The Best Bucket Hats for Being Everyone’s Summer Concert Crush

From REI’s best-selling hat to streetwear ‘fits by Stüssy and Adidas, the best bucket hats aren’t just a summer accessory—they’re an accomplice.

Life is better in a bucket hat: Just ask LL Cool J, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Pam Anderson—in that faux-fur bucket hat/top hat hybrid—and all our other 90s crushes. It’s the summer accessory that keeps on giving, and what it’s giving is the perfect blend we want for 2022 of streetwear, skater culture, raver baby, and no-fuss outdoorsy lumbersexual. Need a lightweight accessory to whip out during a summer downpour? Bring le bucket. It weighs next to nothing, isn’t awkward like an umbrella, and conceals you from the gaze of randos, harsh UV rays, and the radar of your least-favorite ex—all while making you look infinitely hotter and more mysterious. 

From the long-tie cottagecore bucket hat to the classic Stüssy ‘fit, there’s a bucket hat for every iteration of your summer self. What was initially born over a century ago to protect Irish farmers and sailors has ascended to the highest apex of design. Today’s bucket hats span an infinite number of styles, and are just as ready for the beach, the bar, and the drum circle as they are for a day of chopping logs and cutting peat, or whatever brave Celtic nans were up to back when the mighty bucket hat first emerged. “From fisherman to ravers,” this is the hat that has seen it all, and great-grandpa Seamus would be proud to see us thriving in the New Country as the masters of our fate, with a bucket hat of our own. (Only, ours has Deadhead bears on it.) 

The streetwear classics

When bucket hats are born, they’re predestined to work with any streetwear outfit. However, there’s a special ~cultural cachet~ to pairing a Stüssy, Adidas, or Carhartt bucket hat with your parachute pants. You see, back when the buckets made a 1990s comeback from their prior Gilligan’s Island era fame, these brands were the skate- and workwear-centric labels at the forefront of the game, and they still slap. Day or night, by bar or by beach, they’ll always look good.  

Corduroy Bucket Hat

$50 at Bodega
Washed Bucket Hat

$16 at Amazon
Carhartt WIP
Breck Check Bucket Hat

$60.00$41 at SSENSE

The high-fashion buckets

You’ve been in the bucket hat game for a minute, and now you’re ready for a designer piece with a lot of personality. This royal blue, Alexander McQueen bucket hat with grosgrain trim is 30% off, and would make us feel like a fancy human speedboat. 

Alexander McQueen
Graffiti Bucket Hat

$380.00$266 at SSENSE

Both André 3000 and Oscar Wilde would wear this faux-fur bucket hat, which might make it the most powerful one yet. This pistachio dream is the perfect alternative for the cult-fave Emma Brewin bucket hat (which runs for about $400), but no one has to know it was a fraction of the cost.

Fluffy Y2K Bucket Hat

$36.77 at Etsy

Ripple river

Floatin’ down the stream feeling good in your tube, sipping a brewski on the Big Sur River and running on Jerry Time—these are the kinds of jam band bucket hats that deserve to crown your precious (Dead) head, wherever the wind may blow you this summer. 

Peter Grimm
Grateful Dead Bucket Hat

$32.99$29.99 at Amazon
Brain Dead
UFO Twill Bucket Hat

$65 at Bodega

All tied up

Other than successfully(ish) filing our taxes, there is no better feeling in life than having our bucket hat fastened to our sweet-pea heads with a drawstring or an oversized umbilical cord bow. All Virgos understand this, as do cottagecore gardeners, park bench day-drinkers, and people who want to take a dip without losing their hats (shouldn’t that be everyone?). You ride the lightning, my friend, and you need a bucket hat that can keep up with you. 

Los Angeles Apparel
Hiking Hat

$35 at Los Angeles Apparel
Utility Bucket Hat

$32 at Urban Outfitters
Brass Plum
Short Brim Cotton Bucket Hat

$25.00$16.25 at Nordstrom

Bring a little texture into the mix

It was hard work, convincing the entire cast of the 1970s Godspell to part with this crocheted bucket hat. But, we’d do anything for you—especially because we know that quilted and crocheted accessories are making a comeback.   

Lisa Says Gah
Stahl Knit Crochet Bucket Hat

$110 at Lisa Says Gah

Your other car is a rowboat

We’re not saying The Lighthouse would’ve had a happy ending if those dudes wore bucket hats. But, wouldn’t this REI number make you want to kiss and make up? It has a five-star average rating on the site for its comfort and durability, and reviewers say it can handle more weather than your average bucket hat. “I just took it on the Mt. Toby Ultra and it lemme tell you what. It held up amazingly well!” writes one reviewer who runs a lot. “The brim is surprisingly sturdy and even shed rain after it was soaked. Not a heavy rain but constantly a good drizzle [...] it kept my head warm the whole time.”

REI Co-op
Flash Bucket Hat

$39.95 at REI

One for the pooch

You gotta match your dogs, and you’ve gotta match your dog. This bucket hat is for the pup who sleeps on his own Casper mattress, eats out of stoneware, and poops in cursive. It’s for the kind of schnauzer who melts away your Sunday Scaries with a single glance in his charming fleece bucket hat. We’d call him a lucky dog, but luck has nothing to do with it. He’s a dog of distinction, like his human.  

Canada Pooch
Cool Factor Bucket Hat

$26 at Canada Pooch

HAGS, and don’t forget the sunscreen

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