Watch Carjacked Amazon Truck Lead Police on Wild High-Speed Chase, Crash Into People

Police are seen pursuing an Amazon delivery truck through streets and highways in Riverside, California. 

In a two-minute aerial-shot video, police are seen pursuing an Amazon delivery truck through streets and highways in Riverside, California. 

The video begins with the Amazon truck crossing a road divider to enter the wrong side of the road to shake off the police car that’s pursuing it. Police were responding to calls of two home-invasion robberies at a mobile home park in Riverside, and the Amazon delivery truck was allegedly carjacked. 

Officers were able to locate the stolen van through GPS tracking, they said on Facebook. "Our dispatch center was receiving several calls of an Amazon delivery van colliding into parked vehicles along Arlington Avenue," Riverside police posted.


The truck is shown zooming down the wrong side of the road, causing many incoming cars to quickly swerve out of the way. At an intersection, the truck is narrowly missed by a gray car attempting to turn left as it drives past, continuing to plow through the wrong side of traffic with no hesitation. The police walkie-talkie audio that is narrating the video reports that at this point, the truck’s “speeds are around 45 miles per hour.” 

The video offers many cinematic shots, with jump cuts showing the various landscapes the truck drives past, including a row of plants with blooming pink flowers and a more California-like barren desert landscape. 

About a minute into the video, the truck appears to be finally following the right direction of traffic, yet it decides to completely rear-end a black car in order to move from the most left to the most right lane on the highway. 

This happens again shortly after, when the truck pushes a black truck from the second lane on the highway all the way into the emergency shoulder. The Amazon truck seems to have finally broken down and the suspect can be seen running out of the truck, through the highway, and attempting to scale the wall in someone’s backyard. 

The suspect ends up in front of another highway, where it seems he has finally given up. He raises his arms as three police cars shortly pull up and arrest him. 

Thankfully, no serious injuries occurred in the car-chase process, according to the Riverside Police Department, though a few vehicles were significantly damaged. 

The suspect, Quintin Jarnall Larks, a 32-year-old man from Las Vegas, was booked for attempted murder, home invasion robbery, carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon, reckless evading of police, and suspicious of driving under the influence of drugs causing injury. 


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