Meet the People Building a Skate Park for Kids in Palestine

The Middle East: a volatile and complicated place. A wall separates two beautiful countries as groups of skateboarders work towards transcending religious and cultural boundaries.

Growing up under occupation in Palestine is undoubtedly difficult, but activists and volunteers are trying to make life a little easier for the youngest generation of Palestinians by teaching them how to skateboard.

In POST RADICAL, our show exploring skateboarding subcultures, pro-skater Rick Mccrank meets with non-profit groups SkatePal and SkateQilya who built a skatepark in Jayyous, a town near the border of the West Bank, to help create a positive environment for kids to form their own emerging skateboarding scene.

In episode 5, Rick meets the people behind the new skatepark to see how the project embodies the Field of Dreams quote, "if you build it, they will come." Watch the full episode here.

POST RADICAL is a TV show about a small wooden toy and its big global following. Legendary pro-skater Rick McCrank takes you on a journey to the fringes to explore the culture and impact of skateboarding. He meets satanic skateboard cult members, downhill bombers, dedicated fingerboarders and more to learn what makes this wooden plank on wheels so special.

Stream the complete POST RADICAL box set free on All 4 here .


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