The Best Cocktail Glasses for Aperitivo Season (and Beyond)

From classic coupes to modern highballs, we found the best cocktail glasses that will make you look (and feel) like you know what you're doing.

Ciao ragazzi! It’s almost aperitivo time, and there is absolutely nothing more enjoyable than drinking a refreshing spritz or an ice cold martini (or whatever your warm weather drink of choice is) as you feel the sun on your face, the breeze in your hair, and the hum of people passing by. Add in some salty snacks, a collection of funky glassware, and turn up the jams for an evening in Roma, or the south of France, or CDMX—or heck, even the Jersey Shore. We’re not here to dictate your travel fantasies, though, just to introduce you to the best cocktail glasses for enjoying the soon-to-be-outstanding weather with a group of your nearest ‘n’ dearest buds. 

Whether you're a ride-or-die negroni guzzler, or you like to choose your ideal cocktail based on your mood (or your moon sign), there’s a stunning selection of vessels to tickle anyone and everyone’s fancy. Whether you’re ready for that next big designer splurge—or just need some quality glasses for an upcoming party—we’ve got you covered with quality options for every style and budget. 

Cold poison

Martini drinkers are very particular about how they like their drinks. Gin, vodka, dirty, dry, up, rocks, around town—it’s easy to get confused and pick up the wrong ‘tini at a cocktail party. Banish those worries with a set of stunningly beautiful, hand-blown martini glasses with playful designs that look like they were scribbled in Sharpie by your fun aunt. Each design is named for a different type of martini: vesper, espresso, and wet. Not only are these a one-of-a-kind conversation starter, but they’re a great way to mark everyone’s drinks without having to break out the wine charms.

Diego Faivre
Martini Glass

$68 at Pon The Store

Twist and shout

For a classic martini glass with a twist, pick up these Z-stem glasses from Libbey, which are sturdy enough that they won’t feel like they’re about to snap in your hand. (You get a set of four for less than $30, so you won’t be upset if the party gets a little rowdy and someone breaks one.) 

Z-Stem Martini Glasses

$29.14 at Amazon

Bells are ringing

These Mamo glasses are one of our favorites, since they feel classically modern, and the reversible bell shape actually serves a purpose: The smaller end measures two ounces, perfect for pouring shots or mixing a cocktail, and the larger flute holds seven ounces, ideal for a glass of wine or a Manhattan on the rocks. They come in 14 different colors (sold individually) or in a few color-coordinated sets.

Cocktail Glasses

$28 at Coming Soon

Those are pitchin’, dude

One doesn’t realize how useful it is for glasses to stack until they own a set that does not. These are great for the overzealous dish carriers who always try to make it to the sink in one trip. This set from Hawkins New York has a similar look to the ever-popular Marta glasses from CB2, but with a bit more heft and the option to add a sleek, matching pitcher. (Did somebody say Margaritas?!)

Hawkins New York
Essential Stackable Colored Glassware

$32 at Food52

Whiskey river, take my mind

Whiskey drinkers mean serious business, and many drinkers won’t stand for an over-diluted dram. If you’re looking for a glass of cold whiskey, but don’t want it too watered down by ice, these freezable glasses with silicone sleeves will keep your beverage cold for hours, and protect your hands from getting too frosty. 

Freezable Whiskey Glasses
$28.32 at Amazon

$39 at West Elm

Call me old fashioned

Classic cocktails deserve a substantial rocks glass. The weight of these elegant, 8.25-ounce, colored glasses by Estelle will bring you back to a time before plastics, when a nightcap signaled the end of a long day, and a moment to put on your slippers, recline, and read the paper. 

Hand-Blown Colored Rocks Glasses

$95 at Food52

A posh choice

LSA International is a London-based company, which started in the 1960s, which makes handmade glasses that are very popular all over Europe. The Coro tumbler is one of our favorites for its multiple size options, subtle color variations, and affordability. One excited reviewer wrote, “we love these so much we are [on] the 4th pack…good quality and a little fun!” Fill ‘em with wine, cocktails, non-alcoholic spirits—you name it. 

Coro Tumbler in Berry Assorted

$41.34 at Amazon

Bubbles get you drunker

Cocktails are fun, and so should be the vessel they are served in. This set of ripple glasses from Etsy sets off a childlike excitement in us. There’s just something about the bubbly, sippy cup shape that seems right, and as one five-star reviewer agreed, “I love these glasses! High quality, solid, really pretty. They look just like the photos. Highly recommend.” 

Our Dining Table
Hand Blown Colored Ripple Puffy Glass

$29.50 at Etsy

Like a boss

If you want everything in your life to scream “LUXURY!” then snag this embossed glass set from Pols Potten—ASAP. The brand aims to infuse play into the spaces that home their products, and this set is no exception. While being classically chic enough to serve an old fashioned in, they offer just the right amount of whimsy for more playful cocktails—and a set of six won't break the bank.

Geometric-Embossed Glasses

$126 at Farfetch

Oh you fancy, huh?

For the connoisseur who is always looking for something bespoke or unique, there is this perfectly eccentric set of face glasses by Face Vessel. Rhode Island-based master glass artist Neal Drobnis creates each glass by hand, meaning every expression is one of a kind. They are available in three sizes, and despite being painstakingly crafted, they’re a breeze to clean, because they’re dishwasher-safe.

Face Vessel

$45 at Coming Soon

For the sophisticated saver

You needn't spend a fortune to get a set of quality cocktail glasses to impress friends and family. Trust us, if you are serving anything in this cute, embossed set, people will be smiling. Not only do you get six glasses for less than $50, but there are a ton of color options (plus matching cake stands and bowls) if you want to go all-out for a big fiesta. The design is inspired by Parisian flea markets, and these glasses are both dishwasher-safe and durable. 

Jupiter Double Old Fashioned Cocktail Glass

$60.98$45.63 at Amazon

For showing off

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re ready to upgrade your IKEA glasses to something much more sophisticated and stunning, these gradient glasses from Lateral Objects resemble sunrises and sunsets from different locales around the globe. Designer Stefan Beckman Draws inspiration from California pop art of the 1960s and the Supergraphics movement of the 1970’s, all so you can enjoy your drink. 

Lateral Objects
Pink & Orange Bali Gradient Glass

$45 at SSENSE

Fly the coupe

This set of chunky stemmed coupe glasses are perfect for Champagne, martinis, batched cocktails—you name it. If there’s one thing you’re gonna add to your collection this season, go for a coupe, because they are so dang multifunctional. (Plus you can serve wine out of them too, and no one will be the wiser.)

Ramona Coupe Glasses, Set of 4

$56 at Anthropologie

Tiki time

There are so many good drinks that call a highball their home. Lots of tropical concoctions come to mind—think: Mai Tais and zombies—that will bring you right back to the original Trader Vic’s. Snag these retro cups and float away to an island paradise on a cloud of rum and fruit juice.

Rocket Slide Films
Rocket Slide Tiki Mug

$55 at Etsy

 When I spritz, you spritz, we spritz

Last, but certainly not least, the humble wine glass is the perfect pinch-hitter. Just ask any child—any liquid tastes better out of a wine glass, even milk. (Hey, if that’s what you're into, milk on the rocks, we can dig it.) But we want you to make it special, and this set from Danish brand HAY sure is. Made from borosilicate glass and available in a range of tints, this hefty goblet will have you feeling like the king of the castle. 

Tint Wine Glasses, Set of 2

$50 at HAY

Be careful not to fall out of your booze canoe! 

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