Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, June 2022

Welcome to Gemini season, Aquarius!

The sun in fellow air sign Gemini illuminates the romance and creativity sector of your chart, encouraging you to connect with whatever brings you joy! A new love interest may appear, or you and an established partner can reconnect heart-to-heart. Artistic inspiration flows and creative blocks are busted. This is a powerful season for connecting with what truly makes you happy, and on an emotional level, Gemini season encourages you to embrace and celebrate your truth.


Communication planet Mercury ends its retrograde in Taurus on June 3, helping conversations move forward, especially discussions that concern your home, family, or personal life. Your ruling planet Saturn begins its retrograde in your sign, Aquarius, on June 4, finding you restructuring the commitments you’ve made and reworking how you handle responsibilities. Mercury in Taurus connects with Pluto in Capricorn on June 10, inspiring you to connect with your intuition on a deep level: Profound discoveries can be made in therapy, on a journey, during meditation, or even in your dreams. 

Venus meets your other ruling planet, Uranus, which is currently in Taurus, on June 11, possibly bringing an unexpected gift your way or creating an emotionally liberating atmosphere. Mercury enters Gemini on June 13, inspiring fun banter and flirtatiousness! Mercury in Gemini can bring party invitations coming your way, and it’s an exciting time for you to socialize—but some drama in a friend circle may reach a climax during the full moon in Sagittarius on June 14. Full moons are emotional periods, and this one in fire sign Sagittarius can find you stepping back from certain situations to give yourself new perspective. Being too in-the-mix may not give you the full picture. Take a step back and make space to connect with yourself emotionally. That said, this full moon can also find you realizing a wish has come true, and you may be dreaming up new visions for your future.

Confusion about money or security may arise on June 16 as the sun squares off with Neptune in Pisces, but the sun also makes a helpful connection with Saturn on this day, helping you feel in control and in charge as you manage any disorganization. People might be feeling a touch insecure at this time, so being vulnerable is especially difficult as Venus squares off with Saturn on June 18—however, on June 19, Venus mingles with sensitive Neptune, inspiring softness! Venus’s connection with Jupiter can also bring a lovely message your way, finding you feeling especially connected to a loved one. Mercury connects with Jupiter on June 20, inspiring optimism and open-mindedness, and Venus connects with Pluto on June 21, bringing an exciting gift your way.

Also on June 21, Cancer season begins, inspiring productivity. You’re in the mood to reorganize your workspace or try a new fitness or wellness routine. Cancer is all about nourishment and protection, and you’re feeling especially proactive about taking care of yourself and your business at this time. But that doesn’t mean romance isn’t in store, too: Venus enters Gemini on June 22, inspiring an especially flirtatious and fun atmosphere! Venus in Gemini is fantastic for connecting with a new crush or enjoying time with an established lover. You might attend some especially exciting parties, festivals, or shows, and if you’re an artist, this is an especially inspiring and productive period as Mars in Aries connects with Saturn on June 27, helping you put your ideas into action.

The month wraps up with a new moon in Cancer on June 28, which also marks the start of Neptune’s retrograde in Pisces, the sun’s square with Jupiter, and Venus’s connection with Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of growth, and its influence can make this full moon especially expansive. Important choices may be made as the sun squares off with Jupiter, and the mood is open-hearted and generous as Venus connects with Jupiter. Neptune beginning its retrograde might mean that folks are especially sensitive or emotional. While Neptune is often considered a very spiritual, ephemeral energy, your focus might be on money and material matters at this time, and Neptune’s retrograde shift may find you sensitive about these themes. A new project may begin during this new moon in Cancer, or a new gig, job, or routine could be underway. New moons symbolize new cycles, making it a powerful time to break habits or start new ones. 

Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in July!


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