Democratic opponent.
Kaleigh Rogers
Power to the Polls

LGBT Candidate Joan Greene Aims to Prove that Arizona Is Not a Red State

"We all want the same thing. We all want our families to have the opportunities to have what they might consider their American Dream," says Joan Greene.
Linda Yang
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Behind the Scenes of 'She's Running'

We talk to the producers of the VICE News series on women in politics.
VICE Staff
she's running

How Women Candidates Navigate Sexism and Racism in Their Campaigns

Twenty-one-year-old Morgan Zegers, candidate for the 113th New York State Assembly District,​ says women who've previously run for office tell her not to wear pink and to use big words to sound smart.
Broadly Staff
Internet Insecurity

The Attack on Fair Elections Is a Great Marketing Opportunity For Tech Companies

With Donald Trump downplaying and denying Russian attempts to interfere with American elections, companies like Microsoft, Google, and Cloudflare have filled the void as defenders of democracy.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Midterm Elections

This First-Time Candidate's Campaign Ad Shows What It's Like to Run as a Mother

Liuba Grechen Shirley's two children are the stars of a new campaign video in her bid to unseat a longtime incumbent in New York's 2nd congressional district.
Marie Solis
Midterm Elections

After Far-Right Attacks, Muslim Candidate Commits to Fighting 'Politics of Fear'

Ilhan Omar fended off attacks from far-right activist Laura Loomer the weekend before her primary in Minnesota's 5th congressional district.
Marie Solis
Midterm Elections

Ocasio-Cortez Says Ben Shapiro's Demands for Debate Are 'Just Like Catcalling'

Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rejected a conservative commentator's "entitled" $10,000 proposition to appear on his show.
Marie Solis
Midterm Elections

GOP Politician Thinks Insulting Ocasio-Cortez Is a Good Fundraising Strategy

Florida Representative Ron DeSantis is asking voters to donate his campaign after calling congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "this girl," newly calling her "naïve" and accusing her of "political correctness run amok."
Marie Solis
net neutrality

Congress's Biggest Opponent of Net Neutrality Is Getting Destroyed in Midterm Election Polls

Marsha Blackburn is trying to jump from the House to the Senate—and is losing by 10 points to a Democrat in Tennessee, a state Donald Trump won by 26 points.
Karl Bode

Is This Indiana Civil Rights Lawyer the Great Progressive Hope of 2018?

Dan Canon is suing Trump, calling out white supremacy, and running for Congress. But can he win?
Michael Powell
Power to the Polls

The Woman Running for Office to Fight Sexual Harassment Head-On

Michigan Attorney General candidate Dana Nessel garnered national attention when she promised not to inappropriately expose herself in a campaign ad.
Leila Ettachfini