The Internet Sure Has a Lot of Feelings About This Chicken Lamp

Is it a real chicken? A rooster? A nightmare? Plug in the Twitter-viral lamp and find out.

Once upon a spring, we sprung for the iconic chicken crossbody bag. Now, in the hazy throes of summer’s swan song month, we’re entranced by yet another creature from the coop: the viral chicken lamp from Amazon

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The lamp, which has a lightbulb egg crowning out of the hen’s all-purpose hole (technically known as a “cloaca”—you’re welcome for the bird anatomy knowledge, has both enchanted and perplexed the internet, with Twitter users responding to the above image with remarks such as, “I volunteer my body to be used as a human version of this when I die” and “I kept thinking it was censored and didn't realize it was a lamp.”

It’s even made some ripples on TikTok as a “taxidermy chicken egg lamp,” and has continually sold out on Amazon, where some customers have left some memorable reviews. “I ordered this as a kind of gag gift for my 15-year-old niece who has quite a few chickens,” one reviewer writes. “What we got was a lot cuter than it appears in the advertising. She loves it! It will be a family dinner talking peace, for every holiday I’m sure.”

Chicken Egg Lamp

$24 at Amazon

Some customers, however, expressed concern that the chicken was actually never alive. “No real feathers so not taxidermy,” one Amazon reviewer named Tamatha writes. “No real chicken feathers, it's just a resin chicken. Can't claim taxidermy.” Tamatha does have a point, as the various product images of lamp do vary—some show a lamp with feathers, others don’t—but the consensus amongst reviewer-shared lamp photos is that this is a small, kitsch chicken lamp that was 1) never alive, and 2) should absolutely be in your guest bathroom. If you do want a taxidermy chicken or rooster, you can purchase one Etsy for $200 and jam the light bulb up there yourself for a fun DIY project.  

Happy roosting. 

The Chicken Egg Lamp is available for purchase on Amazon.

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